Adopt the Internet Day – Happy Birthday Petfinder!

Whether or not one believes in the often spouted phrase “too many animals, not enough homes”, some facts are unavoidable. There are more people buying pets than there are people adopting from shelters or rescue groups. Studies show, people get their dogs from shelters only 15 percent of the time – cats less than 10 percent.* With the hundreds of thousands of lovely pets languishing in shelters, these numbers are tragic. For some reason, there is still this cloud hanging over every sheltered animal. They are “second-hand”. Assumed to be filled with health and behavioural problems. It is simply not true.

“I’d love to adopt,” I have heard someone say. “Maybe one day I will have the time to take on a tough case. But I have kids…”

Great! I would say. There are so many happy, kid-friendly dogs in the shelter right now. Dogs that would love to be your child’s new best friend.

“We would really rather have a kitten. We would like to start fresh.”

Fantastic! Shelters almost always have kittens, especially in the spring and summer.

“But it is so expensive… I can get a puppy online for free.”

Aha! This is where I like to point out this brilliant chart put together by the NS SPCA.

When one adds all the numbers, it is actually cheaper to adopt. One is actually saving money by going to a shelter.

If that hasn’t convinced anyone, maybe I will let the animals speak for themselves. They may not be able to talk but I think they do a very good job of making my point for me.

This is Driver, an adorable lab/shepherd mix puppy. Is it possible to resist this fuzzy little face? I doubt it.

This is Barclay. Mostly, I admit to posting his photo because I desperately want him for myself. He already knows how to roll over! Since I am trying to stop myself from driving down there to pick him up, I really need someone else to take him home before I can. Consider it a personal favour.

This gorgeous tortoise-shell kitten is Lotus. I can only imagine how pretty she will be as she grows up. Just look at those tiny paws!

And this is Neil. I wasn’t sure I wanted to share him with the world because I am still debating taking him for myself. He is enormous and the biggest sweetheart of a feline I have ever seen. Not to mention ridiculously good-looking. If he doesn’t find a new home soon, we may have a new family member by the end of the week.

If you still aren’t convinced that adopting is the way to go then maybe you should check out the many fabulous posts from all corners of the Internet in celebration of Petfinder’s 15th birthday. 

I dare you.

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

*Source: “A No Kill Blueprint for Shelters”, Nathan Winograd.

25 thoughts on “Adopt the Internet Day – Happy Birthday Petfinder!

  1. You are so right, people rarely do adopt animals from shelters and it’s sad. They don’t want to bother with giving one a home, but they also don’t bother checking if their reasons are valid or not.
    I see dogs in the streets here every day, but people still buy out-of-the-box dogs from breeders. And now it has become a matter of stray dogs’ survival.


  2. Unless you want to be a breeder of a particular breed (and I think thsat should have registration and spot checks from a welfare society), I think you shouldn’t be allowed to buy from anywhere. then you’d go to the shelters. Even if you want a particular breed, you can put your name down and wait, or hopefully go to the shelter and see another breed and fall in love and come home with something completely different to what you set out to get.

    Congrats on winning the book over on Tails and Tales.


  3. The Nova Scotia SPCA is a lot cheaper than ours, where it costs about $250 to adopt an animal. It’s still a bargain compared to buying in a (*shudder*) pet store, and getting a puppy mill puppy with who knows what health issues, not to mention the boost it gives to the puppy mill “industry.”

    Hope all the animals find their forever homes!


  4. Very persuasive argument. It is shocking to think in the greater scheme of things how few people do know about adoption. I think we’ve just surrounded ourselves with likeminded people, so we forgot all the people who don’t know all the details. We actually found both of our pooches on Petfinder (Miss M an ironic she’s cool-looking, but I’d never adopt a pitbull and it wasn’t until I met her that I was hooked) and Mr. B because it was so hard to find an older male pitbull in the entire city of Chicago. That cat is gorgeous…we’ll be checking for future updates.


  5. What a cute bunch you picked to feature! And great angle with the price comparison. I’ve never seen that chart before, but I bookmarked it so I have that info on hand!


