Shiva’s New Idol: Gabe the Bulldog

There are only two weeks left to enter Pup Love’s Tricks for Treats contest! Egads! Like the true procrastinator I am, we are way behind schedule. Shiva and I need to put in some serious overtime if we hope to perfect our new trick in time to enter. Naturally, I am keeping our efforts a secret until the big unveiling. It is a competition, after all. I can’t give away our non-existent edge!

It’s funny. I have never been a very competitive person. Sports weren’t my thing and I never really cared that much if I lost the games I did play. As a child, I balked at entering colouring contests because the idea of being compared to others freaked me out. But when it comes to my dog, a new side of me has emerged. I don’t need her to be the best in the room, but I do love any opportunity to show off her skills.

To that end, since I can’t brag about my own dog’s talents this week, I will instead share a video of an equally impressive canine one of my friends posted on Facebook. I love that Gabe is a bulldog, a breed that is often stereotyped as inferior or less intelligent. Bulldogs are even listed as number three on many “Top Ten Least Intelligent Dogs” lists. Gabe blows this theory into smithereens. It helps further my theory that dogs are only as smart as their handlers. I have no doubt that every dog, no matter how small or how agile, is capable of amazing things.

Look out Wishbone! It looks like I have a new doggy hero.

21 thoughts on “Shiva’s New Idol: Gabe the Bulldog

  1. I agree with you–a dog is only as smart as their owner! I think a lot of times people think that their dog isn’t smart, so they don’t put in the effort to work with them. They set their expectations waaaay low, and the dog lives up to them–waaaay low!

    Hopefully SMART Shiva will be able to perfect the trick for the contest in no time flat!

    I thought about you two yesterday when I took Riley to the vet for her check up…there was the fattest Dachshund in there that I had ever seen in my life. Her name was Shiva! And the owner even said, “come on, Shivs!” I immediately thought of your Shiva! 🙂


  2. Wow! I’ve never seen a bulldog do agility, either. That was a very good video.

    BTW, I’m a Wishbone fan too. Maybe we should start a campaign to bring the show back. It’s probably the only way to get Americans to learn a little history and we could use it! 🙂


  3. OMG! We know him – we’re old friends from DS! Gabe is amazing! Did you know he’s in a movie called The Dogfather? She does amazing things with those dogs – I’ve seen her get puppies as young as a few weeks sitting, stacking and learning. Amazing trainer – and Gabe is an AMAZING dog!


  4. Aw! Gabe wants me to tell you that he is honored to be your “idol” 🙂 I love your comment that a dog is only as smart as his owner…sometimes they are even smarter! I know this is the case with many bulldogs–they’ve got everyone convinced they’re just a poor, slobbering couch spud, while they sit back and get waited on hand and paw! Gabe & I also agree with your theory that “every dog, no matter how small or agile, is capable of amazing things”. Just get out there and have fun together like Kristine & Shiva and you’ll find out! Thanks again for the shout out.

    Gabe sends his “schlawggles” (tickley ear kisses)!


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