My Crazy Dog

Sometimes I almost forget that Shiva is Shiva. Some days she is so calm and so focussed I think her wild days are a thing of the past. Naturally, this attitude can’t last long and I am often slammed back into reality. Shiva is insane. Shiva forgets how to use her brain. Shiva’s favourite thing in the whole world is to run around like an idiot while I stand there feeling like we have never taken a single obedience class.

Suffice it to say, today’s standard course in our agility class did not go well. We don’t like standard courses as they require us to take each obstacle in a very specific order. We like gamblers  best where we can design our own plan. If Shiva takes a random obstacle, it’s no big deal. If we ever make it to a real-life trial, our first course is going to be a gamblers. That’s a given. They are just a lot more fun.

Anyway, as I sit here going over every little thing I did wrong – as one does after an agility run – I think it is about time I share with you our much-laboured over entry for Pup Love’s Tricks for Treats Contest.

I’ll just say right now, we didn’t get the handstand perfected in time. I am sure you are all terribly disappointed. I know I kind of am. But! We did have a lot of other successes. And, what is far more important, a whole lot of fun!

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19 thoughts on “My Crazy Dog

  1. Wow! What great tricks! I was particularly impressed by the leg weaves–didn’t you say weave poles were one of Shiva’s problems in agility?

    It was great to post this when you felt disappointed with the agility performance today. And Shiva looked like she was having lots of fun.

    BTW, Shiva would probably find one of the tricks easier if you could train your PH to straighten his back a little. The fact that he’s in a position where his back is rounded is part of what’s making it hard for Shiva.

    Perhaps if you click and treat every time the PH straightens up? 🙂 But you’ll need to find a really good treat. Does he like cheese as much as you do? How about beer?


  2. Hey What? That leg weaving thing is a trick?! We call that “Mom’s trying to carry groceries up the stairs”. And the piggyback? “Mom’s trying to get something from under the bed”. BOL! Shiva’s such a good dog – I love the handstand!! And I am ROTF at Pamela’s suggestion. I wonder if clicker training would work??


  3. I think Shiva did fantastic. When the books disappeared and she did the first handstand, I quite literally *shouted* “WHOA! LOOK AT THIS!” and then backed the video up to show The Mister.

    Very impressive stuff.


  4. I never got my Eldest to make the video for the contest– maybe Puplove will run it again next year. If I was on the panel, though, I’d vote for Shiva, (or maybe for the PH, who, as veryvizsla says, is a hugely good sport).

    She may be crazy, but she’s clearly all yours. 🙂


  5. Great tricks!! It really looks like she’s getting the hang of the handstand trick, actually. She’s doing very well with getting her back legs up on the wall without there being any books there to help her up. I was laughing a lot at that last trick though (I think it was the last one…I watched the video earlier today, right when you first posted it but didn’t have a chance to comment until now) where she had to jump on your lovely assistant’s back and she kept sliding off! Poor girl (and poor lovely assistant!) kept trying though until it finally worked. She’s got perseverance!


  6. Wow, by the looks of your Tricks for Treats contest entry video, I would never have guessed Shiva could be a rambunctious one on other days. She has so much drive and focus that I’m truly amazed. Even if you guys didn’t get a chance to perfect the handstand in time for the contest, I think it’s still a remarkable feat. Great effort by you, your ‘other half’ and, of course, Shiva the Starlet!


  7. What a great team!!! Fantastic tricks and I was speechless when it came to handstand. Gosh!!! I’ve been trying to do it for years in my yoga class but I still can’t do my headstand, let alone handstand, LOL!!!

    Can’t wait to watch you all dance in Honey the Great Dane’s Dancing With the Dogs contest. Shiva definitely shines !!!


  8. Wow! Way to go, Shiva!

    Your trick video is wonderful – I can only imagine all the hard work you three have put into perfecting those tricks!

    I love the leg weaving – we definitely need to try this with Gus!


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