The top news stories this week are:

– At this point, everyone in the world has seen the Ultimate Dog Tease video. I will admit, even after my own fifty views I still giggle. What I didn’t know, is that the creator of this video, and many others, is from my little corner of the world. That’s pretty cool in and of itself. It gets better. Not only is he from the Halifax area, he has also opened an online store. All of the proceeds from this store will be donated to the Nova Scotia SPCA. That’s just fantastic! Check it out!

– Last week, I wrote a post asking for some advice on behalf of my practically mother-in-law. Your response was incredibly useful and supportive. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I am thrilled to report that sweet Tia has now joined their family. Isn’t that exciting? They have changed her name to “Nikita”, which means “unconquered” and is the same name of my childhood dog. It sounds like she is settling in well. I can’t wait to hear all the details and I look forward to meeting her one day!

Look at those eyes! I wouldn't have been able to resist either.

– Some good news has come out of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia! After a tragic dog attack in March, the town council was subjected to a lot of public pressure to re-visit animal control by-laws. BSL was a common theme tossed around by the media. However, after a public meeting on May 9th, the Yarmouth council effectivelytook a possible breed ban off the table. This is such a huge relief for dog lovers across the province! It’s all thanks to the many letters, email, and public presentations fo members of the local community. Proof that individuals can make a difference!

– Speaking of pit bulls, last week Kate from Twenty-six To Life wrote an excellent piece about breed stereotyping. I’ve read a lot of articles on the subject but I think Kate’s is one of the best. She writes from a place of passion and sincerity. If you haven’t read it yet, you are missing out.

– Another blogger, Maggie from Oh My Dog!, put up a post that I found really interesting. She asks the question,”are dogs introverted or extroverted?” There was a great discussion in the comments that made me think about my dog’s motivations. There are times Shiva can be a little shy, especially with people, but she never hesitates to jump into the thick of things with other dogs. It’s gotten her into trouble, unfortunately. I don’t know if that makes her an extrovert as she is just as happy exploring the world on her own. There are days where she could care less if other dogs exist at all. It’s something that’s kind of fascinating to ponder.

– Finally, I have to share this link to the 5 Best Pet Reunion Videos. It’s pretty gloomy here in Nova Scotia. We haven’t seen the sun for weeks. Every single one of these videos makes me laugh and cry at the same time.*

Random photo of Shiva just because

*But in a good way, unlike Marley & Me, which I just watched last night for the first time. Is the entire purpose of that movie to make the viewer ugly-cry for five hours? Because that’s what I did. I’ve never been so thankful to be alone.

19 thoughts on “Headlines

  1. So glad that Nikita has settled down well and her name is beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing those fantastic links, I guess I can’t go to bed early tonight again : )


  2. I watched the “talking dog” video last week for the first time and kept going back to it too – I love it!
    It looks like it’s gone viral; it’s popping up everywhere.
    BTW – thanks for some other really great links.


    • That’s why I was so excited. With the millions of viewers, hopefully he will be able to raise a lot of money. The t-shirts are so cute!


  3. I’ve seen that talking dog video a hundred times now, lol – everyone is passing it around! I’m so glad your parents got Tia/Nikita! So exciting!

    Thanks for the shout out! 🙂


  4. That Dog Tease video is great. Very cool that the creator lives in your area and is doing good things for pets!

    I love Nikita’s new name and what it means — perfect!

    Here’s hoping some sun shows up for you soon.


    • I agree. The shirts are very cool and I hope they sell incredibly well!

      I’ve almost forgot what the sun looks like at this point. *sigh*


  5. congrats on the new family member – Shivas cute little cousin 🙂
    I agree about Marley and Me – the worst part is, that you know what’s to come for the ENTIRE film… because that’s what its about… the entirety of the dogs life.
    Also, I wish that people could have stopped the BSL from going through here… it is awful, and there are so many of the nicest, sweetest tempered dogs required to have muzzles in my neighbourhood, by law, while some of the nastiest SOBs are given full freedom.


    • Thanks! I am looking forward to learning more about her as time goes on.

      I read the book when it first came out and I didn’t read the last couple chapters. I should have expected the movie to be even worse. At least I didn’t have company while I bawled my eyes out!

      Agreed. There are numerous reasons why BSL is bullshit. I was so relieved to hear about Yarmouth’s resolution!


  6. Well, we are embarrassed to admit we have not see the teaser video but will check it out later today for sure.
    I didn’t read any of the posts or comments about the PB attack but don’t you think it’s a bit dangerous to be opening someone’s door and poking your head in for a number a of reasons??? Just sayin’ , the dog may have just been doing his job and defending his household?


    • I agree with you 100%. It’s a dicey situation, however, as someone was very seriously hurt. I just hope they come up with positive solutions to a problem instead of the same old thing that has been proven utterly ineffective.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    • I have not seen the movie but I am familiar with the story. Another movie to watch when completely alone, I think. 🙂


  7. This was a wonderful entry, Kristine! I loved the Dog Tease video. I saw a portion this morning. I had to forward that reunion link – tears were streaming down my face! Yes, the sun WILL come out. Thank you!


  8. Wow! You found out more about the Talking Animals guy than I did! I’ve been subscribing to his videos on YouTube for over a year now, but I had no idea he had a store! I love that he added the Bacon t-shirts. LOL!

    Congrats to your almost mom-in-law. I am so happy she adopted Nikita. She looks even more adorable than her pictures at the shelter. How sweet!

    I’ll be checking out the other links as soon as I can. Thank you for keeping us updated!


  9. Oh my gosh! I’m so far behind on my blog reading – we were on vacation with no internet. GASP!! But (belated) thank you, thank you for the mention! 🙂


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