Another Post About Cowardice

Do you remember me talking about my fears regarding a super-sized agility training weekend, capping off in a fun match? Probably not. Regardless, the event is this upcoming weekend. While I have pretty much decided we should enter the match, I am also currently trying to stop myself from coming up with excuses to bail.

Reasons to Attend

1. It will be a blast. I love all of the cool agility people we get to hang out with. Everyone is insanely supportive. As I don’t have much of a social life, this is a good opportunity to talk to other people with whom I have something in common. Since I will have my dog with me, I won’t be able to hide in the bathroom the whole time.

2. The stories! There are always hilarious moments during events like these. I know I will feel sad if I only hear about them second-hand later on.

3. By Sunday evening, Shiva will be utterly exhausted.

4. Photo opportunities. I will do my best to remember my camera this time and get my practically husband to take pictures. I promise not to delete all of the embarrassing ones.

5. Shiva loves agility. With a passion. Even when she decides to screw the course and run around like a moron, she is having a good time. After our private session a few weeks ago, one of our trainers reassured me she doesn’t think Shiva is stressing out when she gets the zoomies. She is just so excited she doesn’t know what to do with all her energy. It is my job to keep moving to keep her attention on me. But, even if I massively fail, Shiva will still enjoy herself. What does she care about the course map anyway?

6. It is the Year of Badassery.

7. Blog fodder!

8. More practice in a new environment. While we have trained at this location before, it is still fairly new to Shiva’s senses. Also, there will be many new people and even more new dogs. Even if I just set her up in front of the first jump, lead out, and then go back and reward her, it will have been a success for us. As my trainer said, most people start taking their dogs to trials as puppies, just to get them used to the intense environment. We didn’t have that ability and so it is important to spend time doing that now.

9. It is highly likely we will fail and Shiva will just take off to go shopping. But there is a wee little chance she won’t. How awesome and confidence-pumping would that be??

10. Did I already mention the blog fodder?

Reasons to Bail

1. I am an incurable coward

It’s pretty clear I have a very difficult choice to make.

18 thoughts on “Another Post About Cowardice

  1. Yes, I remember your earlier post. And I’m excited you signed up.

    My only advice to you (since I know nothing about agility but know lots about being a coward) is to pull a “Cary Grant.”

    Cary Grant grew up as Archie Leach, a cockney kid without much class. He decided to act like the person he wanted to become until it happened. I read a biography of Cary Grant when I was a teenager and I tried the exact same thing to cure myself of my shyness. It worked well enough that now, when I tell people I used to be painfully shy, they laugh at me. They really think I’m kidding.

    So pick the most confident agility team you know. The person who lets every mistake slide off her back and who walks in owning the ring. Then, be her.

    And once you leave the ring, you can go back to being Kristine. But I bet you’ll be a Kristine with just a little bit more.


  2. Go get ’em! We’re here to whine about blog fodder. You must give your readers what they want!!

    And we know that you and Shiva will have an awesome time. Because it’s impossible not to.

    And when you’ve got one big scary thing under your belt, the next will seem less daunting.


  3. DO IT! You’ll have so much fun…but even more, Shiva will have so much fun! I’m sure you already have one, but I passed along the “Stylish Blogger” award to you. Check out my blog for more info if you haven’t gotten one before!

    Go Shiva!!


  4. I’m a horrible coward as well. No doubt about it. Since my dog won’t be competing in anything in the near future other than perhaps a “which dog can bankrupt their owner fastest” contest, go on out and participate on our behalf. We’ll be cheering you in spirit!


  5. Kristine – the one thing I can say about you is you are not a coward. You moved in with the PH after meeting the rest of the family – that is not a coward. You picked up and moved cross country with little money – no job – and no family to fall back on in your new location – that is not a coward. Shy sometimes – a coward NEVER.


  6. Wear a mask. 🙂

    Go. If Shiva “goes shopping,” as you put it, laugh and pretend that was the plan all along. We could all use blog fodder about our friend, “the little engine that could” (that would be you).


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