Weekend Hits and Misses

Hit:  Doggie Expo hosted by Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada. What is more fun than a room filled with dogs and dog-lovers?

Hit: Shiva totally rocked the weave polls during class on Saturday. The best we have done yet with those irritating things.

Miss: Shiva running away during class on Saturday, in front of my practically mother-in-law. Sigh. I guess we can’t be perfect at everything.

Miss: More snow.

Hit: My practically mother-in-law’s visit, sans barking dog. When Shiva tried to lick her face, I knew we were gold. So proud of my brave puppy!

Hit: Lots of lazing around, not worrying about getting stuff done.

Miss: Not getting anything done. Oh well.

Hit: Watching Team Alberta beat Team BC 4-0 in women’s hockey. Yee haw!

Miss: No birthday cake

Hit: Way too much beer. (Is there such a thing?)

Miss: As usual, it went by much too fast.

What were some of your favourite – or least favourite – weekend moments?

22 thoughts on “Weekend Hits and Misses

  1. So I count 6 hits to 5 misses. Does that mean you won?

    Hit: Honey being so excited by her frozen kong stuffed with hot dogs and chicken broth that she forgot to jump on my friend when she visited.

    Miss: Yet another weekend gone by without that good grooming job I keep planning to tackle.


  2. Hit: Eva is doing well on some of the old tricks.

    Miss: Eva has completely forgotten her ‘shy’ trick.Sigh!!!

    Hit: Her coat blowing season seems to come to an end.

    Miss: Thought of overcoming Eva’s insane barking towards moving past objects but failed.

    OH dear, the list can go on and on…


  3. Hit: The wine-tasting party Saturday. First “adult” weekend social event in more years than I care to think about. Oh man, what a blast!

    Miss: Windchill of -23???? (That’s -9 for you Farenheit people.) Dog got to the park, but by car. Walking path a sheet of ice; he got exercise, I stood there and froze my fingers off!

    Hit: Full house of friends and kid’s friends all Saturday afternoon.

    Miss: The mess of dishes and laundry I’ve ignored all weekend now awaits my attention. Sigh.


  4. All in all, your weekend seems to have gone really well. Very busy for “not getting anything done.” Jeannie can definitely relate! While you were entertaining your practically mother-in law, she spent the went hosting her out-of-town practically father-in-law. Activity > Productivity.

    You gotta get your hands on some b-day cake. It isn’t too late. Happy late birthday! 🙂

    – Mayli the Labradane


  5. Hit: New client on Friday and she’s already paid me for the first visit.
    Miss: Decided to reject another possible new client (suffice it to say I don’t so well with entitlement attitudes)

    Hit: Lovely weekend until Sunday mid-afternoon
    Miss: Blizzard started and the snow began to pile up (15-17 inches)

    Hit: High school friend moved in yesterday to work at a job in the Cities and he snowplowed the driveway!
    Miss: Gotta rake the roof AGAIN


  6. Hits: a break in the winter weather, spending the weekend at my parents’ where the boys have free reign of their huge backyard
    Misses: Cooper and Emmett continue to find new ways to break Cooper out of his crate…


  7. Love that weave pole hit! I can so relate to that. And the way she grounded you afterward by running away…that Shiva! She’s got a good balance of angel and devil on each shoulder. 🙂 Lucky you!
    For me.
    Hit: Gorgeous weather on Sunday for some dog baths and Sangria afterward.
    Miss: What happened to Saturday? I don’t remember it. Was I abducted by aliens or something? :-\ I deserve a do over!
    That reminds me, I got to see a satellite Sunday at 7:42 pm cross our skies. Really. http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/sightings/


  8. I loved that it was extra long — three and a half days, and we got some time to get out with the girls and laze about! I could have done without rain today and yesterday, though.


  9. Hit: Running a 10k in the dark across Lake Superior (There were 3,800+ entrants and I was 128th across the finish line!!)

    Miss: Getting stuck overnight in a blizzard on the way home.


  10. Hit:Spendin Saturday morning in Fl on the beach
    Miss: getting to the airport to find your flight was 2 hrs delayed
    Hit: enjoying the plane ride and writing 3 blogs
    Miss: having your husband say to the pilot that landing couldn’t have been easy due to the wind, and the pilot agreeing.
    Hit: you were clueless enough to miss it
    Hit:coming home to see a happy cat
    Miss: to spend the first hour at home cleaning hairballs….
    Here it to a happy tuesday….


  11. Congrats on the weave poles! Sorry to hear about the birthday cake. My bday is coming up too and I said no cake because I’m on a diet, but I love birthday cake!
    My Hit and Miss: Giving Kelly a bath. (It was a messy job, but she looks and smells better now.)


  12. Hit – Using the long weekend to make some new styles of dog collars
    ATOMIC BOMB MISS – Opening my bill for truck insurance and finding out that it is $2200 for the year :O Yeah, going insurance shopping tomorrow.


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