Shiva’s Life List

With the dog, my job, my blog, my chores, my laziness, I have been neglecting my life list. I haven’t even looked at it in months. A re-prioritization is in order. In the meantime, the charming Miss Little Maple Red Leaf of Happy Bark Days left a comment on that page that got me thinking. If Shiva was capable of sitting still long enough to write something, what would be on her Life List? After carefully observing her behaviour for almost two years exactly, I feel capable of answering for her. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, Sheevs.

1. Spend an hour alone with the garbage can.

2. Finally catch a duck.

3. Convince The Cat I am lots of fun.

4. Kill all of the toys in the box, especially that dastardly Tuffy Toy.

I've already made good start by ripping off the Elephant's head.

5. Learn how to open the refrigerator door.

6. Learn how to jump the baby gate.

7. Shove my way into the tiny space where the cat food is stored. I know I can fit through the hole. I just need to find the right angle.

8. Eat every edible and non-edible thing I can find on a walk.

9. Sniff every dog in the world.

10. Get Mia to like me.

11. Convince my humans to leave me outside the crate when they are out and then destroy everything I can find. Mwahahahaha!

12. Figure out that silly pole game (Shiva may or may not agree with this one.)

13. Discover where that smell is coming from.

As far as I can tell, that’s all she’s come up with so far. What do you think would be on your dog’s Life List?

22 thoughts on “Shiva’s Life List

  1. I was reading this in e-mail and immediately began chuckling. That first one was awesome, but they just kept getting better.

    I have a feeling Shiva would agree with that life list – most dogs might like that one! Thanks for chuckling.


  2. BOL my duo would do everything but the cat stuff on that list!

    Freds number one life thing would be to walk out my front door and follow his nose. He is just waiting for me to leave the door open one day so he can cruise 🙂

    Silly girl shiva!


  3. LOL what a great list! I may have to borrow this idea for a post sometime. Shiva, Sophie would like to know how you decapitated the elephant tuff stuffy. She has been working on the octopus for a year with no luck!


  4. Shiva, that’s a great list! I most especially identify with numbers 4 & 5. But I would also like to be able to open the treat jar. Oh, and I would luvs to be able to have my dad tell time better cuz it seems like he’s ALWAYS late taking me for a walkie. And I would like for the kittehs to play with me. I mean, how many times can I do a play bow and just be ignored??!! I would also VERY much like to learn how to operates the sliding door that goes into our backyard so I could go out there whenever I wanted.

    I don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you?

    Wiggles & Wags,


  5. Wow!!! Killed a Tuffy, now that’s impressive…and expensive! Ours are still going strong a year in, but it’s nice to know that someone can kill them…very impressive indeed! The title of “super chewer of the year” goes to Shiva!!!


  6. On Ava’s list: Figure out how to jump onto the kitchen counter. Learn how to open the refrigerator door. Continue to assert dominance over Jackson (humping works best). Continue to assert dominance over mom (cute works best).
    On Jackson’s list: Figure out how to get more outside time (mom and dad are lazy!). Continue plotting payback for Ava (the humping is getting old). Figure out what the heck that new noise is coming from mom’s abdomen – something is growing in there, I’m sure of it!

    This is a fun idea! lol


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