Year of BadAssery and Other Celebrations

It does exist!

I should start off by apologizing in advance for what may seem like gratuitous photos of the sun. It’s been centuries since we’ve seen it in these parts and I may be a little over-excited. If this offends you, please look away.

Two more days till the big test. Thinking about it gives me major butterflies so I am trying to put it out of my mind. Doo doo doo, just another weekend, la la la. I think I am more nervous now than I ever was for any of my major university finals. More nervous than I was for that terrifying Physics 20 exam in high school. More nervous than I was for that horrendous Chemistry AP test where I was so certain I was going to fail I registered to take the course again in the fall. (For the record, I didn’t fail.)

Anyway, I think now is as good a time as any to to a re-cap on the first half of my Year of BadAssery:

1. I lost my job. But, instead of letting myself get down, I went out and found an even better job within three weeks.

2. I submitted a video of silly pet tricks into an online contest. (And won!!)

3. I moved my website from to without a major catastrophe.

4. I have learned to trust Shiva enough that I no longer run away when we see another dog coming. We have officially taken back the forest!

5. I have introduced myself to several strangers and sat down at several tables filled with people I didn’t previously know. It will never come easy for me but it’s good to know I won’t self-combust.

6. I have danced in public with my dog.

7. I have approached a company about sending me a dog-training product to review.

8. I attended an agility fun match with my dog. Even though we didn’t participate, it was not at all easy for me to show up. We need to do more of this in the future.

9. I stood up to someone in my local animal welfare world in defence of crate-training.

10. Last night, when a woman stood outside our front door with her baby in a stroller I didn’t wait for her to finish talking to our neighbour. Instead, I saw it as a training opportunity and stepped right out with Shiva. For a brief moment, I even let Shiva investigate the toddler. (She licked his hand!!)

I like to think I have done well facing some of my fears. It’s only the beginning.

What are you celebrating today?

34 thoughts on “Year of BadAssery and Other Celebrations

  1. You are one badass girl! And I guess that would make Shiva your badassette!

    You’ve rocked the first half of your year of badassery and I know you’ll continue to do so all weekend and for the rest of the year.

    Isn’t it amazing how our fears get smaller the more we face them?

    I’m celebrating (and amazed) that I’m learning to sail in my 40s. Last night I read about a woman who started sailing at 48 years old and 20 years later is attempting to sail around the world alone.

    The funny thing is that although making a sailing mistake could cause me to destroy a vessel worth thousands of dollars or even hurt or kill someone, I’m still more scared of looking like an idiot.

    I guess the human brain couldn’t survive if it shut down in the face of truly dangerous things (like driving a car or eating at Taco Bell). Instead, we expend all our adrenaline on coping with strangers and making hard phone calls. Crazy, huh?


    • It is crazy. It’s a pretty big hurdle to jump, letting go of the fear of looking like an idiot. I often joke that I am looking forward to being old. People don’t judge seventy-year olds for being weird or crazy. You can get away with anything at that age.

      That is definitely something to celebrate! Good for you. I haven’t been on a sailboat since I was a kid but I know there is a lot to it. In the summer I love watching them all in the harbour. It’s never too late, is it? Think that will be you in 20 years?


  2. Sounds like you’ve accomplished alot this year – the test that’s coming up (on just an ordinary weekend, no big deal!) will be a piece of cake.


    • Thank you! I haven’t met all of my goals, but I am glad I haven’t wimped out of so many things, as I am usually wont to do. 😛


  3. Sounds like a good first half to a year badassery to me! Today I am celebrating the fact that it is Friday and I have survived another week!


  4. Yay!! Good for you! And great post; it’s so important to celebrate success!!

    I’m celebrating Lucas. Yesterday, a yapper on a flexi-lead charged him, barking and yipping with his teeny teeth bared. Lucas looked… then kept walking!


  5. You impress the hell out of me!

    I am celebrating that I write a daily blog and actually have people I haven’t met in person reading it!

    I cannot wait to hear how the Shivster passes this test with flying colors!

    You GO GIRL!!


    • Yay! Isn’t that a terrific feeling?

      Hahahaha… I’m trying to maintain a no-expectations attitude. We’re going to show up and do our best. Can’t ask for anything more.


