Fleas = Dog Park?

Things my weekend included:

Yes, that would be flea spray. Fifty loads of laundry later, I think we are done. If this doesn’t kill them I guess we are just going to have to make some room for our new buggy friends.

Shubie Park. This photo was taken on Shiva’s second trip to the dog park in two days.

Point Pleasant Park. And this is a photo of Shiva’s third trip. She now hopes every day will be exterminate the fleas day.

We didn’t spend nearly enough time doing this, if you ask me.

These are the Beautiful Sweets I received in the mail from All Things Dog Blog. Aren’t they gorgeous? I love the little fire hydrants so much I can’t bring myself to eat them. But I bet they are delicious.

How was your weekend? I really hope it didn’t involve any toxic chemicals.

19 thoughts on “Fleas = Dog Park?

  1. Gosh, I hate flea spray. I hope I’ll never have to use it on George, as I’m sure he’d hate it too. Luckily, fleas don’t seem to like his very short fur, probably because there isn’t much room too hide. But I do check him out every day, just in case.

    There a loads of things dogs and humans can pick up from such parks. I once heard of a child (abroad) who picked up scabies from a park that was also visited by stray dogs :S

    Shiva and the ginger cat look exhausted after all that physical activity. And the scenery in that second photo is just fantastic. So beautiful!


  2. I never like flea spray either. I use Frontline Combo which I can just apply it on the nape of Eva and it seems it’s pretty good and effective. Besides, I can put a few drops into her ears in order to prevent from the growth of ear mites too.
    Shive must be thrilled to have all those trips to dog parks 🙂
    I do wish we could have more friendly parks in my area so my dogs can go too. Well, this is one of my biggest wishes!!!


  3. Fleas. Yuck! I almost had to do all of that last fall after Jasper caught and killed a rabbit covered in fleas. Both he and Daisy came inside with them crawling all over them. Immediately got them bathed, vacuumed everything, washed all their bedding (just in case) and applied Frontline. Disaster averted!
    I feel your pain Kristine.

    My weekend was very busy with pet sits, but took time out to relax on our rainy Sunday. It was kind of nice.


  4. omg fleas are a nightmare. When I was a kid one of our dogs got fleas and it infested the entire house. I hope you got them all in time!


  5. hmmm. how was our weekend? i just finished writing about it. and yes, it did involve toxic substances too, though perhaps less virulent than yours! :p thank god summer and flea bomb season is over.


  6. Looks like Shiva had fun! Sorry you didn’t! 😦 Maybe think about Comfortis during the fleasome months – no muss or fuss and it will keep her from bringing them home to The Cat.


  7. Fleas are a pain for all pet owners. I use Frontline as infrequently as I can to keep everyone as flea-free as possible. Because we have squirrels, stray cat visitors and neighbor dogs who are outside 24/7, there is little chance we can avoid them.


  8. I use to put a flea collar on my previous dogs, but Greyhounds can’t wear them as they are too sensitive. I use Frontline on Song.


  9. The flea spray pretty much says it all. I’m sure Shiva had the greatest of all weekends with that much park-play, though. Don’t you just love Shubie Park? Last time I was there, there was still too much ice on the trails for me to be comfortable, but I can’t wait ’til summer in Shubie. So many wonderful dogs to greet!

    We spent our weekend getting our new kitty settled in. She adjusted quite well. I’ll blog about her soon.


  10. Maybe take kitty to the groomer and get him shaved – it will give Shiva a good laugh – and maybe help the problem


  11. Oh noes not fleas! Poor Shivster. We had lotsa rain Sunday (which of course, here in SoCal means you stay inside), which led to Dante and my brother’s dog actually playing together because they were so bored. 🙂


  12. Oooh, my heart goes out to you! We’ve managed to avoid fleas so far, but they’ve both been chomped by a tick.


    This weekend we went on a couple really good hikes- we also watched some good movies… lovely weekend all around, thanks for asking 🙂


  13. Ugh! Itchy and scratchies! Sorry to hear about your pesticide filled weekend. I had no chemicals in mine, just lots of cats! I did double cat sitting duty.

    Sounds like you got the flea situation under control. Thank goodness!

    Jog on doggies, kitties and not flea-sies


  14. I hate dealing with fleas! We’ve been very lucky, we’ve lived here quite a few years and last year was the first time we had any trouble with the little devils, but it was a very bad year for fleas here. We’re going to be staying ahead of them this year!

    Now I’m all itchy! Gah!


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