Tuesday Time-out

As part of Shiva’s birthday celebrations, we brought home her very first deer antler. I’ve been recommended these chews before. They are supposed to be clean, scent-free, and fairly indestructible. Due to the higher price, I kept putting them back on the shelf. Since this was a very special occasion (my baby is growing up, wah!) and the package said they last longer than processed bones, I sucked it up and forked out the big bucks.

Before we gave it to her, we had to torture her a little bit . The expression on her face is hilarious. I’d love to know what was running through her brain.

When we released her to get the antler, she wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

Since this is Shiva we are talking about, she quickly decided it must be something to destroy and settled down for a long night of chewing.

Amazingly enough, the antler is still in one piece after nearly four days. The end is a little mangled but there are no little bits on my floor. I’d say that alone makes it worth the higher cost.

If only I could say the same for Shiva’s sixth seventh eighth Kong in two years.

29 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out

  1. Ooooh, finally someone writing about deer antlers. I’ve been wondering about these too.

    I need to replace Honey’s nylabones and am looking for something hard and sturdy. I often buy traditional marrow bones but I’m finding she’s able to split those too. I will definitely give the antler a try.

    BTW, the Kong picture made me think of something. Kyjen toys looks for dogs to test new products. You register at their site and will get an occasional email asking about your dog. If you match the kind of dog they need for a test, they’ll send you a sample to try.

    Shiva’s tenacious chewing might be just what they need for some of their tests. You can check out the website here: http://boycottboring.com/.


  2. I’m rethinking the whole Nylabone concept and recently purchased raw beef marrow bones. I’m so eager to let Miss Maple give them try the next time we head out to the park. You see, with raw bones, it’ll always be a tough challenge for us to keep bacteria off our floors and furniture since we live in an apartment and don’t have the luxury of having our own backyard. The deer (and I’ve also heard of elk) antlers certainly seem like a good dental chew alternative that Maple can enjoy in the comfort of our home.


  3. Glad to hear the antler is lasting – love the photos and Shiva’s expression. I recently shared Himalayan chews with my dogs. They are made of natural stuff. Apparently, people in Himalaya chew on something similar. They were a hit. My destructo dog, Justus, needs to move up to the antlers, though. I will get one and let you know how he does :).


  4. Please thank Shiva for “test driving” the antler. I, too, have been wondering about their ability to withstand focused chewing!

    Shiva’s expression, in those photos, are priceless!


  5. Aww, Happy Birthday, Shivs! (And yes – the deer antlers are wonderful chews … well worth the extra cost as they are safe and last forever!)


  6. Ah yes, anlter chews. Nobody around here bothers with them, guess their jaws are content with softer things. The elk antlers are nice because they offer more pith to chew out of the center as they are bigger..

    You can get them in all sizes and a very reasonable rate here: http://www.yellowstoneantlers.com/products.asp?ID=4 People that have ordered from them are very happy.. I wonder about one of the very large ones split down middle, mine would probably even love that.

    The himalayan dog chew is something to think about.. my fav. company White Dog Bone now sells them : http://www.whitedogbone.com/hidogch.html

    And their prices are better than any others I have seen. And they don’t make a huge mess either. I got over an hour out of hours with Luna, with me taking it away at times.

    I really should do a post about chews and companies I use. Oh and have you tried the Blue Kongs? they are said to be harder than the black ones. They’re not the blue marbled puppy ones but a bright royal blue. I have never seen them at stores, but here


    Might be worth a shot

    Happy late bday to miss Shiva, glad you all found a hardy chew 😉



  7. LOL. The crazed eye look that Shiva is giving in the second photo is so funny. She was excited!

    Gus isn’t much of a chewer, but I’m super impressed this has already lasted four days!


  8. Oooh! I’ve been really curious about trying an antler with the boys, so I’m glad to see it’s held up to Shiva!! And those pictures are adorable, by the way!


  9. oh my goodness that second picture… her eyes are about to pop out of her head! it cracks me up when they want something so badly and have no idea what it even is. it’s like when my dogs hardcore beg for lettuce. then they are sooo disappointed.


  10. Happy bday Shiva! I have been thinking of getting Sophie an antler chew. She mows through bully sticks so something longer lasting would be nice. I would like to avoid more ginormous nylabones (those hurt when she drops them on your foot!!)


  11. I tried giving Jersey deer antler fresh off a deer that we got during the hunting season. I thought that she would like it even more since it was *ahem* “field fresh” She licked it a few times and gave it a pass. I think that she is the only dog in the workd that does not like antler chews :O and we have such an abundant supply of them at home!

    Just a word of caution. Dogs can break their teeth on these chews, so check out Shivas mouth every once in awhile.


  12. LOL, great minds! My post today was about deer antlers too! Oh well, think I’ll save it for next week. Aren’t they fabulous though? They last SO LONG. Kolchak is a power chewer, but a chunk of deer antler lasts him months. It’s actually really very healthy for them as well (more to follow in next week’s tasty tuesday post!). We love deer antlers – absolutely wrth every penny!


  13. I’ve found that cow hooves are good chews for my big chewer. We don’t have so many deer so I don’t think deer antlers would be easy to come by.


  14. Our girls love deer antlers! They’ve held up really well, too. We don’t give them to them all the time, because we need to supervise with four dogs and something that high value. We’ve never had a fight break out, but we don’t need to start over antlers. One thing you can do with it if she starts losing interest after a while is boil it in low sodium chicken broth. It will make it interesting all over again!


  15. I love the look on Shiva’s face in the second photo! The first time I heard of deer antlers being given to dogs to chew was about a month ago, when a friend of mine bought one from a dog show. This is the first time I’ve actually seen one. Since I’m always on the lookout for good products for George (whether toys, collars or food), I’m definitely going to keep my eyes open for deer antlers from now on. I’m sure he’d like one, and I love the idea of an indestructible chewy stick.


  16. Just found your site and love it. I can’t wait to try the antlers with my pups, they are HEAVY DUTY chewers and have destroyed MANY MANY KONG toys! We had to give up nylabones though after one was swallowed in an effort to keep it away from his sister and ended up having to be surgically removed! A very happy birthday to the beautiful Shiva 🙂


  17. Thank you for reviewing the antler. I’ve wondered about them too. Kelly destroys and devours most toys instantly. Please keep us posted and let us know how long it lasts…and how long she is still interested in it. Happy Birthday Shiva!


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