This Dog-Owning Thing is Exhausting

I don’t think there was a dog in the world who received more treats than Shiva yesterday. With a four and a half hour agility workshop, followed by our first Canine Good Neighbour prep class, she ate almost an entire batch of turkey fudge. Despite all that noming of stinky cookies, by the time we’d finally made it home and were munching on a nine o’clock dinner, Shiva was still hungry enough to beg for pizza. It blows my mind.

Understandably, we humans are pretty exhausted today. Shiva isn’t of course. While she did pass out pretty quickly last night by six this morning she was jumping around the house, eager to share herย craziness with the world. Some days I just don’t know if it is possible to tire her out. The more hyperactive she is, the more sleepy I feel. It’s almost as if she is stealing my energy. It doesn’t seem fair we have to drag ourselves to work while she gets to nap all day at home.

If she wasn’t so cute, I’d be feeling rather resentful right now.

For once, the weekend didn’t entirely centre around the dog. We even managed to plant a sort-of garden. I hope The Accidental Olympian is proud.

What have you been up to lately?

32 thoughts on “This Dog-Owning Thing is Exhausting

  1. I hear ya! We hiked/walked for 3 hours at the arboretum yesterday with the dogs.. mind you it was easy terrain but it was warm and the dogs were hot. Luna napped till around 4 then was ready to go again. Pawing my legs and nosing me and following me everywhere. Part of that may have been her wanting to eat for once though. But I have not totally zonked her energy in forever. We create exercise/stimulation monsters when we are responsible smart dog owners.

    What is this turkey fudge you speak of????


    • That’s true. Someone once told me that by exercising my dog as much as I do, I was creating a “super-dog” but I really don’t see how I could do less! She’d be bouncing off the walls.

      Turkey fudge recipe:

      2 cans of flaked turkey (do not drain) – I have also used tuna and salmon, any canned meat will do
      2 eggs
      1 1/2 cups flour
      1/4C parm. cheese
      1 TBSP garlic( reduce for less smelly treats)

      mix all together and put in a greased 9ร—9 pan
      bake at 350 for 20 mins

      cut into small sizes for training.

      It make alot but it freezes well and Shiva loves it!


  2. Oh, I completely understand your woes! There have been days when I would get numb from pure exhaustion. It amazes me how much energy is contained in a little package like our Maple. But, you’re right, it’s their cuteness that makes us all the more willing to break our backs and wear out our knees so that they can have their fun!

    P.S. That’s a nice little garden you have started there, Do show us more pictures once the plants and flowers are in full bloom!


    • LOL, it’s not that special. I’m not really a gardener. Our neighbours are stunned we’re actually doing something with the space!

      I don’t know if it’s their cuteness or what but apparently the pain is totally worth it or I wouldn’t keep doing it. It not only tires my back but my bank account! ๐Ÿ˜›


    • We’re thinking about that, actually. We’ve never left her alone before so it may be worth experimenting. There are a few great places, one right by where we both work. It’s worth a thought!


  3. Hahahaha Elli’s the same way!! She’ll come home from a day of playing HARD at work or for hours at the park and sleep for about 2-3 hours then is up and ready to go all over again.

    The ONLY time I’ve actually gotten her to stay asleep for longer is after a full 8-hours at daycare. In fact, she was so tired, she could barely jump up on the couch lol. It was a rare sight to see. And I enjoyed it immensely lol.


    • Thanks! I don’t know that it’s all that special yet. But for a couple of non-gardeners, we are proud.


  4. we haven’t been doing a lot of dog centred stuff lately, but the walkydog for my bike may have arrived at the PO yesterday so bike training will start soon! not that Barbie needs much training aside from learning ‘left’ and ‘right’ Bender on the other hand might be a bit harder.


    • We’re still working on left and right as well. It’s not easy, mostly because it gets boring really fast. Do you have any tips?

      Good luck with the bike training! I should add that to my list as well.


  5. i feel so thankful to have moderate-energy dogs. even when he was young, Chick always had energy but was also always willing to just chill out. our fosters seem to be similar. maybe it’s a bully thing?


  6. Oh, poor you, I know how you feel. We get the same with George whenever we take him for very long walks or give him lots of exercise. We expect him to be exhausted, but he gets hyperactive instead. Hmm, dogs are like kids, really.
    I didn’t know you were into gardening, good for you. We’re mad on it and, nice coincidence, we read the Accidental Olympian, too (although not throughmylittledog, but through our garden blog). I can’t quite make out what you’ve planted there, though…


  7. It is amazing their energy. Sophie’s puppy energy seems to have returned now that she is almost 4 years old. It is kind of crazy!!

    Sophie had a 3 hour flyball practice yesterday. She worked hard since we have a tournament next weekend and she will be running a lot. So we did a lot of full runs (51 feet each way and she starts 35 feet from the start line so about 85 feet each way of running).

    Sophie has no half measures during flyball especially if she is running next to another dog. So she ran full out all practice. She napped in the car as we rode home. Napped for maybe an hour or so once we were home. AND then was running around with a nylabone in her mouth wanting to play. LOL


  8. I have to say the fact that greyhounds are massive couch potatoes is one of the things I love about Dante! ๐Ÿ™‚ Although when he wants to play or be pet or just my attention, he darn well lets me know. Big whiners, they are. But I think anybody that’s dependent on you will suck your energy – pets, kids, etc! At least they have the cuteness to make up for it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. No matter what I did yesterday, I could not get on your blog! I’m so glad I made it today! Whew!

    Well, Saturday we hosted the horde, aka, my husband’s family since they all invited themselves over to watch our local parade. Sunday we went to a dog show. Monday we took the girls to the dog park and for a hike. I’m tired just thinking about it all!


  10. LOL! I can completely relate Kristine. Jasper used to run me ragged. I could NEVER tire him out. Someone once said to me that maybe all the walking and playing was just building his energy level and endurance. Augh!

    I will say that Jasper has learned the fine art of just chilling, but it took some work.

    Hope you had a great day! I finally re-signed up for e-mails again from your new site so I can get your posts again! I missed them!


  11. So she ran full out all practice. I will say that Jasper has learned the fine art of just chilling, but it took some work. Napped for maybe an hour or so once we were home. Sheโ€™ll come home from a day of playing HARD at work or for hours at the park and sleep for about 2-3 hours then is up and ready to go all over again.


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