The Very First Shivies Are Here!

One of the hardest parts about being back to a full-time job is lack of Shiva-ness to my day. I still get up way too early for our hour-long morning walk. I still play tug with her while watching the news and inwardly planning my day. I still slip her a few Cheerios. But before I realise it, it’s time for Shiva to get to work on her Kong and for me to get to the office. Each morning, it is a real struggle to force myself out the door. I really miss her. It feels like I haven’t seen her for weeks, even if it has only been nine hours a day. Judging by her energy levels, I’d say she sleeps most of the time thus probably doesn’t notice my absence at all. We dog owners are so unappreciated.

In order to make sure she doesn’t forget me completely, I have been neglecting Internet-land. Which sucks because I like it here. It’s warm and pretty and no one makes fun of my shoes.

There is still a lot going on. I know, I’ve said it a trillion times already this week, but there is! It’s my sad excuse for not updating my Flickr page for decades. And for not getting even an eighth of my reading done. And for grasping every moment I can with my family instead of sharing the love with my fellow bloggers. And for not putting up a post on Wednesday. I hope over time things will settle. They have to at some point. Once I’m a few weeks in and am not nearly so exhausted every night. It’s either that or I am just going to have to learn to give up on sleep.

How do you all do it? Are you all cyborgs?

 I’m not really kidding. Not only do so many of you put in forty hours or more a week at work, but you also blog with regularity and make time to respond to other people’s blogs. Some of you even have kids!! Some of you write two blogs! Some of you work seventy hours, blog every day, comment on 59,706 other blogs, raise children, train five dogs, foster puppies, volunteer 10 hours a week, and have championship ribbons in every dog competition ever invented.

Are you sure you have a pulse?

Because there is so much awesomeness to be found in the blogging community, I am taking it upon myself to give out a very special award. Tis the season for it, after all. There are thousands of you that are more than worthy but unlike you, I plan on sleeping tonight, so I am only going to name ten. If you are one of those out there working eighty hours a week while keeping up with ten blogs, consider this award yours to cherish.

Now to present the winners of the very first Shivie!

 And the award goes to…

A Poodle and a Pit Bull – The author of this blog not only puts in long hours walking and training the dogs of New York, but takes the time to raise many terrific animals of her own in a small apartment, all the while keeping up with her own blog and supporting many others.

Sara Loves Dogs – A teacher by day, one can only imagine how hard that job is, Sara is also a wicked dog trainer and blogger. She also leaves some of the best comments out there.

Tales and Tails – Another hard-worker, the author of this blog writes in several spaces, all the while participating in many popular online groups. She raises four dogs with her husband and still finds the time to read and write every single day. I honestly don’t know how she does it.

 Something Wagging This Way Comes – I am positive Pamela doesn’t ever sleep. Seriously. She writes two excellent blogs, raises a gorgeous golden retriever, reads pretty much every blog on the Internet, and holds a steady job. She’s a super-hero.

My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much – So busy, so active, so kind. Michelle is often on Twitter, lending support and raising awareness for many great causes. Another tireless leader of awesomeness.

 Fido and Wino – Is there anything this blogger doesn’t do? She writes a hilarious blog and works constantly with her R.O.A.R. Squad to raise awareness for pet adoption, shares some of the best comments around, all while raising two fantastic dogs and blowing everyone away with her photography skills. Just amazing, really.

The Life of Eva the Sheltie – Another insanely prolific blogger who is kind enough to make time to cheer others on. One of the nicest, most considerate people I have ever met. And don’t get me started on her lovely dog…

 Dog is God in Reverse – I am running out of adjectives to use. But I know the author of this blog often travels for work. How she does that while blogging and commenting every single day I will never know. Perhaps someone else with super-human energy?

Mayzie’s Dog Blog – Sweet, adorable, fun, and also extremely prolific. I just can’t fathom how she does it all.

Two Pitties in the City – Another teacher, author A. updates her blog all the time with new stories and photos. She has shared a lot of valuable advice and done awesome things to help promote the pit bull name. In short, a very deserving recipient of the tireless blogger award.

Congratulations to all! I hope you will share your secrets in the comments. Unless you have been sworn to secrecy by the Federation of Super-Heroes. If so, I will understand.

33 thoughts on “The Very First Shivies Are Here!

  1. Gee, I’m honestly flattered. Thanks so much.

    Although, now I’m nervous…what if I suddenly slack off? Will I lose my Shivie?

