Just Say Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Yesterday I did something I haven’t done since I was nine. I jumped in an enormous puddle. This story would be better with photos, I know. Alas, I have none.

Shiva and I were walking along, she sniffing the snowbanks and me carefully stepping around the puddles that had liquified the sidewalks. I got distracted by something and accidentally stepped in one. My initial reaction was to cringe. I pulled my foot out and waited for the inevitable feeling of soaking wet sock. It never came. Looking down, I remembered something. I was wearing rubber boots! So I took another tentative step into the puddle. Still no disgusting cold feeling.


Naturally I spent the rest of the walk splashing through every puddle we came across. Even going out of my way to find some extra big ones. My favourites were the deep pools of water formed beside each curb. For thirty minutes I revelled in my city’s poor drainage system. It felt like such an indulgence.

However, I am a little miffed today. Apparently yesterday was National Chocolate Cake Day and no one thought to inform me. Some friends I have. Sheesh. I feel like a kid who slept through her birthday.

So in order to make up for such a tragic loss, I am going to dedicate today to eating and drinking whatever I want. Today, I am going to find that inner child deep inside and let her out. I am going to splash in puddles, slide across the laminate floors in my socks, jump around with my dog, and put my hair in pig tails. I hereby declare January 28 to be National Act Like a Kid Day.

For the rest of the day I am not going to think about bills that need to be paid. I am not going to worry about the future. Instead, I will blow bubbles in my milk and play hide-and-go-seek. Instead of complaining about the weather, I will catch snowflakes on my tongue. I am not going to stress about the fact I forgot to put the compost out this morning. I am not going to do the laundry that is piling up or organise the files in the office.

Today is all about shaking off my adult-self. Just for a moment. Just for a second. I’ll be serious again tomorrow. But today, I am just going to dance.

42 thoughts on “Just Say Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

    • It’s dreary as all get out here too. Just brown, grey, and brown. Blech. So I’ll close my eyes, sing a happy song, and pretend it’s spring!


  1. Love, love, love, love, love!!! We should all do this – and more than once a year! (And Shiva, you get down with your bad self. You got some moves, girl!)


  2. YIPPEE! Good for you! What a super great holiday! Maybe the next new holiday you create could be “National Act Like a Dog Day.” And then humans could just take long naps, jump for joy when it was time to go for a walkie, get super excited when another family member comes home, and sniff each others’ butts! Okay. You don’t have to do that last one. I know how “sensitive” you humans are about butts.

    Oh, and I LUVED that movie of you and Shiva dancing. She is Most Graceful and , well, pretty precious.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  3. Perhaps next Thursday is National Red Velvet Cake Day? And for the kids Monday is act like an adult day! Then they can have all the headaches! I think you may have started something girlfriend!


  4. If only I’d known earlier! Although, teaching PreK I pretty much get to act like a kid every day. 😛 It’s pretty cool!

    Now pass me the chocolate cake! If you miss celebrating that, you have to eat two pieces the next day!


  5. LOL! I so LOVE getting your posts via e-mail. I read them from my Blackberry. My only problem is I can’t comment right away since I’m usually out walking dogs.

    I loved this post Kristine! The puddles story made me laugh. I’ll tell you a secret. One of the reasons I love my job is because I get to act like a child jumping in puddles every day. Being a pet sitter/dog walker, I have get to be as silly as I want. Jump in as many puddles as I want. Roll around with dogs when I want. Yup! It’s silly, but heck dogs and cats don’t care!

    P.S. I almost got a darn chocolate cake at the grocery store today. It’s been on my mind all day. I wonder why?


  6. Is there anything Shiva can’t do? Good for you with the puddles and go have a double helping of chocolate cake … I think I had enough for both of us yesterday and I didn’t even know it was National Chocolate Cake Day, lol!


  7. There’s such a thing as national chocolate cake day? Wow! Shiva can dance as well? Double wow! You sound like you’re having a bloody good weekend. Hey, hey, on to the next puddle Ms Kristine 🙂 xox


  8. Wow! Can Shiva shake her booty or what! 😀

    Mom says she’ll come splash in puddles with ya! Yay for being a silly nut! 😀

    Waggin at ya,


  9. Now THAT was a great post from the heart. And I finally understand what my English friend is teasingly doing when she says “Walkies!”–just to be silly. Thanks for your endearing sense of humor. I loved every word.


  10. Oh man, I missed chocolate cake day, too! I’ve got to get some better assistants. Mine are obviously not doing their part. No more freeze-dried salmon for them 😉


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