The One Party I Won’t Spend Hiding in the Bathroom

I realise I am a little late to the party. This time I don’t even have the excuse that I couldn’t find anything to wear! In celebration of the launch of the super-exciting CatTipper the super-fun people behind DogTipper are hosting a special Meet & Greet Party for pet bloggers. From April 29 to May 6, bloggers have been stopping by and swapping stories. It’s a terrific way to make new connections without having to leave the comfort of your couch – or floor, in my case. (Shiva has taken over my usual comfy spot.)

I’ve been blogging about my life with my wacked out rescue dog, Shiva, for over a year now. We’ve experienced a lot in the two years we’ve been together. It hasn’t always been easy but every day has been interesting. The day she entered the house, my boredom instantly vanished! I started the blog as a way to remember all of our experiences. The life of a dog is a heartbreakingly short one and I wanted something to look back upon when she turned grey. Somehow, it’s turned into so much more than just a scrapbook of memories. The pet blogging community is such a fantastic group to be a part of and I am so grateful I discovered it!

If you haven’t joined the party yet, it’s not too late. There are still some of us stragglers left! Pour yourself a glass of Pinot, write a quick introduction, and add your blog to the fun!

The best thing about a virtual party is, we introverts don’t need to spend the entire time planning our escape!

10 thoughts on “The One Party I Won’t Spend Hiding in the Bathroom

  1. I will have to do this thanks for linking… now to find the time. First I must go to work and get the kennel in order… then a foodie friday post. But you didn’t need to know all that. Isn’t the internet great?


    PS. Luna steals my spot all the time.


  2. Dogtipping? Cattipping? Is that like cow-tipping? 🙂

    Told you I was evil.

    Man, I’d love to, but I probably won’t have time today. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow night, before midnight!


  3. Hi!! I’m so happy to have you at our party! I’m having so much fun with this party (whereas if this were a “real” one *I’d* be the one hiding in the bathroom!) Having such a great time discovering new pet blogs. Shiva is a beauty!!


  4. Just stopping by via the pawty blog hop — it’s so nice to meet you!

    Shiva is such a pretty doggie! I look forward to learning more about you both! 🙂

    Happy woofs & weekend hugs,



  5. Hi Kristine: I’m with ya on the offline parties; I’m more of a quiet dinner with a friend sort too. Last year I had the distinct pleasure of one of those with Paris herself, and found out what an amazing and sincere person she is.

    Will you be attending Blogpaws? I’d like to extend an invitation for dinner….


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