    My secret? I read most people’s blogs during my lunch hour at work. That way, I have time to play with Oreo when I get home. Without my smartphone, I’d have to stop reading some people’s blogs.


  2. Thanks so much for your award but I feel a bit embarrassed of accepting your award as I know I’m not a very hard-working blogger at all and I tend to be lazy.
    Honestly, I enjoy reading everyone’s blog, they are all different but I always feel their love in them. I have been learning a lot since I started blogging as this is a selfless world that everyone is sharing their experience and tips on raising their pets.
    Your posts always inspire me a lot, they are full of wits and wisdom and humour and yes, they’re interesting!!!
    I’m a part-time tutor so I’ve a bit more time with my dogs at home if I’m not running an errands, doing my yoga and preparing the meals.
    I forgot to mention that the Shivie award is cool!! Shiva looks great in the picture.


  3. Oh dear, I’m exhausted just reading about how much everyone is doing. One thing’s for sure. I’m not letting at The Other Half read this because he already complains about how little I do these days, other than blog.

    CHEERS everyone who won a shivie! I shall return to suss everyone on your list out (when I have time of course).

    Hey, have i said CONGRATS on your full time job? I bet you have some nice shoes! Happy Valentine’s Day, Ms T 🙂 xox (it’s already almost over here.)


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  5. Thank you, Kristine. I’ll let you in on my secret.

    Your first paragraph describes me to a tee. I want to raise guide puppies or foster dogs. I want to be able to walk Honey in the middle of the day. I want to volunteer for my local shelter. I want to have a life that is integrated instead of spending some hours at work and some hours at home and hoping everything works.

    The whole reason I started blogging (and I’ve never said this before) is that I was hoping I could find an integrated way of making a living that is not location-dependent and would give me flexible enough hours so I could do different things. Besides being how I track Honey’s growth, Something Wagging was my chance to explore writing, to learn something about blogging and social media.

    As you can see, I’ve made progress in meeting some of those goals but none that involve supporting myself financially.

    So my only secret is that I really, really want something specific from blogging that’s important to me. And that my sweetie picks up a lot of the slack. And that I always wake up at 4:30 a.m. And that I stopped combing my hair, brushing my teeth, and bathing about 3 months ago (just kidding).

    Oh, and that I feel really guilty that I’m not doing more for others, moving my goals forward, and neglecting my Sweetie and my Honey.

    Boy, you got more than you bargained for, didn’t you? But you already knew I was wordy.

    Anyway, thank you for the Shivie. It’s beautiful. And you are one of the people who inspires me to always try a little harder. Your writing is so honest and you are a commenting champion!


  6. What a wonderful idea for an award! I am in awe of these bloggers who seem able to do it all and with such panache.

    I’m awarding you your own Shivie. Because you literally defined the terms. Because you earned it. And because you can’t stop me.


  7. I don’t know how they do it all either! I think it goes with the adage “If you want something done, give it to a busy person to do.” I’m late to bed, late to rise, have still not figured out Twitter, still haven’t added all the blogs I read during last week’s MMMT to my blogroll, haven’t cleaned out the kids’ closets, never read anymore…. shall I continue??? If you handed out a Shivie for the biggest slacker, I win by acclimation!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, the dog just barfed on his bed. *Sigh.”


  8. Aw Kristine, you’re making me blush!

    I definitely think you’re more than deserving of your own Shivie, so I hereby awardify you right back!

    I have to admit that you’re one of my favorite blogs to read.

    I don’t blog as often as I’d like. I usually take my camera with me everywhere and upload every few days and write based on the pictures. Unless there’s something else going on.

    And my critters, all put together, might equal 3/4 of a Shiva (craziness and energy-level wise), so the fact that they’ve got their ducks in a row isn’t all that impressive 😉

    And I have the awesomest job on the planet. So I can’t complain.

    Keep it up Kristine.


  9. Congratulations to all the Shivie recipients!

    Being retired, I have no advice and am in awe of those who recieved the award and many others (yourself, included) I’m pretty sure when was working, I never would have found the time to volunteer, blog, train and compete with my dog.

    I do love spending all day with Stumpy, though!

    Happy tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me


  10. I am with you – I firmly believe these people are superheroes! I don’t know how they do it! Some of these blogs I knew about – and some I hadn’t heard of before, so thanks for turning me on to them (so I can spend even more time in Blogland!) EEK!

    Hope all goes well with your new job. If I couldn’t bring Tucker & Phoebe to work with me regularly I don’t know what I’d do!


