Tuesday Time-out: Fear Conquering Edition

One of the ways we took advantage of the gorgeous weather this past weekend was by hitting a new off-leash park.

Halifax currently has two permanent dog parks at Point Pleasant and Seaview. However, there are also five “pilot projects”, which includes Sandy Lake. I am not sure how long they intend on running these experiments before making a decision, but I am hoping they will be around indefinitely.

Shiva has so much fun jumping over fallen trees and sniffing where she pleases. It is always a guaranteed way to tire her out. Sandy Lake isn’t very large but there are many “make your own” walking trails through the forest that make up for the lack of size.

There is also the lake. Technically, if you are one to follow rules, dogs are not allowed on the beach. Considering it is still very early in the season, we chose to ignore the posted signs. I am so glad we did.

See that black dot there? That is my dog, my dog, actually in the water. By herself. Of her own will. Almost swimming. It’s so unprecedented we just stood there, gawking.

As everyone knows, Shiva the Dog does not like the water. It is her only remaining fear – dare I say, was? She didn’t quite go deep enough to swim but the water was well over her belly. This is huge! We could be in for a very different summer this year. All thanks to the lure of a giant stick.

25 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out: Fear Conquering Edition

  1. Yeah, Shiva! I hope we see similar growth from Honey this summer. She didn’t think much of the water last year.

    Aren’t you glad you’re keeping this blog as a record? Otherwise, you’d have no good way of tracking how far you and Shiva have come together.


  2. She’s a brave girl, isn’t she???
    I could imagine what it would look like if Eva were there, she would be there trying all her best not to get into the water or let the water touch her.
    Bravo, Shiva!!!


  3. Aw, she looks like she is having a BLAST! We took our dogs to a beach last year and Mak dove right in and started exercising his lab instincts, while Chai, the “special dog” chose instead to “rescue the crab apples from drowning” which entailed going in and out of the water to get the fallen apples and bring them on shore. Oh… Chai…


  4. Look at her, acting all labrador-y! 🙂 You must be so proud! My dog is still scared of the ocean, but I think it’s the movement of the waves more than anything. And Italian Greyhounds aren’t really known for their swimming skills. Sounds like an awesome park!


  5. Looks like a great walk! I always think off-leash walks are best – shame they are so hard to come by (and I do mean WALK and not just a small, fenced space for dogs to wrestle with each other)

    Honey isn’t a water dog either – still isn’t really – and it took her till 5yrs old to work up the courage to go into the sea, despite having introduced her to it at 3 months! And then we had to take her to special “swimming lessons” at a hydrotherapy pool in Auckland before she would go into deep water but now she will finally swim out after a ball if she has to. They do get there in the end! 🙂

    By the way, can’t remember if we have commented on this already but we’re so happy that you’re going to take part in our DWTDS contest! And yes, anything goes and it’s all just for fun and really about “giving things a go” rather than being perfect or something. So don’t worry – you don’t have to have any fancy dance skills or anything! Some people are doing more themed/dramatic type routines rather than dance type ones so you could always do that. Am going to put some examples up in our next DWTDS ‘episode’.

    Oh! Btw, could you please email me a photo of you & Shiva? As you probably saw in our last DWTDS post, I’ve been putting up photos of all the teams taking part so it would be lovely to include a picture of you guys in our next DWTDS ‘episode’! Thanks!



  6. what a great vid. love the music too 🙂 shiva looks pretty happy and at home in the water, considering she doesn’t really like it. she might pull ahead of georgia in the swim stakes soon!

    love your new reserve too. we haven’t been to one since we got georgia. poor thing. rufus just can’t make those trails anymore and we don’t feel good leaving him behind.

    we used to take rufus and jordan to reserves every week because there were so many near where we lived back then. we’d spend hours in there trekking. the dogs got to wade in creeks, scamper up rocks, chase lizards and slide down muddy, stoney trails. all excellent fun stuff for them, though not so good for our old knees!


  7. Yay for you, Shiva! I’m very much proud of you. I would go in the water – really I would – but it’s awfully easy for brindle furs to wash off, you know.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  8. If Shiva WAS afraid of water then she is no longer. Wow.

    Daisy was terrified of water for the longest time. I know. A Lab who’s afraid of water. Who’d have thunk it? But, now she loves to get in as deep as when it touches the bottom of her belly. That is huge progress for a dog who was terrified to get her feet wet. I would say Shiva has already conquered her fear. 🙂


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