Dancing With the Doggie Stars! (And Me)

Here’s the thing, I am quite possibly the worst dancer who ever lived. It’s not that I don’t have any rhythm, more that I lack any semblance of coordination. Aerobics is too much of a challenge for me. In elementary school when we took line dancing in gym class, I fell over several times just doing the simple “grapevine” move. Apparently, one foot behind the other is a communication overload between my brain and my lower limbs. Really most days I am lucky I am able to walk.

This doesn’t stop me from dancing. It probably should but it doesn’t. I try to limit my flailing movements to private spaces. It prevents injury to others as well as utter humiliation. However, there are times when I forget myself, times when the urge to dance is just too strong. Even though I completely suck, I still think it is a lot of fun. It’s hard to always hold myself back. The older I get, the less I care and the more fun I want to have. Fortunately, my friends usually find my attempts highly amusing, if not even remotely impressive. What I lack in skill, I think I make up for in entertainment value. Is that not what it’s all about?

When I heard that Honey the Great Dane was running a dancing competition for amateur dogs and their humans, I was immediately tempted. This could be my big break!

In my humble opinion, Shiva and I already have some pretty wicked moves. Leg weaves? Check. Jerky spins? Check. Clumsy antics? Check. All we need to to now is put it all together with some great music and bam! We are on our way to dancing super-stardom! We may not be the best dancers out there but we are sure to wow everyone with our extreme levels of goofiness. I know my falling on my ass move always kills at parties.

At least it would, if I went to parties.

The idea of dancing in front of random strangers on the internet kind of terrifies me, I will admit. I am relying on Shiva to steal the show. She has more talent in one whisker than I have in my entire body. It should be interesting. At least, the contest rules don’t say anything about alcohol consumption. I usually pull out my best moves after a couple glasses of Malbec.

So things are pretty busy around the blog. Shiva still has a Tricks for Treats entry to complete and I still have some practically husband convincing to do. (Does anyone have any arguments for why a Saint Bernard is better than a television? Someone really needs to adopt these two dogs before I lose all willpower.) Lots of awesome things are coming up and I can’t wait to get started!

17 thoughts on “Dancing With the Doggie Stars! (And Me)

  1. I’ve heard of Honey’s dancing competition too. It sounds really interesting and I know some of our friends are taking part in it. Can’t wait to see them dancing with their dogs, hope to see you and Shiva there too!!!


  2. I love the advice “Dance like there’s no one watching you.”

    Two Saints would be better than cable and Tevo and Netflix and your personal rock band.


  3. You and Shiva should give it a shot. I’ve watched bunches of people dancing with their dogs and I can honestly say that I’m nearly never looking at the people 😉


  4. Loved your description of your dancing (non)abilities. I could certainly relate. I can’t learn an aerobics routine to save my life. And Zumba? Forget it. I still marvel that those pre-wedding dance lessons the hubbie and I took 22 years ago didn’t cause us to call off the wedding.

    But dancing with Shiva? That sounds pretty good to me. I’d love to see what you come up with.

    BTW, if you get really good and competitive, they stop calling it dancing and call it Canine Freestyle. Here’s a link to my favorite example of the sport: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crmD_B8ERzk.

    You and Shiva could have a whole new career ahead of you!


  5. If you adopted a St. Bernard, you could have a Conga line in your dance routine! Just sayin’!

    Your post kept reminding me of the episode of Seinfeld when Elaine shows off her dance moves at the office party! I’m sure you can do it!


  6. Go for it, Kristine! You are further than I and really, I saw those videos (favorite was “Mission Impossible”). I put the poster in my sidebar. We may have a go – could do something with the flood waters.


  7. Can’t wait to see your and Shiva’s moves! Sounds like fun!

    Also, Jacob looks adorable. Not sure how to convince the PH – I know from experience how frickin’ important TVs are to the men in our lives. 🙂 Good luck!


  8. Hi Kristiine – thanks for the great write-up about our competition and I think you do yourself an injustice! You are EXACTLY the kind of person to do this kind of thing – the kind who isn’t constantly worrying what other people think but who just want to have fun and have confidence in themselves. And it’s so true – enthusiasm is worth 10 times the value of perfect skills. Trust me, I’ve seen some professional competitive people in the sport and there was one ex-ballroom dancer who couldn’t put a foot wrong but she was so “perfect” with her dog that you couldn’t really ‘feel’ anything for them – it was almost like she was so up herself and in love with how she looked and the dog was just secondary to that – whereas the sport is really about the human being a foil for the dog. There were a lot more amateurs who – OK, with no professional dance skills – but were WAY mnore watchable and more appealing and much more entertaining simply because of their genuine enthusiasm and sincere enjoyment of doing stuff with their dogs – really “like no-one is watching” – and that is worth 10 times perfect coordination. Well, in my book anyway! And certainly our contest is going to be judged on “crowd appeal” rather than perfect technical precision – meaning a routine where the partners look like they’re really having fun and just letting go enjoying themslves will win over one where they are in perfect time but really rigid and all serious. That sort of misses the point, I think. Even in humans, I think the people who are *really* moving to the music and dancing like no one is watching are the really wonderful dancers – the ones who really give themselves over to the moment.



  9. Just stopped by from the Blog Hop. Like the song says, “Dance like no one can see you…” There is a beauty and grace that comes from watching joyful movement no matter how refined it is…let your whole body sing!


  10. Pure insanity, combined with a little whimsy and (hopefully) some tongue in cheek humour. I wonder if I can teach Koly to dance? PS – a Saint Bernard is way better for your health than a TV. Dog = long walks, emotional support – plus more entertainment that your average tv show. TV = radiation exposure, peer pressure to act like a sloth and eat bad snacks and could lead to morbid obesity over time. Just sayin’, you should really get the saint bernard.


  11. You’re not the worst dancer in the world. I am. And Our Best Friend sits down very firmly when you grab his front paws. I think we’ll sit this one out. But I look forward to your entry. 🙂


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