Just Can’t Stay Away

Apparently I am addicted to blogging and can’t even go one day without yammering about something.

The hardest part of the blog switchover is complete!  I have some more things to fiddle with and I’d really like to do something better with the background but other than that I think we are good to go. If you find anything that doesn’t work as it should, please let me know. It was a lot easier than I expected. WordPress has some awesome support tools and everything is fairly user-friendly. I don’t know why I thought it would be so complicated. Granted, I am far from writing CSS code or creating my own design. That is a challenge I think I will put off for a little while.

Since we are going on twenty-five days of rain, both Shiva and I are feeling the lack of sunshine reflected in our moods. It’s really hard to be cheerful when walking in a downpour for the 157th time. Last night I almost had to drag her outside. Or was I just dragging myself? It’s hard to say. (No one should have to wear mittens and a scarf in May. There oughtta be a law!)  Thus, we’ve both been doing a lot of this:

I'm starting to think pink is really her colour.

I am going to leave you with a video a friend sent me yesterday to help lift my spirits. I don’t know if it made me feel any better but it is pretty adorable. And creepy.

But adorable! And creepy… (Just as good without sound.)

I hope you are all soaking up the sun!

19 thoughts on “Just Can’t Stay Away

  1. Congratulations on making the switch! Everything looks great. Now you can add another accomplishment to your list–conquering the digital world.

    Oh, and 25 days of rain? We looking at a week and I’m already growing mildew under my armpits. And Honey has permanent dreadlocks behind her ears from getting wet and drying out over and over again.

    If I had as much ran as you have, I’d be wearing one of those funny white coats that fastens in the back. So you really are amazing!

    And yes, that video was creepy. And creepy. But it was also a little creepy. (I must have some issues with kitty thumbs.)


    • Thanks! I am not so sure it looks how I want it to yet but I will get there. Haha, conquering the digital world… You make me laugh. 🙂

      The mental image of Honey with dreadlocks is awesome. I think they would suit her.

      I am getting used to it. In Alberta we got rain about once a year, if that. It’s nice that everything is so green but I’d like just five minutes of sunshine. If I got just five minutes I think my mood would drastically improve.

      Apparently I have similar issues. Don’t show it to Honey – it will give her nightmares.

      Thanks again for all of your support!


  2. Oh, I LOVE the video! Even though it plays on the “cats drink milk” stereotype, when in reality milk gives cats diarrhea…

    And that picture of Shiva should be the cover of your family Christmas card!

    I’m glad the switch went smoothly. Wish I could get as addicted to blogging– it would be good for me, I think.


    • Do cats even like milk? I tried to give some to ours once – before I knew it could make him sick – and he looked at me like I was offering him poison.

      Heh. That blanket was actually my Christmas present this year. Naturally, Shiva usually claims it for herself!

      I’m not so sure if it is a good thing or not. The more involved I get with this thing, the less sleep I seem to be getting. Time to re-align the priorities, perhaps!


  3. Whew, am I glad to “see” you! Yesterday was pure hell, I found myself going through Shiva withdrawel. 🙂 I went back and read the check incident just so I could have a daily dose.

    The site looks good, I’m interested to know why you decided to change from wordpress and go with a different site, does it offer you more? Who did you decide to go with? Just curious to see if it might be something I want to do.

    Love the picture of Shiva, she looks so comfy. 🙂


    • Haha, you are too funny!

      I am still with WordPress, just WordPress.org instead of .com. There are a lot of reasons I wanted to switch to the self-hosted version. There are a lot more things I can do when I don’t have to worry about WordPress’ very strict security regulations. Of course, I now have to do it all for myself, which is a little frightening. I’m confident I will have it figured out eventually but I know I will miss some of the support wordpress.com offers. Now if things go wrong, I only have myself to blame!

      Glad we could entertain!


    • Thanks! Things aren’t flowing as well as I expected, I am learning. I think there is something wrong with the subscriptions… Oh well. It should all have a fix eventually!


  4. Spring in Canada has been so crummy and we can’t seem to catch a break. While we haven’t had 25 days of rain, we have had rain ALL WEEK in Toronto 😦

    Congrats on the switch over. WordPress is what I use and I find it friendlier and easier to use then blogger.


  5. congratulations on a seamless switch! I admire your effort; I can’t bring myself to do anything fancy to my blog.

    PS I also echo your F the Rain sentiment. Ready for summer!


  6. Well done on a smooth change over. Your blog looks the same to me though, is it supposed to be different? It really makes me want to change over to WordPress, especially after the recent Blogger debacle!

    Ewww, 25 days of rain, that’s awful! It’s raining here but it is late Autumn and to be expected. I’d be feeling very gloomy myself.

    Loved the video, even though everyone knows cats shouldn’t drink milk.

    Shiva looks like she’s very comfy inside, thank you very much:)


  7. I had a pretty easy time switching things, too! It’s not as hard as it seems, but it is intimidating!

    That video cracked me up! I think the dogs were less amused, though…


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