You asked for it. A few people have said they miss my fabulous Shiva training videos. Always happy to please, I have a new one for you that I worked very hard on only minutes ago! It’s your lucky day!

Here, in all its unedited glory, is a trick Shiva and I have been attempting to perfect since our first obedience class.

I haven’t tried to give it a verbal cue until now. (Which is why Shiva was a little confused about what I was looking for.) Mostly because I didn’t know what to call it. Earlier this week it hit me. I still can’t get Winnie’s Dog Blog’s Barbara Woodhouse video out of my head.  What better cue to use for a purely shaped trick than a well-known catch-phrase of a coercive trainer? It was too ingenious!

Now I just have to come up with a trick inspired by Brad Pattison.

Happy Friday!

31 thoughts on “Walkies!

  1. I call that trick “elephant”. In fact, there is a whole blog somewhere just of dogs doing this trick…its called elephantdog or something.

    Shiva is so enthusiastic about her training!


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  3. I had tried this with Eva some time ago but failed then it completely slipped out of my mind. I was worried that Eva’s hind legs are weak and can’t support her to stand and move that way for too long but someone told me that it actually helps strengthen the hind legs. Your video made me want to do it again with Eva again.
    Shiva looks so eager to do it, she’s a clever girl!


  4. “Walkies!” I love it! There’s an old Python sketch about a secret agent named Teddy Salad, who is disguised as a dog. Whenever they try to debrief him, he says, “I have to go walkies,” which, er, doesn’t mean the same thing as it does to Shiva!

    Sorry about the digression– but when I hear “walkies,” that’s what I think of! I’m sure Shiva will master it perfectly!


  5. Can’t wait to see it in person – Happy Birthday – I figured it was better to say it here rather than have the restaurant stand up and sing it to you


  6. I just have to say how much I love Shiva. She reminds me so much of Shayne… i really love how happy she is to work. She’s just out out of her mind happy to be working with you and you are just embracing it…. <3!

    Well done! This is really not an easy behavior for some dogs. Rio got perch-work really quickly…. Shayne.. well… not so much LOL! So, good job!


  7. Shiva’s so clever! She’s like Riley, she’ll try anything to get those treats. Riley will go through her whole repertoire of tricks before I give her a command, just so she can get the treat. We worked on this trick at obedience school but Riley never really got it. I would love to know the steps you used to train this trick!


  8. Shiva is such a smart dog. I think she’s capable of anything! I’m sure it helps that she has such a good trainer. 🙂


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