  6. sounds like a great year so far! And yay for the sun! Makes it hot here, but I should not complain right? Good luck on your test, try and be as relaxed as possible, it’ll help. And don’t expect perfection, it’s not the end of the world. I am a perfectionist too, so I know where you’re coming from. Dogs are great at keeping us humble. Hopefully Shiva will behave herself, but just have fun


    • Thanks, you are right. When I registered, I had no expectations, I just knew I would regret it if I didn’t try. So by showing up tomorrow, I will have already accomplished my goals. Can’t beat that, right?


  7. Congrats on an awesome first half of the year! You rock! I am going to embrace the BadAssery attitude and go in on Tuesday to my interview with confidence that I can do it!!

    On a side note, I finally got up the courage to send out photos I took at an agility trial to the competitors. I am never happy with my pictures but I figured why not!


    • That’s right! Good on you. Of course you can do it. Job interviews can be so tough but if you walk in there with the confidence to let your true self shine, you can’t fail.

      It’s so hard to send emails that kind of put yourself out there. The waiting for feedback is almost excrutiating. But I am willing to put money on the fact that everyone was very appreciative. Congratulations. 🙂


  8. Yuck, chemistry. I had the unfortunate experience of failing 2nd. year organic chemistry and having to take it again because it was a required course.

    Congrats of all of your accomplishments this year & good luck for the weekend!


    • Yuck, I am sorry. After the chemistry class I mentioned, I vowed to never take a science class again. And I didn’t! In university I took archaeology and psychology for my science requirements.

      I still don’t understand the difference between endothermic and exothermic reactions.


  9. You are a brave, brave woman! I think it’s harder to conquer irrational fears (like talking to strangers in a safe setting) than rational ones (fear of looking like a fool dancing with your dog!:)). You go girl– soon I’m going to be afraid of you!

    Oh, and I resubscribed to the blog. I’ll tell you if it works or not.


    • It’s very true. The human brain is a crazy thing. I wonder if it is the same for dogs. It did seem to be easier for Shiva to jump up on the dog walk or teeter than it was for her to let a stranger touch her. But since she has very little sense of self-preservation, I may not be dealing with a normal case.

      Thank you so much! I’m sorry about all the problems.


  10. Sounds like you have a lot of positive things going. I handled Storm for her Canine Good Citizenship Test and I will admit that I was extremely nervous before hand. The most nervous I have ever been, (for something that was supposed to be fun…lol). But she was great and handled each element in stride. Good luck with your test!

    We are thankful (so very much) to still have our Thunder with us!


  11. Hm, well after reading that post, I’m celebrating you and your awesomeness, but I’m also selfishly celebrating the present we got my dad for father’s day (spoiler alert: it’s a microwave) and how excited he’s going to be not to have to stand there and hold the door shut while he cooks a baked potato for 10 minutes.

    Yay things made after the year 1990!


  12. I’m super duper HUGELY proud of you! You sure do have a lot to celebrate. Mom says she’s in awe of the whole “sitting down with people you don’t know” thing. She says she knows how hard that is to do.

    Hmmmm…let’s see. What am I celebrating today? Oh, yeah! Dad made me go outside and tinkle in the RAIN (which I am not celebrating in the least). BUT…I didn’t melt! YAY ME!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Good luck on your test!


  13. Good for you! I think one of the greatest things about facing fears is realizing that they weren’t that scary after all… and even if they were they didn’t kill us!

    Knock ’em dead on your test 🙂


  14. I would first like to congratulate you for overcoming so many of your fears. And now that you have, I have no doubt that your exam will be a no brainer. After all, expectations are usually worse than realizations.

    I haven’t been quite as successful as you but I would like to share a particular fear with which I’ve been living for years and have finally conquered. That’s my fear of dogs that are larger than my 16 pound Shih Tzu.

    The other day while walking my little one on a closely guarded leash, we approached an elderly gentleman walking his German Shepherd. My little dog struggled to get close enough to take a good whiff as I tried to pull him back. Sensing my fear, the man said, “It’s OK. We’re friendly.”

    I looked at him for a long moment, took a deep breath and allowed my dog to get closer. The two canines seemed to enjoy each other’s company so I took yet another deep breath and ventured forward.

    The man said, “Let him smell your hand and then you can pet him.”

    So I did and surprised myself when realizing that I was completely calm!

    I think I’m no longer afraid of large dogs, especially when their owners assure me that they are friendly.


  15. what a wonderful list of accomplishments. Anyone that can do all of that in six months will surely ace her upcoming test!


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