Tuesday Time-out

There is a big difference between the number eight and the number nine.

This is Shiva’s new Tuffy Elephant about ten minutes after we brought it home from the Doggie Expo.

It’s a good thing she’s cuter than the stuffed animal or she’d be in big trouble.

You could at least pretend to feel bad, Sheevs.

24 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out

  1. It’s amazing how each dog is different. I remember how heartbroken my husband was when Christie chewed the nose off his stuffed polar bear (I don’t know; he just has a thing for polar bears).

    But when Shadow came along, she just liked to gently hold the same bear in her mouth–without shredding or chewing or anything. Run it through the wash and you’d never know a dog had had it.

    Now we have Honey…. I’ve had to throw away two “heads” from stuffed animals just today. I’ve started to think of all dog toys as consumable again.

    At least it keeps them happy. Wouldn’t you rather have Shiva tear an ear off an elephant than an arm off your couch?


  2. Shiva said it’s not her problem as Miss Ellie’s ear just wasn’t strong enough to last for her test!!! It’s also her mom’s problem as her mom should keep on exploring and getting some other more decent, stronger Miss Ellies home for Shiva’s tests!!!
    It’s so funny that every dog is different towards their toys. Laura would’ve finished her toys within minutes too. Mika doesn’t like toys, weird guy and Eva is very gentle to her stuffed toys. She gives gentle bites and snips but never have the intention of breaking them so her toys last really long. This helps me save a lot of money!!!


  3. That’s definitely the case between 8 and 9! If I see anything like ears or tails or legs on a toy, I know right away my dogs are going to go for that part to chew (off) first. Those ears would be a delicacy at my house, too. Shiva, you are a character.


  4. I love that look on her face!! Too precious! I’m really glad you posted this, though. I thought that elephant was adorable, but now I know not to get it! Like you, I think we need to stick with the 9s.


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  6. Good job, Shiva! Why should you feel bad? Elephants have ridiculous ears anyway. You just gave him a nice little clip job, that’s all. Now he’s MUCH more fashionable!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  7. we got the pig, which is a 9, i think, and miss lollie wonderdog pulled it off in about two seconds. i was pretty disappointed. but i got them a #10 ball, and they won’t even play with it because it doesn’t “feel” like a stuffie.
    i can’t win!


  8. It’s weird because Charlie will not touch a single stuffed animal whether you’re home or not, but as soon as you pick it up and hand it to him you should never expect to see it again.


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