Paws for Japan – There is Nothing I Can Say

I’ve been conflicted about whether I should say anything about the current crisis in Japan. On one hand, it is a major event that will have repercussions on the rest of the world for decades, even centuries. A whole island doesn’t shift 2 metres in as many seconds without global impact. To not bring it up would seem callous at best and foolish at worst. However, on the other hand, I write a dog blog. A blog about my dog. I am not a journalist. I don’t feel I am even remotely equipped to cover it all properly.

Today, pet bloggers from all parts of the internet are spreading awareness about the silent victims. World Vets is an organization dedicated to providing veterinary aid around the world. Ever since Hurricane Katrina, I have been much more aware of how catastrophic disasters such as the earthquake in Japan affect our beloved animals. It is hard to comprehend not only dealing with the loss of a home but also having to wonder if one’s pets are still alive. I just cannot even fathom it.

As I don’t feel I am articulate enough, I am going to point you toward several other bloggers who are doing a better job of expressing how they feel.

Pawcurious will be posting all day with fabulous ideas of how we can help. Her post “Paws for Japan: Why Animal Rescues Matter” also contains a linky tool to many more heart-felt articles.

I shared this post on Twitter a few days ago, but I still find it incredibly brave. Queer Skies Ahead has some beautiful things to say about how she feels when these things happen. It is so hard to know what is right. I often feel guilty for changing the channel when it gets to be too much. But perhaps I shouldn’t. What do you think?

Doggie Stylish also wrote an interesting article about donations and how it is smart to question where one’s money is really going. If you are able to give to the cause, I recommend checking out this post first.

Lastly, I love the honesty of this post by The Accidental Olympian. As I read it, I didn’t really understand what the author was experiencing. At the time, I hadn’t let myself watch too much of the footage. My ability to hold back made me wonder if I didn’t care enough. It made me feel like the worst person in the world. But, when I allowed myself to get sucked in to the news on Saturday morning, I realized very quickly it wasn’t that I didn’t care too little. It is that I cared far too much.

Because I don’t want to end on a depressing note, here is a photo of Shiva and The Cat actually tolerating each other’s presence. I won’t bring up the fact I was holding an open can of salmon at the time. That would be cheating.

15 thoughts on “Paws for Japan – There is Nothing I Can Say

  1. LOL what a classic picture, Kristine! I love it!

    We parked by the post box to post a letter the other day and noticed a Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs van parked up. “I bet they’re going to Japan”, Phil ventured, and it seems they were. Our local news reported on it last night.

    Our canine friends are capable of incredible bravery and their skills are unparalleled. Lets hope they fare well, and save some lives out there.


  2. I felt much the same way this morning when I read about this fundraiser hop. To begin with, I wasn’t sure how a tiny unserious dogblog in Australia would be able to contribute to this project/organization in the States. But I decided to do it anyway and I’m glad I did.

    You’re always articulate, Kristine. And I do like that Queer Skies post. And Karen made some excellent points. And that picture of Shiva and The Cat is lovely (even if you cheated to get it:p)

    Have a good day Ms T. Weekend coming up 🙂


  3. Beautifully said. Thanks for this. I feel the same way, but wasn’t able to articulate it. Glad to know about Paws for Japan.

    I wanted to write about cat island, but held back, thinking well people are losing their families and homes, is a sappy (not that the stories are, just I know my tone) post on cat island and maru appropriate?Then, after reading your I realize it is. Cats, People, Japan, The World…all are effected.

    ps-the photo is adorable. Is that the cat you adopted? Or did you already have a cat?


  4. Kristine, I think you articulated the pull we all feel beautifully. I have a tendency to get too wrapped up (if there is such a thing) in news coverage of events like this – 9/11, Katrina, Haiti, Japan. And what Queer Skies said about the taking of someone else’s pain is, I think, for me, what it’s about. Not that my watching the news and searing the tender places in my heart is really going to lessen the pain of those people far across the world who I’ll never meet, but I do feel I owe it to my fellow human beings to at least acknowledge and take in as fully as I can the extent to which they are suffering, and to which their lives have been forever changed. Anything else, I often feel, is the equivalent of closing my eyes, sticking my fingers in my ears and humming “la la la la.” Yet, lest I go completely crazy, I have to accept that in my current situation, I am not able to join the relief efforts myself, and there is a limit to what I am financially able to contribute. So I’ve tried to educate myself about the organizations that are on the up and up, and not pledge my money indiscriminately. Putting it in the hands of legitimate relief efforts is where it can do the most good. And beyond that, I try to keep my watching of the news to a manageable amount of time every day. Enough so that I am not playing ostrich, but not so excessive that I become bogged down or incapacitated by my feelings. And right or wrong, good or bad, I’ve kept my blog out of it.

    BTW, love the photo of Shiva and The Cat. Who cares if you cheated? It’s a great picture!


  5. thanks for this nicely-written reminder to look beyond our day-to-day and think about the hardships that others endure. it helps to gain some perspective about how our lives are not really that hard.

    new foster at

    PS – love the photo of Sheevs and the kitteh.


  6. What a wonderful idea, and a very important cause. Watching the news truly can make you pause and think about how we are all bonded together thru our sense of humanity. That should include helping the animals that are suffering. Japan’s pets are our pets too.


  7. Thank you for the shout-out, and also directing me to such an amazing organization and cause. I too feel in this disasters that the pets that suffer are sometimes much more tragic stories than the people. These pets don’t know what happened, where their owners are, how to find food, and what to do next. I can’t imagine the terror that causes.

    This entire disaster has been eye opening.

    Thanks for your take on the whole tragedy.


  8. Love the photo Kristine and I think you’ve saved me writing a blog post that I really don’t have time for today! I’ll send everyone to your blog because you’ve got everyone and everything covered and you’ve also written pretty much what I feel too.

    I couldn’t watch any coverage of our recent disaster(s) with the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, and I’m the same with Japan. It’s too upsetting and I don’t need to see other people’s misery, I can feel it enough.


  9. I felt much like you! I’d also just finished getting my post for today ready before I read about the hop, so I chickened out on this one, but I think there will be more opportunities to share the information. They will need help for a long time!

    You linked to some wonderful posts!

    It’s only cheating if you get caught! You know, if the can accidentally gets into the picture a little bit and somebody notices! 😉


  10. Awww, very cute picture.

    I have read a lot of posts on the events in Japan and I feel like I should say soomething, but I don’t know what. It’s just too horrible for me to even wrap my mind around.


  11. You were honest and you said what and you are going to make me cry. Much of what you said I did not know how to articulate. I think you said it beautifully. I am always spinning off on non-pet related tangents on my “pet” blog, even when they are not so sad and serious as this one. I just don’t think we can untangle our lives from our pets or our pets from our lives…and how sad it would be if we could.


  12. Thanks for the linky love today! I’ve been watching the news 24/7 and it really has been getting me down. There has just been so much bad stuff going on that it’s been hard to think of anything positive, so thank-you for the pic of Shiva 🙂


  13. I too find it too much to take in all at once. I watch enough to find what is going on and then I have to turn it off. My husband on the other hand can watch all of the news shows and it doesn’t affect him. Sometimes I just get the update from him. I don’t think there is anything wrong with needing to turn it off. I have to in order to take care of myself or it will send me into the pits of despair.

    When it seems I can’t do anything, I pray.


  14. I watch the news, get the facts I need, and avoid the sensationalist “show”. No need to feel guilty about not being glued to the tv. We each do what we can to help, knowing there are some things we are powerless to change. Let Shiva and dogs everywhere be an example!


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