  11. I, too, have been desperately missing Shiva. The kids love those little training films and they know her so well now! Must visit some of your pooch’s recommendations, Kristine. If they’re half as addictive as you and the Shivster we’ll all be very happy here at Shrewsday Mansions.


  12. congrats to all the deserving winners!! i couldn’t agree more about the blogs i read, and am on my way to check out the ones i haven’t seen before.
    thanks for being an inspiration!!

    follow our foster:


  13. I agree that the folks who can manage everything at the same time are beyond awesome and well-deserving of awards!

    I shall have to work harder to earn my own Shivie next year 🙂

    Congrats to all!


  14. Oh, gosh! Really? I won one of the Inaugural Shivie Awards? I (honestly and truly) can’t believe it! Thank you, thank you! Wow…and look at the other bloggers you picked! We are super honored to be mentioned in the same blog as them.

    Um, okay, secrets? Well, mom prolly wouldn’t want me to tell you this but sometimes (like, uh, right now) I make mom check blogs from work when things are slow. Her work kinda goes in spurts and when she’s REALLY busy, we don’t check blogs as often and then we have to do something that mom calls “prioritizing” and only comment when we can. But there are certain bloggies (cough, yours, cough) that we make sure and try to check every day cuz we luv ’em so very much.

    Now, as for the writing of the bloggie, mom and me decided that we’re only gonna write when we have something to say. At first, we were trying to write every single day but we decided that maybe it wasn’t all that good just to put something on the bloggie just for the sake of writing every single day. And that way, we don’t get stressed about it and mom has more time to play with all of us (including my dad).

    Anywho…thank you, thank you again for my awardie! It really does mean the whole wide world to me!

    Wiggles & Wags,


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  16. Oh, my sentiments exactly!! I don’t know how everyone else does it cos I can’t keep up with reading blogs, writing my blog, commenting etc and I miss it. I haven’t even read all the comments here (but I will, promise!) Congratulations to all who were awarded Shivies. I am in awe of your abilities:)

    Now I’m taking the kids to the beach as a special treat for Frankie’s 3rd birthday which was yesterday (Valentines Day in New Zealand!) but I was too busy working to do anything for him:( And I love your blog and your Shiva, Kristine.


  17. It is so funny that you wrote this…. I am going through a very similar thing. I have a very high pressure, high stress job (I am a CFO) and the last few weeks have been crazy at work. Feeling like I had to “catch up” on blogging, I would spend most of one weekend day writing a weeks worth of blogs, and the other reading and commenting. Somehow, my hobby turned into a job… I am traveling this week, but I know that when I return, I will have to rethink my approach, and give myself some time off (if I need to), so blogging doesn’t become something stressful I have to keep up with, and simply remains something I love.


  18. We certainly agree with you… where do they find the time?
    It is OK if you scale back Kristine, just don’t leave us all together! Bandit and Nancy maybe returning to blogland but she says she doesn’t have time to blog back , just post. Not everyone can fit the whole enchilada into their life, and that is OK. Their should be no guilt, just fun!


  19. Wow! I feel really honored, partially because I really admire your blog and Pamela’s, too. I generally just feel like a big goober compared to what a lot of people that I admire write!

    How do I do it? Well, I teach PreK, so the blog is a bit of an escape for me — a chance to pretend that I’m a grown up for a while. I do set aside time for it. On the weekends, we always have an outing planned that’s my husband and I and at least two of the dogs. Part of that is self preservation. If we don’t get Morgan out some, she starts to get stir crazy and then we all pay for it. But, I figure, if we’re going out, that’s an opportunity to blog about. I’ve developed a deep love of photography and documenting our adventures with the dogs is a lot of fun for me. I usually try to get my Wordless Wednesday picture during our time out, too. It’s a chance for us to connect with each other, though, and with the dogs, and be disconnected from those things that keep us so plugged in for a short time. I write most of my posts over the weekend and schedule them for the week. That way, I can spend my nights relaxing, reading blogs and commenting if I want. I’ve also learned that if I need to take a night off from reading or commenting, then I should just do it. No apologies or explanations needed for that.

    I’ve also noticed that there’s a trend with a certain group to just leave comments and expect you to comment back. They say very little about what’s been written, but just have to say something to let you know they’ve been there. I’m at a point where I’ve realized that I want comments of substance. I want to know how what I wrote made you feel or think (or just that I made a few brain cells vibrate in your head for a moment) and not feel like there’s some obligation to come back and leave some inane comment on another blog because they posted a two or three word comment on my blog. If those people don’t follow me over to the new blog, I’ll deal. I’ve learned that having tons of comments isn’t the be all and end all. There are blogs that I love and just have to visit every day. Even if those people didn’t or don’t comment on mine, I still have to see those blogs. There are others that I read because I enjoy them, but if I don’t have time, I can let them go for a day.

