Infested. Again.

I need to vent.

After spraying and vacuuming and spraying and bathing in turpentine and spraying and vacuuming and washing every single item in the house fifty times in a row, the cat’s little buggy friends have returned.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

On Monday morning I found a few clumps of cat hair in the bedroom and hallway. There was a small chance it was just stress as a result of my practically husband being gone. Since he doesn’t like me all that much, the cat is never too pleased when he is abandoned to the wilderness that is my tender loving care.

 I crossed my fingers and performed a small sacrifice to the cat gods in hope that this is all it was. However, the clumps have increased in number and size. It’s becoming obvious what little fur the cat grew back has again fallen out.


Once again, the cat has a completely bare ass. I would take a photo to show you but I think he has been through enough. For now, I will preserve what is left of his feline dignity. But he’d better get his act together or his butt is putting on a show!

I just don’t get it! Both the cat and the dog have had their treatments every three weeks on the dot. Even at the exact same time of day! Down to the minute. We have them on the strongest prescription flea medication. (Not to mention the most expensive.) Our vet assured us Revolution would do the trick. We have been to the vet three times in as many months. The highest frequency I have ever gone to a veterinarian in all my pet-owning life. At our last visit, she was positive they were gone and we were on the road to ultimate flea freedom. (Sweet, sweet freedom.)


It looks like we’ll be heading back to the cat’s version of Hell one more time. I swear he is doing this just to spite me.

*sigh* In reality, I do feel really bad for him. Clearly he is ultra sensitive to nasty bugs. Is it possible these fleas have been able to develop an immunity to the spray and medication? I just don’t know what else to do. Short of putting him in a kitty bubble, we may just be screwed. Poor little guy.

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  1. I do feel for you as well as the poor cat. I’m sure he doesn’t enjoy the fleas more than you do. I wish I could advice you on this, but my experience on the subject is zero. I just hope you manage to find something else that works. Maybe some alternative treatment (herbs, etc.)??


    • Maybe. I have read about plants that help repel fleas. They don’t kill them but they prevent them from coming. It’s worth a shot!


  2. So sorry to hear the nasty fleas have invited themselves into your home. Though our problem has lessened. Thank goodness! We are still battling them in the yard. 3rd visit from the second set of professional pest people today. They say it could take a month or so before all the generations have been killed. A month! What The Flea?!!! Arrrgggg.

    Waggin at ya from the battle zone,


    • What the flea, indeed! Thanks for your support, Roo. I am so sorry you are going through this as well. I really hope we don’t have to call in professional help. Although with all the medications and sprays and vet visits we’ve probably thrown more money to the fleas then anyone should have to!

      I hope you kick those bugs out of your yard much faster than predicted!


    • To make us feel better, we’ve enjoyed making fun of him. Poor cat. I am positive he is plotting a coup.


  3. Does your vet still have the Program shot for cats? It works well on mine. You might consider Comfortis for Shiva’s flea prevention & use Interceptor for heartworm. Revolution pretty much sucks I think. You could try sprinkling borax powder in the house. Diatomasceous (sp) earth is good.


    • I’m not sure. I was wondering if there was some sort of shot. When we go back next week I will ask. *sigh*

      I’ve never heard of this earth stuff before. Where would I purchase such a miracle repellent?

      Thanks for the advice!


  4. Fleas! Ugh, they’re probably the worst possible kind of nightmare for our furry friends. I can imagine how frustrating it must for you as well. Hope the liitle guy gets some relief from these pesky critters soon!


  5. I can so feel your pain.

    Agatha and Christie came home from their spaying appointment infested with fleas and it took us many, many, many months to get the problem under control.

    This was before spot flea treatments you applied to your pets. At the time, I was told there is no way to kill flea eggs. They are absolutely impervious to any poisons.

    That’s why you do everything and see fleas in a month–they’ve just hatched.

    We were told to vacuum thoroughly and take the vacuum cleaner bag far away from the house after each cleaning to throw it away. Keep this up week after week until you suck up every egg and there are none left to hatch.

    You might want to teach Shiva how to vacuum as her next trick. 🙂


    • They picked them up at the vet office? How irritating! I would be so mad.

      I was afraid of that. I did vacuum and vacuum and vacuum but after our last vet visit two weeks ago I admit I decreased the regularity. She seemed to think we had them beat!

      Apparently it is to be a war. Woman vs. Flea. At this point, my money is on the flea.


    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve never heard of garlic preventing fleas before. That’s interesting. I’ll have to ask the vet.


  6. YIKES! I am so fortunate that Jersey has never had fleas.I always use Revolution on her and it is expensive! Like $200 for 6 months of treatment. Maybe the fleas where you live are resistant to Revolution?


    • It is stupidly expensive, I think. With both the dog and the cat on it, we’ve spent a lot of money these past couple months. Since it obviously hasn’t worked I am not inclined to spend any more!

      Who knows? The vet seemed to think it was the best thing ever. Ugh.