  6. The graphic you posted with the expense summary is fantastic…I hope lots of people see that and pass it on.

    We can’t wait to add another dog to our family, whenever and wherever we land. It will definitely be a shelter dog…just can’t decide between big and small!


  7. OMG! I love Neil! Take Neil!! Take him take him take him take him. You can’t see me right now, but just picture me using the force on you to go get him.

    Moving away from Neil for a second, I didn’t realize that so few people adopted 😦 I knew it wasn’t enough, but I don’t think I’ve seen those numbers before. I do like the “free” vs. not free chart, very interesting. I’ll definitely have to save that.


  8. We adopted 5 out of our six cats. I think Neil is awesome… does he like active dogs? I’m also feeling Barclay, wow is he handsome. I have a feeling he and Shiva would get along great!


  9. Once again, you brought a unique perspective to this day. Good job!

    I’d also add that today’s shelters are much more attractive and friendly than they used to be. When I adopted my first shelter dogs at the Philadelphia SPCA in 1990, it was like visiting a maximum security prison.

    My current shelter features “pet apartments” with glass walls and sniffer holes for the dogs. They are much lower stress environments than old style shelters. Nowadays, pet stores look a lot more like prisons than many shelters.


  10. What a great Petfinder birthday post! All of what you say is so true about shelters and adoption. I’m so glad you pointed out that it’s much less expensive (and safer) to adopt from a shelter instead of from a “free to good home” ad. I love your blog, BTW…!


  11. I’m glad I’m not living up there near you, you’d have me convinced to have all kinds of pets! I wish more people would get pets from shelters. I don’t know what the magic formula is to convince people to change, but I hope something happens differently.

    I think Barclay and Shiva would get along great!


  12. I’ve been so busy, haven’t had time to write my own post. So I’m living vicariously through yours. In the “old country” no one adopted animals, so it wasn’t part of my mother’s awareness. I’ve begun the trend in our family and I hope everyone follows suit. And I’m honored to share a birthday with Petfinder! (And it’s Caesar’s deathday! Beware the Ides of March!!)


  13. Great Petfinder Day feature!! That is a great comparison chart. Those “free” dogs always end up costing more than you think. Neil is absolutely stunningly gorgeous! I just want to pick him up and smoosh him against my cheek! If Kolchak wasn’t absolutely *terrified* of kitties, I’d be tempted to road trip to your house to get him!


  14. Oh my goodness if I could I would adopt Driver in a heartbeat! Ha ha.

    I know that when Josh and I do decide to get a fuzzy friend of our own, the shelter is one of the first places I want to look. You’ve drilled it into my head. Ha ha.


  15. Another awesome post, Kristine. I’d write one of my own but I’ve got the flu and wouldn’t make sense, or even less sense than usual.

    People will never change though, I’m quite cynical. As long as there are humans and animals on this earth the humans will try to make money from the animals one way or another.

    I need to go to bed!


  16. A lot of dogs in shelters already know basic obedience, and some rescues will allow you to bring the dog or cat back if it isn’t working out. Though you’ll probably fall in love before you even consider bringing them back…….


  17. Wonderful post, Kristine! Informative, mind changing, putting adoptable dogs and cats first and foremost. Love the NS chart. Missed blogging on The Day but will definitely do so – especially with such an inspiring entry. Well done. @Kate – YES – take Neil – GORGEOUS.


  18. Really great post Kristine. I like the comparison chart. It’s sad to think how few people do adopt from shelters. I have adopted all of mine (except 1) from our local shelter. I have received compliments on all of them and what awesome dogs they were/are and guess what? I had very little to do with much of it (with the exception of Daisy). Why? Because my awesome dogs came from awesome families who needed to surrender their dogs for a variety of reasons. I was the lucky new owner who got fully trained and lovable dogs! Another reason to not discount shelters – a lot of dogs that come in are trained and have better manners than most dogs.

    BTW – The dog I featured in my post on the 15th? Has an adoption pending! How about that? I am SO excited!


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