I Learned Something

* Frog legs really do taste like chicken wings.

* Out of some pretty terrifying tragedies can come some of the most beautiful stories.

* Humans are endlessly surprising – in both good ways and bad, but mostly good.

* My handling skills need a lot of work.

* Either I intimidate a lot less easily than I used to, or people who care about animals are ten thousand timesΒ frienlier than people who don’t.

* I really don’t like it when my plans change at the last minute due to outside forces.

* My hair really, really needs cutting. I apologise to anyone who has to look at it. Ugh.

* It is not possible to take too many photos of my dog. I should really learn to stop being embarrassed – it only leads to regrets.

* My practically husband is ridiculously understanding.

* My dog is ridiculously fast.

* Walking on the beach with a bunch of great people and their wicked dogs canbe very tiring for all involved. But so much fun.

* The Internet isn’t always a place of sunshine and rainbows. There is such a thing as too much information.

* I am definitely a wimp. But a smart wimp.

* It is so much more interesting to do things than to come up with excuses not to. Yay for not bailing!

* As much as I try, it is impossible not to care about people I will never even meet.

38 thoughts on “I Learned Something

  1. I think all the typing we do kills our handwriting. I can barely sign my name anymore. Also, I think people who love animals are 10X friendlier than others. I hear you about the hair… Mine doesn’t need a cut, but it does need a color… I have to wait until next weekend for that… It is pretty scary right about now…


    • My handwriting has never been very legible – now I just use typing as an excuse. πŸ™‚

      Mine needs re-highlighting as well. It has been a year! I had made an appointment for this past weekend but it was cancelled at the last minute. Boooo.


  2. Well, you’re obviously an overachiever! Don’t you know the saying goes, “You learn something new everyday”…not “you learned a bajillion new things everyday?”


    • Hahahaha! Sorry, I certainly didn’t mean to make anyone feel bad!

      I am sure you have me beat if you really thought about it.


  3. So it sounds like you don’t have lots of regrets about this weekend? Good for you. I hope you’ll share more when you have time. I was wondering how you and Shiva would do at the big event.

    BTW, I disagree. Frogs legs have the texture of chicken wings but they taste vaguely fishy.


    • No major regrets anyway. Other than sleeping in. I forgot to add “Daylight Saving’s time is now in March” to the list. Didn’t it used to be in April? I could have sworn…

      You may be right about the frog legs. The ones I had were so covered in sauce it was kind of hard to tell.


  4. Wow, you’ve learned so many things!!! We indeed learn something everyday and it’s good that we realise and treasure what we’ve learned. My yoga teacher always says that we should live in each and every moment, live in here and now but not there and then.
    Wish you have a good day too!


    • I’ve heard that before, but it is not an easy thing to do. If you have accomplished it, you are very wise!

      Thanks! πŸ™‚


  5. I bail all the time, too! Which may not have been what you were saying, but I thought maybe you were alluding to it and I just wanted to say that I agree. It is so much better when I just suck it up and do the thing I was going to do and I always end up having fun! Silly me.

    Anyway, that last pic of Shiva makes me smile. I almost want to make it my work laptop background because these next two weeks will be rough, but maybe not so rough if I have a silly dog face on my computer every time I close down my endless array of windows. Would that be creepy though? Someone else’s dog on my computer? Meh. Worth it.


    • I do bail all the time. All. The. Time. I am an excellent excuse-comer-upper. Or something. I can always find a reason not to do something. It’s a skill I am a little less proud of lately.

      Silly us indeed. It’s hard to take the first step, but once you do, it is surprisingly easy to keep walking!

      If you did that, that would be the hugest, most awesome honour in the whole world. I wouldn’t think it creepy at all. Maybe I’ll have to find a photo of your dog to put on mine. πŸ™‚


      • She’s up there! And every time I close my windows I see that silly and oh-so-happy face and it cheers me up! Not that work is THAT bad, but really, who doesn’t need a dose of some Shiva to make their day better?


  6. I think you’ve got it all covered…except for one thing.

    “I am exactly where I am meant to be at any given time.”

    Good on you being open to self discovery! And where are all those pictures you took too many of? Now there’s some serious abuse of the English language


    • Hmmm… I wish I could say I have learned that, officially. Hopefully one day… Thanks for the inspiration!

      LOL. That’s how we roll on this here blog.


