Are You Ready For Some Football?

I’m not. Football isn’t really my game – neither the American nor the European versions. Heck, I don’t even pay attention to the CFL. However, when the Super Bowl comes around, I do get a little excited. There is only one night a year that brings two hours of puppy cuteness to my television. Animal Planet’s ingenius creation of the Puppy Bowl keeps me stuck to the couch. If you haven’t already you may want to check out this year’s starting line up. Naturally, I want them all. I am positive every single one of these sweethearts will be adopted into a new home before the night is over.

Football doesn’t seem to be Shiva’s sport either, if this photo is anything to go by.

Could she look less interested?

 Once I demonstrated the squeak-factor, she seemed to change her mind for a moment.

I don’t know the rules but I think carrying to ball to your bed and attempting to eat it is an illegal move. Football fans, please back me up here.

Needless to say, this football was very quickly disqualified due to a giant hole in one end. But it was fun while it lasted!

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25 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Some Football?

  1. Thanks for joining in the fun, Shiva. Your football is the right color for the Packers, so we’ll take that as a sign that Grandpa’s team will win.

    Stay tuned to All Things Dog Blog for the show this afternoon–lots of email photos will be added, and our facebook page will be hopping too. Happy tails!


  2. I like the idea of the Puppy Bowl– we’ll have to check that out!

    I was going to do this hop, but we don’t have a football or football-like toy in the house! I wonder if I can pick one up today.


  3. We’re all big 49ers fans here so we think eating footballs is a no-no, but we destroy a lot of stuffies. Shiva might make a good wideout.


  4. Yeah, I’m not a football fan either. We don’t have a TV so I think my husband plans on dragging me out to a bar to eat overpriced food and watch a game I don’t care about. It must be love, huh?

    I’d rather stay home and watch one of my Puppy Bowl DVDs myself.

    Shiva has the right idea, though. Isn’t it always more fun to play instead of watching others play?


  5. Football isn’t my thing either. I’ve had the rules explained a zillion times and I still don’t get it: Throw the ball… fall down… fall down… fall down…?

    I did like Aussie rules football- Australians think we’re a bunch of sissy’s for all the padding we wear 🙂


  6. Football is HUGE in our house… and even MORE huge this weekend since my TWO favorite teams are in the superbowl! Shayne and Rio both wear their Steeler jerseys for every game!

    i think eating the ball is probably against the rules… though … i dont think anyone would have the guts to tell Shiva she can’t play 🙂


  7. Well, we don’t get to see the Puppy Bowl here, but I am excited that we are staying home and having our own Super Bowl party with the pups this year. Traditionally, we have gone over to my inlaws’ and it always drives me insane. It’s a long story, but I’m just so glad that I convinced hubby to stay home this year!

    Shiva, yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s an illegal move, but you only get a penalty if they can catch you!


  8. Love Shiva. The way she seeks & destroys those squeak toys looks very familiar to me, but I’m not naming any Dogs I know. Since you like chese, you must be rooting for the Packers…

    Cynthia & Taffy


  9. One of the pre-game shows had a litter of pittie puppies that were up for adoption – they were so freaking cute. At least of the newcasters decided to take a puppy home with them.

    I think it’s great how animal rescuers have used the attention the super bowl brings to their advantage. All the dogs on the puppy bowl are adoptable and I’ve seen more and more publicity for the puppy bowl each year.


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