All is Revealed, With a Side of Brag

For the last ten minutes I have been attempting to start this post but some weird dog keeps licking my hands and preventing me from typing. A part of me would love to just sit here and pet her like she seems to want, but a stronger part knows I need to get this done. Thankfully, the furry one has decided to start licking herself in consolation so this may get published before I head out for work after all. What a noble, self-sacrificing creature she is.

Thanks to everyone who commented with a guess yesterday. I am gratified to know it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. There is some creativity in this analytical brain after all!

And the answer is…

Number 4!

Tragically, I never got to meet either Sharon, Lois, or Bram. Though I did once get to see Sharon in concert during a trip to Toronto with my Girl Guide troop. That day is one of my favourite childhood memories. I liked Sharon a lot more than I liked Lois (lie #2). She just seemed nicer. I have no idea if that is actually true. I have no idea if any of them are still alive or performing. But I am extremely grateful to my parents who let me play their cassette tapes over and over and over again during every road trip. Their Christmas album was my all-time fave for many years. Probably too many. I didn’t start listening to “grown-up” music for an embarrassing amount of time.

But let’s not go there. Ahem.

It was amusing to me how many of you guessed number two. Though I kind of see why. But I promise you, the river was indeed raging. My friend practically skipped across the skinny log, not thinking anything of the potential doom which may have befallen her. I, on the other hand, watched her in horror. I always think too much about things; it may be my fatal flaw. My friend spent half an hour convincing me to cross that river. At one point she tossed a stick in the water to prove how safe it was. Naturally, the stick was immediately swept up by the rapid current, bashing along rocks as it sped away.  Between her curses and the weak branches of the tree I had been clinging to for safety, I eventually had no choice but to go for it. I am pretty sure I cried the whole way.  It was a life changing moment for me.

The rest of the numbers were all pretty clearly true. I have never been to Stonehenge. Not necessarily for lack of interest, just there were always more interesting things to check out. Maybe next time. I did used to be afraid of cats. It’s something I trace back to my grandmother’s barn cats. Until I was much older, they were the only felines I had ever met. Now that I understand there is a great difference between house cats and barn cats, I love the little stinkers. Almost as much as I love dogs. But only when they are quiet. There is just something about constant meowing that makes my eye twitch.

Now that I am sure you are all exhausted from such a big reveal, I have some happy things to report!

Family and Fur was sweet enough to nominate this blog for The Fashionable Wife’s  Bloggie Awards. Shockingly, we won for best supporting cast!  I can’t take any credit – it’s all about the Shivaness. We share the award with the gorgeous pugs of KJPugs. Pretty awesome company, I gotta say.

Leroy from A.G. Out Loud loved Shiva’s Valentine’s Day card so much that he made a donation to our favourite animal charity. I think that is just the sweetest thing.

Dog Foster Mom, one of my favourite blogs to read, was kind enough to include this site on her featured blogs for March. I admire the author of this blog for all she has done for dogs. I talk a lot about inspirations and she is one of the people who has inspired me the most. The fact that we have even appeared on her radar astounds me. If you aren’t reading Dog Foster Mom, you are missing out.

Since I am trying to emulate Will My Dog Hate Me’s guilt-free attitude, I won’t talk about how bad I feel for not getting as much done online as I would like. I still haven’t updated my Flickr page or my sidebar or my blogroll. Nor have I connected with as many people as I would like this week. But I am not going to talk about that.

Rather, I am going to leave you with a sign of spring, i.e. snow-less ground. We have to celebrate what we have. Even if all we have is dirt.

Mmmmm, dirt. It doesn't get any better than this!

25 thoughts on “All is Revealed, With a Side of Brag

  1. I’m so glad that you’ve so many happy things with you!
    I didn’t manage to read your blog yesterday and I just read them after reading this post :). You’re a good story teller and I actually couldn’t figure out which was true and which was false.
    Have a happy day!!!


  2. Your raging river story illustrates my favorite life lesson: sometimes it’s all about luck. One person might have crossed the river, slipped and been carried away. Two other people got lucky. We’re all happy you were lucky. I can certainly see why that was a life-changing moment.

    Thanks for the mud picture. We’re still covered in snow but I know it’s only a matter of time.

    Congratulations on your recognition. Isn’t it nice to know how much people appreciate what you’re doing even when you don’t think you’re doing enough?


  3. We don’t even have dirt yet– how come I just saw an item on CTV News that Moncton has snow mountains and you have dirt?

    Sharon, Lois and Bram are now Sharon, Bram, and Friends. Lois retired. Just to make you jealous, Bram is the cousin of a close friend– not that I ever met him, but I could if I wanted to, so there. 🙂 (I’m just being b****y because I guessed wrong– that “raging river” just seemed so exaggerated, and in Canada it’s too easy to meet celebrities.)

    Congrats on all these awards, I know had fun watching all the guesses I got! Will post the truth later today.


    • That is pretty cool you even know someone who is related to Bram. In fact, that makes you famous in your own right. Now I am cool for knowing you. Right? 😉

      Okay, the raging may have been slightly exaggerated. I was a teenager. It seemed raging to me!


  4. Phew…I am SO glad that you haven’t actually met Sharon, Lois, and Bram! Well, I guess it would be nice for you to have met them…BUT…I would have to stop reading your blog because I would be so jealous of you. Haha, I kid, I kid. I almost guessed the raging river but then the Elephant Show gang popped out at me.

    Congrats on all of your recognition!

    Elyse and Riley


    • LOL. It’s okay. My reaction would be very much the same, no doubt.

      They should really think about running that show again, just for us old fogies.

      Thanks! Have a great night!


    • Well, unfortunately, it is still pretty cold. Booooo. Poor Shiva’s whiskers. I hope it is much nicer there!


    • Thank you so much!! Seriously, you are too kind, especially given how neglectful I have been lately. Stupid needing money to live. If my dog can live off garbage maybe I can too.


    • It drives me nuts. And then I feel guilty for not spending more time adoring her presence. Dogs are exasperatingly wonderful that way.


  5. I like Dog Foster mom’s blog too! I might have found her from your feed, I’m not even sure at this point. Alas, spring and come and gone for the most part here. The heat and humidity is settling in.


  6. I’ve got a jar of dirt! I’ve got a jar of dirt!

    *ahem* I’m okay now! I’m sort of celebrating the same sign of Spring here and I got carried away. I think you’re a better liar than you give yourself credit for! lol

    Isn’t is always such a cool feeling when another blogger that you’ve admired so much takes notice of you? It’s like an Elvis sighting!


  7. Poop! I read the wrong blog post first! I got the answer before I read what the “facts” were so I could take a guess. Oh well, I look forward to reading it! Congrats on all the recognition Kristine! It is much deserved! I like you blog and your stories about Shiva and your thoughtful and inquiring mind – always searching and always learning. You kind of remind me of Edie!

    Hope you have a happy Friday!


  8. I can’t believe I missed your post… I have been so swamped at work! I was leaning towards #2…. I can’t imagine how scary that was! Congrats on all your awards & stuff… You go girl!


  9. It is finally Spring! Congrats on the awards. Your deserve them. Glad we have out no guilt buddy system. Thanks for being a great support. 🙂 Punky T.


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