On the Kindness of Strangers

I realise I talk a lot about the awesome kindness of pet bloggers. I’ll probably keep talking about it. Despite knowing how warm this community can be, I am still stunned when someone does something incredibly thoughtful, for no reason other than because they wanted to. In a world that often feels pretty lonely, it’s heartening to know someone is thinking of you. Even if it is someone you have never met. Perhaps especially so.

Last week, the emotionally insightful writer of 24 Paws of Love passed on a very special award. I was beyond touched and didn’t know how to thank the writer properly. A little note in the comments section didn’t quite cut it. The very kind things written in my name deserve so much more than a five second thought.

The original creator of this award, Just Ramblin, did not mean for its acceptance to hinge upon following a set of rules. The purpose is to give, no strings attached. I really like this idea and was pleasantly surprised when Just Ramblin passed it on to me in a comment, several days before the post by 24 Paws of Love. (That’s a lot of linkage, I know. Please don’t run away.)

Here is a quote taken from the original Just Ramblin’s site:

 I know that earning an award is very cool. Giving one is often even more so. I thought it would be nice to give an award to some bloggers that had no “rules” or “requirements.” It is just that…an award. An award given in the true “spirit” of giving some recognition for effort. It is not “official” but rather just a “fun” award. It does not require listing facts or awarding it to a certain amount of fellow bloggers. It is for the blog and the blogger.  It will be given to someone for his or her genuineness in blogging. Free and clear.

 Since I almost never follow the rules when it comes to such things, I decided the best way to thank 24 Paws of Love would be to pass this on. As Just Ramblin said, “receiving an award is pretty darn cool but giving one is even better.”

Often I get caught up in daily things and forget to thank those around me who take time every single day to say something nice.

There is someone who not only writes a lovely blog, not only keeps up with a beautiful dog, but who also makes a point of dropping by this space no matter what I ramble on about. Her comments are always full of the sincerest support. What surprises and humbles me the most, is that she never asks for anything in return. Day in, day out, the funny and the ridiculous, she never fails to say hello. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have ever told her what a difference her kindness makes in my life. She deserves this recognition more than anyone else I know.

Today I am passing the Genuine Blogger Award on to:

 Sue of Graceful Greyhounds.

If you haven’t visited her part of Blogland, I definitely think you should. Not only is Sue full of grace, her greyhound, Song, is just as special. (Isn’t that the loveliest name for a dog?)

Thank you, pet bloggers, for all that you do. I promise tomorrow’s post will be less mushy.

13 thoughts on “On the Kindness of Strangers

  1. Well what a lovely surprise to get this award. Thank you so much to kristine for the award and for her lovely kind words.

    Also thank you to all the lovely comments from your followers. I look forward to saying hello to you over on my blog.

    Hope you all have a fab day.


  2. Congratulations on this extra special award, Kristine. You certainly deserve it and what a wonderful concept behind it. And well done on passing it on to Sue and Song. I always enjoy Sue’s comments and have discovered she has quite a dry, wicked sense of humour and often has me splurting my cuppa over my computer screen:)


  3. I love the idea of an award with no rules. What a great tribute to both the person who gave it to you and the person you are rewarding it to.

    Congrats on your award.


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