The More They Stay the Same

Shiva and I are busy finishing up our Dancing With the Doggie Stars entry for Honey the Great Dane’s contest. Thus, I am going to be really lazy and re-post something I wrote well over a year ago, back when the only person reading my blog was me. Since we are going on three straight days of rain, I think it’s apt. Besides, the same incident almost occurred this morning. The more things change…

6:45 am is too early for this.

Shiva the Dog does not like rain. At all. In fact, rain is right up there with being home alone and being approached by a stranger on the list of things Shiva does not like. Since this list is very short, we try not to push her too far or give her a hard time about these things. Even though sometimes they are unavoidable. That’s why this morning – near the end of our walk in a blustery downpour – when she pulled the leash out of my hand in order to chase some very indignant ducks I didn’t get too upset.

Well, that and it was kind of funny.

Shiva the Dog loves chasing ducks. Not just ducks but anything that flies. This is probably very high on her list of things she loves. Just after a stuffed Kong toy and before destroying the house. It’s probably even more fun than chasing the cat because birds tend not to fight back. Unfortunately, Shiva doesn’t get many opportunities to chase birds. We live in the city and there aren’t too many areas where it’s safe to let her run after them off-leash. That’s another reason I didn’t get too upset this morning. She looked like she was having a blast. I only wish I’d brought the camera.

We were just leaving the forest as the rain picked up again, beating down on our heads. Shiva and I exchanged glances of dismay and I decided it was time to head home. Once she realised the direction we were taking, she started to pull ahead.

My rain gear, while warm and dry, is technically my practically husband’s and  it’d be too big for a line-backer. Throughout the entire walk the hood part of the jacket stubbornly fell over my eyes and prevented me from seeing more than a metre in front of me. This only caused a problem once when we stumbled upon a couple other dogs who weren’t too happy to see us but it was really irritating. Really. Irritating. 

As I was struggling with the stupid hood in order to see my way across the mushy grass of the park, Shiva was tugging in the opposite direction. My jacket was wet, my hands, were wet, the leash was wet, I was tired, and Shiva had apparently changed her mind about the rain.

I think I heard the squawking before I even realised she had pulled away. After I shoved the wet rubber out of my face I could see about ten ducks flapping through the fog over the lake, and then my dog running wildly around in circles, the leash blowing in the wind behind her. The grin on her face was unmistakable, even looking through my rain-soaked hair I could see it.

My crazy dog.

She continued to run around like an idiot until I got myself together enough to call her back. It took her a moment to remember I existed but she came back willingly enough, dripping and grinning. Shiva had completed her morning’s work. Now it was time for breakfast.

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13 thoughts on “The More They Stay the Same

  1. too cute, I probably would not have had as much grace as you in that situation. Have you ever made a chase on a stick game for her? It could be another game you could play with her where you have the room since she likes to chase so much. Basically you need a stick/fishing pole/tent pole/bamboo just something rather sturdy.. some rope/string and something as the lure on the end. The Lure can be a sock, rags you cut into strips and tied together, or one of those stuffing free critters. String gets tied to stick, and lure get tied to string and you spin it in circles etc. I had a big 15ft piece of bamboo I did this with for Luna when she was young and she loved it. Great way to let them run and chase but in a smaller space.
    Heck, maybe a duck toy would be most appropriate 😉


    • That’s a really interesting idea, I’ll have to try it. Like an over-sized cat toy. I’m not positive she would chase something like that, she may prefer to play tug or grab the stick, but it would be fun regardless!

      She has had several duck toys. They even quacked! They all died a ver untimely death, unfortunately. Toys don’t last long with a destructo-dog in our midst.


    • Thanks! That’s a very kind thing to say.

      Can you believe it is STIL raining? It’s going to be hard to go back outside again.


  2. Sometimes, you just have to take time to stop and chase the ducks! I think Morgan probably would have enjoyed that almost as much as Shiva! 🙂 Thanks for a Wednesday smile!


  3. Sounds like you have been having some dreary days. I know how tough they can be to get through. Your lovely writing talent puts me right in the park with you. I can see her chasing the ducks and both of you with a smile on your face. Memories….:)

    I have an award for you at my blog to honor you as a Genuine Blogger. There are no “rules” with this blog. Just an honest thank you for your writing and how much I truly appreciate you being part of my blogging world. Thank you for sharing yourself and Shiva.

    The link to that explains the award is here:

    p.s. thank you for you honest response to my last post. And thank you for making me think!


  4. First of all, great piece of writing, Kristine! I loved reading it.
    Secondly, I can completely understand Shiva’s excitement of chasing the ducks. Not that I like to do that myself, but George loves chasing ducks, geese, pigeons and anything with wings. He hasn’t caught any yet, but the thrill of the chace makes him behave like Shiva did. Why do they do that?


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