  7. * It is not possible to take too many photos of my dog. I should really learn to stop being embarrassed – it only leads to regrets.

    Love that one…so true. I’m camera shy a lot and then regret it later. Learning to not worry about what other people are thinking is easier said than done!


    • I know! Me too! I always feel foolish, like people are going to be annoyed or something. Usually people just laugh and say they wish they had remembered theirs.

      It’s tough, isn’t it? It’s taken me a decade to get even this far. Baby steps. If I can do it, you can!


  8. I love your comments. I especially like “My dog runs ridiculously fast” because I think it’s great that your dog gets a chance to run. I love to see dogs run. I feel bad my dog doesn’t get to run much because we don’t have a park or place where she can run loose. I think she’d like to run.


    • I am positive your dog is just as happy with the activities you do do with her as she would be with any silly running. It’s not about the running as much as it is about the playing and the time spent together having fun. πŸ™‚


  9. Thanks for sharing… guess I got past the whole “It is not possible to take too many photos of my dog…” thing as I am regularily seen looking most likely retarded to get some shots of my dogs. And I agree with Hilary that my handwriting has gone to crap now that I type so much. And I agree with your last one about not being able to help care about people you may never meet in person.
    Take care


    • Glad you have gotten over it, that’s fantastic! It is braver than you realize.

      Thanks so much for your kind comments.


  10. Glad you had a great weekend! We need to see more pictures! I like pictures of happy dogs πŸ™‚

    I agree with the internet is not rainbows and sunshine. This week I had to shut off the commenting on my blog. 😦 I guess I angered a HUGE group of people and they all decided to leave me nasty (really nasty) comments. Who knew that dressing a dog was so controversial? I miss my friends comments, but
    I will not feed the trolls…….


    • That makes me really sad. I am so sorry people couldn’t keep their unkind and unnecessary thoughts to themselves. It’s too bad you had to deal with all that in a forum that is supposed to be about fun. Good on you for being so firm.


    • It was awesome to get to the beach in early March. It has been months! I really missed it.

      Hope your day went really well!


  11. That is such a fabulous list! I really need a hair cut too! I am going to count the last time I got my hair cut… just a sec… it has been 5 months… oh my god…

    I don’t like sudden changes of plans either. I have the sense that you are a lot more flexible than I am, but I’m not a good “surprises” person.

    Totally with ya on the “no such thing as too many dog photos” thing. Just in case it wasn’t obvious from the gazillion on F&W πŸ˜‰


    • 5 months? That’s it? It’s been almost 7 for me… Yeeeeuuuchhhh!

      I don’t mind surprises, but I usually have my day all planned in my head by the time I step out of the shower. When something spoils those plans, like my hairstylist canceling my appointment, it is frustrating, to say the least.

      No such thing when they are as gorgeous as your photos, to be sure! My fuzzy Shiva photos, however, may have a limit… πŸ˜‰


  12. Yes, yes, yes, to all of it. πŸ™‚ I have a tough time with last minute plan changes too, although I’m learning to relax more. Luckily I have such understanding friends! And I keep reminding my mom, who always says “Don’t you have enough photos of _________?”, that dogs change over time. As do people. And places. And I remind her especially when she comes to me for a photo of something she didn’t get. πŸ˜‰


    • LOL. Never! Never enough. You don’t know what moments you may want to look back on later. It would be sad to not have pictures of an event, even if it seems boring at the time.

      Everything changes. Too fast sometimes.


  13. Love this. I was most taken with, “from tragedy comes the most beautiful stories.” I am constantly reminding myself that amongst tragedy there is always perseverance, triumph and infinite possibilities for the future.

    I always want everything to move so quickly, I’m learning things take their time.
    Thanks for this thoughtful post. Oh and the photos are gorgeous!

    Punky T.


    • Me too. I’m not always very patient. That is something my dog has helped me learn. Sometimes things need to take their time. They are better that way.

      But not easier, that’s for sure.

      Thanks for your kind words!


  14. I really agree with you! I think dog people are definitely the very best. I’ve seen amazing things accomplished for the love of a dog — often one that we will never meet. There is nothing like being on the beach with a dog, either! πŸ™‚ Thanks for making me smile today!


    • They are without a doubt the best people I have ever met. Sincerely, genuinely nice. Caring and supporting even when they don’t have to.

      Thanks for making me smile every day!


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