Tuesday Time-out

For the second part of Operation Flea Eradication, both animals were given a bath this weekend. Which is always my hydrophobic dog’s favourite family activity. The Cat usually handles getting wet a lot better than Shiva does.

Not that he exactly loves it either. This time the little flea-ridden bugger even drew blood.

He looks so tiny when he is wet! Like a little kitten again. Poor guy. He’ll get another dose of the extra-strong goopy stuff today and then in another three weeks head back to the veterinarian. Hopefully from then on all we’ll have to do is some basic prevention. Hopefully.

At this point, Shiva is absolutely terrified of the bathroom. We can barely entice her in with treats. On Sunday, when she tore up the stairs and wrapped herself into a little ball by the baby gate, I almost cried. We felt like such monsters. But, with a little patience, my practically husband was able to convince her that bath-time can beΒ a fun game. For a brief moment, she almost enjoyed herself.

Of course, that didn’t stop her from bolting out of the bathroom like she’d been doused in molten lava. Poor Shiva.

Just could not get that evil wet stuff off fast enough.

As horrible as I felt for making them endure the horror of all horrors, it has been nice to have two clean-smelling animals for once!

19 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out

  1. haha Bender loves water but hates baths… not sure many dogs like baths unless they are trained to accept it from a young age… but yours sounds like she has a real phobia! πŸ˜›


  2. I feel so bad for all of you. Unfortunately, the only thing that getting a bath is having fleas. They’re so horrible.

    Don’t forget to have fun in the bathroom with Shiva when she doesn’t need a bath. We’ve played lots of nosework and tug in the bathroom so Honey doesn’t think I’m trying to lure her into a bath every time a treat comes out.

    As a matter of fact, I’d better plan some fun things this week. Honey definitely smelled like wet dog after yesterday’s walk so I think a bath is in her near future.


  3. Poor Shiva. Frankie and Beryl don’t like baths but they don’t have a phobia about them. Frankie hardly ever needs one as he’s in the river so much and Beryl’s coat is too short and non-oily to get smelly. I get in the shower with her and do her that way.

    They can make you feel like a total monster at times, can’t they!


  4. Oreo had a bath this weekend too. He’s so soft now!

    I’ve been keeping a container of treats in my bathroom (during non bath times), and giving Oreo lots of rewards for touching my hand if he ventures in. Glad to know he’s not the only one who is afraid of the bathroom.


  5. Fred use to hate the bath too. I use to smear a ton of peanut butter on the inside of the tub so he could stand there and lick the peanut butter while I bathe him and it worked! It sounds silly and I would never admit I use to have to do that in order to bathe my dog but I would have tried anything!

    we have been gone for a few days so I need to read back and see whats been going on but I use to have a flea issue – they kept picking them up from the dog park and friends dogs, I now use comfortis and its the only pill that kills the fleas and eggs and last all month – its expensive but it works – havent seen a flea on either of them since switiching to it. We use to use sentinel but it wouldnt kill the fleas that got on them. The topical doesnt work for us, we go swimming too much and Fred has to have a ton of baths to strip him off the hound oils


  6. Oh Kristine! I am so sorry you are still dealing with this issue. 😦
    I felt bad for you and for Shiva. I have the same issue with Daisy. She is terrified of baths and simply shuts down completely whenever I give her one – thus, I don’t do it very often.

    I like the idea of a clean smelling dog and cat though!

    BTW – Your kitty cat is adorable looking (even if he did draw blood).


  7. Love those cat pictures. I think you should be scared, though. Looks like the wheels of revenge planning are turning. Eeek! I guess Shiva doesn’t have any water dog breed in her then. πŸ™‚


  8. Oh man. I’m so sorry for you and the beasts. Fleas suck. A LOT. All three of my guys are pretty good with taking a bath (yes, even the cat). Emma’s kinda funny. She obviously doesn’t like it, but suffers in silence. She’ll press her chest against the side of the tub and won’t move back. So I get to wash every bit of her except her chest! For the cat I have to climb into the tub and close the glass doors. Once she sees no escape, she resigns to her fate and meows her misery. Thankfully I’ve only had to wash her once.

    I hope that’s the end of the fleas!!


  9. hopefully the ordeal is over! Every dog I’ve ever had has hated bath time, just like you said, they’d immediately run all over the house urgently rubbing themselves on the walls, couches, carpets. It’s sort of cute πŸ˜‰


  10. My sister and I rescued two kittens off the street and because they were too young to get the chemical stuff put on them, we had to bathe them. Such a nightmare. Cats look SO funny when they’re wet though, I hope I never have to do it again. Yikes.

    POOR SHIVA!! What a terrible phobia to have. Elli’s trained to jump into (and out of) the bathtub on cue, lol. But MAN it took a long time to get there!! It definitely feels sooo much better that she does it on her own accord – I really hated feeling like the bath monster. Someone, above, said to play games in the bathroom when she doesn’t need a bath – I agree with that for suuure. πŸ™‚


  11. Hee hee! There is nothing in the world that looks angrier than a wet cat! I hope this treatment does the trick for you guys. Our dogs all shoot out of the bathroom like they’ve been fired from a cannon, too! Funny how those same dogs will play in mudpuddles, though!


  12. Charlie used to be scared of our bathroom, so I brought him in there a lot when we weren’t going to give him a bath, and taught him to jump into the tub on his own without water and now when there is water in the tub he will still walk into the bathroom and jump in on his own, and he doesn’t even mind baths anymore!


  13. Those photos of your poor wet cat made me laugh! Poor thing! Kayloo acts like we’re chopping her paws off when we give her a bath. I had a neighbour ask what was going on once… drama queen… πŸ™‚


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