    I think for me, the blog comes out because I have a love of writing and I found a subject that I feel passionate and engaging enough about that I want to write about it every day. I actually used to do other writing, but the blog took on a life of its own and I went with it. It’s actually been good for me in the sense that it’s made me realize that I have to get up off the couch and go out there into the world with my dog so that I have something to write about.

    Thank you so much for the award! I feel like I’ve just been given a gift by Elvis! 🙂 Plus, it’s one of those awards that you don’t have to write fifty of your darkest secrets and share them on the internet! Bless you for that!



    • Carrie – Mayzie’s mom here. You just put something into words that I hadn’t been able to: “I’m at a point where I’ve realized that I want comments of substance.” Now, I realize that Mayzie’s blog isn’t one that is terribly thought-provoking on a day-to-day basis. But like you said, some of the comments I get make me feel like they didn’t even read it. That’s really starting to bug me and I thought maybe I was being overly sensitive about it. It’s nice to know I’m not alone on that. I’d rather not get a comment than one without ANY thought in it whatsoever.


      • As a new blogger looking for feedback, I don’t know if I care (yet) about quality vs. quantity. But I know that when I comment on someone else’s blog, I obsess over it almost as much as over the posts on my own blog. I have a horror of sounding stupid, you see, so I rack my brains for a comment that either adds to the discussion, or makes people laugh (with me, not at me, I hope). Of course you can get so wrapped up in discussing comments, the original post gets lost! 🙂


  20. You are lovely, Kristine! Thank you for this wonderful award, and thank you so much for the encouragement!

    I have come to the realization that I have to blog. Or write at least… but blogging just really feels “right” right now. If I don’t write things down it’s like a part of my brain hardens or something. Even if I’m feeling stressed or have a headache I immediately feel better once I start writing things down or futzing with photos.

    Thank you again! I hope all your life stuff comes together for you soon!

    I believe I have some blogs to check out now 🙂


  21. First, what a GREAT idea! We need to champion one another. Way to go, all you winners. I now need to check all your blogs – some I have looked at before, others are new to me – YESH. Second, I do agree w/Edie and others about giving you your own Shivie, Kristine. Look at all the progress you have made in the time I have been reading your blog – and how you vulnerably share w/us your life with Shiva; you also care so much about us, your readers and fellow dog lovers. Thank you.
    What I like about blogging is the sharing, the feedback (yes, Carrie, I love the more involved comments or responses, too, though sometimes I know people are crunched for time). I have two other blogs – one of which I am writing on daily (or almost daily – not perfect, thank God) – it is at Silverwalking and then my online newspaper blog Perspective on Pets. I love to write, too, and this has become the best venue for learning to write, read, and follow links for information or new blogs.
    Here’s to the Shivies – I look forward to a very good year of reading and writing.


  22. Oh, what a surprise. Thank you so much for thinking we’re one of those hardworking people. The blog started out as fun, and it’s really our outlet to talk about our dogs, because in real-life I know our friends get really sick of all of our dogs stories. E and I usually split the load during the week, so someone has something to write. There are so many blogs I enjoy reading, and I feel so awful, especially lately, that I haven’t had a chance to comment as much. I am reading, but I think it’s the teacher in me that wants people to know that I do enjoy reading what they have to say by commenting. I think you are so much deserving of this type of award as well. I really like how you leave such thoughtful and in-depth comments, and we do look forward to reading your posts every day.


  23. Excellent idea for an award! It amazes me how so many seem to find the time to not only write their own high-quality posts, but also thoughtfully comment on other blogs, keep in touch on Twitter and hang out on Facebook. It seems like in order to catch up on in one area I have to ignore another. Perhaps the answer is that I’m sleeping too much?

    Congrats to all the winners!


  24. First of all, you have to quit your job! lol No one should have to miss that much Shiva time. 😦 Then you can become a stay-at-home-dog mom. And you will have all the time in the world to spend all your time with Shiva AND tell us all about it. Dogs are quite adapatable, so you can play all day with Shiva and then write all night about it. Not having to worry about staying up or sleeping in late. Especially if you don’t have kids! And if you have a great idea for a post, you’ll have the extra time to write up a few extras for those days you aren’t in a writing mood.

    Works great for me!


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