Move Over Schwarzenegger

Luckily, there was no blood shed this morning, so I am able to post our latest training video. Shiva’s nail is healing nicely and I may even let her off-leash in the forest again before she is too old to care. Both very good things for our sanity.

When discussing dog strengthening exercises with one of our trainers a few weeks ago, she mentioned how her dog’s physiotherapist noticed his rear end was much stronger than his front. (Yes, one of our trainers. Shiva has quite an entourage now. That’s what happens when you are insane famous.) She came up with this great trick to recitify the problem.

 Shiva’s muscles are pretty well-rounded but I figured it couldn’t hurt to give genetics some help. As she ages, I am sure the more work we do now, the more it will help her later. My childhood dog was beseiged with terrible arthritis for the last two or three years of her life. I really don’t want to go through that again.

Richard Simmons will be calling any day now. I am sure of it.

Shiva picked this up way too fast. It’s kind of disgusting. I started by placing the stool against the couch to make it easier and then encouraged her to back up onto it. She struggled a little bit at first because it is so hard. She didn’t know what I was asking. Her rear end awareness is pretty high, however, after doing so much perch work, so after a few successful attempts, she picked it up pretty fast. You could also try backing up stairs; that seemed to be simpler.

I am hoping this trick/exercise will help us move on to more complicated things. Like a doggie hand-stand. I’ve never seen a larger dog achieve such a feat. But if any dog can, it’s Shiva!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Clever Shiva! She’s such a fast learner.
    We’re also looking for certain exercises for Eva as she has weak hind legs. Some tricks like ‘beg’ and ‘elephant dance'(I’m not sure about the name of the trick) seem help. Thanks for giving me the idea as I might try it out when Eva is fully recovered from her surgery.


  2. What a great idea! After the drama we’ve had this week, we’ve been discussing how we can prevent injuries in the future. Your post makes me curious if there are any stretches/training we can work on with Gus to strengthen his back. We’ll be asking our vet at our follow-ip appt…thanks! And way to go, Shiva!

    Happy Friday!


  3. This is Honey’s favorite video so far. She watched the entire thing. I’m still not quite sure how you taught it but maybe we’ll give it a try.


  4. very neat. Wonder if Luna is weak on either end. How did the trainer come up with that do you know? I can’t imagine Luna is too weak in the front as she pees while walking on her two front legs. I really need to get a video of that up.
    Thanks for sharing the video, maybe I will give it a try with luna


  5. Shayne’s been working on a hand stand for quite a while… she’s almost got it… actually thinking about filming our progress again since she’s almost there.

    Great video of Shiva! canine conditioning is so important for the canine athlete, i’m super glad you are taking the time to think about building a well rounded strong canine!

    If you don’t already do it, exercise ball work is sooo good for building strong muscles. There are also balance discs that are great for working muscles in extension and contraction… very cool things.


  6. Ah you definitely need to get her doing a handstand! I went to a Pam Dennison workshop and one of her border collies does a freestanding handstand. I think she taught it off a wall.

    I’ve been working on it with Charlie, he doesn’t seem to have the muscle tone, so it’s taking us a bit longer. Can’t wait to try it with Emma.

    Keep it going!!


  7. Is that as long as it took for Shiva to learn to do this? Please tell me you’d been practising for days before shooting this video! Have you watched any of Kikopups videos on Youtube? I’m sure she’s done one where she teaches her BC, Splash, to do a free standing handstand. I think Shiva could give Splash a real run for the money, she’s so darn clever.


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