  7. Aside from nursing a pup through a parvo infection, dealing with a cat flea infestation has been the worst thing pet-related I’ve ever dealt with. This was before spot-on/oral meds. 😦

    Your poor, poor (handsome) kitty probably has a flea bite allergy, if there’s a rash and/or itching associated with the hair loss. Unfortunately, the meds don’t always kill the flea until after the bite (and just because one bit, doesn’t mean you’re infested…yet). I’d have the vet look at it and see if maybe kitty just needs something to calm the skin down. Good luck.


    • It doesn’t look like he has a rash and he isn’t scratching any more than usual. He is just losing his fur again, rapidly. I feel so bad because he was only just growing it back!

      Thanks for the well wishes. We are gonna need them.


    • I’ve never heard of that before but I think it’s really interesting. I’ll have to check that out!


  8. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot is right. Uggh…so sorry to hear that their back. It’s so frustrating when you’re doing everything you possibly can and it’s not helping.

    I hope your poor kitty gets some relief soon. For his sake and yours!


    • Thanks! I hope so too. We thought we had it beaten and it makes me so mad that we were so wrong. Dang cat. What’s even worse is that I was hoping to adopt another cat by the summer but I can hardly do that with the flea problem. Until it is solved, no new kitty for us. 😦


  9. try using an herb oil – like lavender oil. I’m currently using cedar oil on my dog, but i’m fairly sure it isn’t good for cats. However, I’ve heard that putting a bit of essential oil (the sites i’ve read have said pretty much anything strong smelling… including citronella) on your pet will help keep the fleas away. Also, tea tree oil will help treat bites… and since your poor kitty now has a bare bum, i’m guessing that’d be the place to start applying things.


    • Citronella, eh? Why not? It can’t hurt.

      His bum isn’t completely bare. Yet.

      It makes me want to cry.

      Thanks for the suggestions!


  10. I feel your pain. In the 80’s I lived in SoCal with two Standard Poodles. My room mate had cats. I felt I was constantly in the middle of a nuclear war, constantly bombing our home. I finally gave up and moved out. Flea control is at a muc h higher standard, hopefully you’ll have better luck than I!

    Do your neighbors have animals and a flea problem? What about a harmless citrus spray that you could use daily, on the critters, to make them less attractive to the fleas.


    • I thought so too but we’ve been struggling with this off and on for over a year. A year! I just don’t know what we did to deserve this.

      Our neighbours have a yorkie but they’ve never mentioned a flea problem. I’m reluctant to bring it up with them because of how gossip flies on this street. Next thing you know someone will be calling animal control on us. 😛

      The citrus spray is a cool idea. Wouldn’t it be crazy if that’s what works? There is irony for you.


  11. Luckily I have no experience with fleas. Being a pediatric nurse I do have much experience with head lice and head lice have become very resistant to the louse shampoos. I see no reason that fleas can’t do the same. Not sure about the garlic idea, I have heard that garlic and onions are bad for dogs, not sure about cats.
    Diatomasceous (sp) earth will chew up your carpet.

    There are advantages to living in Alaska, no fleas! Unless you bring them with you… and don’t you do that!


    • I have never even heard of this Diatomasceous earth stuff before. I’ll have to research it. Our rug upstairs is already destroyed (thanks Sheevs) and our carpet downstairs was a little wrecked before we moved in.

      I know! In Alberta we never had this problem. It must have just been far too dry there. That’s the first good thing I can say about that province. 😛

      No worries. If we go to Alaska, the cat can stay home!


  12. Poor poor Kitty Meister. I am SO GLAD (fingers crossed) that we have never had a flea infestation at our house. We use a garlic tablet as preventative and a natural citronella/dishsoap mix for fleas (The recipe makes the fur look a little greasy, but I prefer the greasiness to the fleas). Good luck with your fleas – those little buggers are AWFUL!


    • Yes, be glad, very very very glad. Your lucky that such simple prevention works well for you. It may be due in part to where you live. Fleas apparently adore Nova Scotia’s humidity. Yay…


    • I cannot take credit, alas. I stole it from Penn and Teller. But it always makes me laugh.

      Thanks! I am wishing that for myself too. I hope you never have to deal with this!


  13. Hi! Your cat may be having a reaction to the flea medicine. Most flea products are very harsh and not very good for the animals! They can actually cause nerve damage and death. Your vet may not realize this and you may need to educate him about it. Try some natural remedies such as mixing a small amount of crushed garlic into his food (start with tiny amounts, but cats do like garlic!) You can also check online for other less harsh options.

    Also try this….it’s unusual but it might work. Get a fine comb and spend some time with the cat on the floor combing him. Yes, actually pick the fleas off with a tweezer and deposit in a jar (or tissues) nearby. I did this once with one of my cats when she was about a year old or so and it was a wonderful experience for us both. I believe that the love and bonding you and your cat will experience actually enhances his immune system, which is an important part of a flea reduction program. Do it gently and slowly, so the cat knows you want to help him. You will see less hair falling out and you will develop a great relationship with your cat! Let me know if you try it and how it worked!

    Here is an interesting link I found with some home remedies for shampooing the animal and treating your house if needed.


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