June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Not only has the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies proclaimed 2011 as the Year of the Cat but the American Humane Association has also declared June national Adopt a Cat Month. In order to spread the word about the dizzying amount of fuzzy cats in need of homes, AfFURmation is hosting a blog hop. Why not join in?

While I choose to write primarily about my dog, our cat is an equally important part of our household. In fact, I don’t think it would run very well without him. Honestly, I am not sure one can even call a house a home unless a cat is taking up permanent residence inside. Skeptical? Allow me to elabortate. Here are my reasons I don’t think anyone should be without a feline:

 Cats make sure you never get too much sleep. My cat is so good at waking me up on time I actually got rid of my alarm clock several years ago. Just this morning he was able to find the perfect piece of tinfoil to toss around the bedroom. Without him to keep me in check, I may have gotten more than four hours of sleep!

You can leave cats alone for hours without feeling guilty. Unlike Shiva, my cat doesn’t care what I do with my day. As long as his food bowl is full, his litter box is clean, and the toilet seat is up, he doesn’t care if I ever come back. Sometimes I suspect he prefers it when we leave.

Cats detest bad weather as much as you do. A cat will never ask you to take him outside in a blizzard. They understand the meaning of a snow day and appreciate the fine art of laziness.

Cats are excellent hunters. And even when they aren’t, mice tend to keep their distance when there is a cat around. When we first moved to this house, our yard and basement was over-run with frogs. I wish I was joking. After that first summer, our cat made sure those nasty amphibians never bothered us again. Cats are far cheaper than a human exterminator. They will often work for snuggles. I am not so sure I’d want to pay the Orkin man the same currency.

Cats are un-materialistic. They are also very good at showing humans how to downsize. All those knick-knacks you’ve been collecting on the mantel? A cat will show you how unimportant they are with a sweep of her tail. A cat will also help you get rid of that hideous vase your aunt gave you last Christmas.

Cats are excellent listeners. There is nothing like a kitty on your lap after a bad day. Cats are content to pur away while you bare your soul to them. No matter what you say, they will never judge. Or at least, if they are judging they will keep their thoughts to themselves. They don’t speak English after all.

Cats are honest. You always know where you stand with a cat. If they are mad at you, they will never leave a passive-aggressive note on the refrigerator. Cats don’t believe in subtely and they never hold a grudge.

Cats are smart. Contrary to popular opinion, cats can perform just as many tricks as dogs. They often just choose not to. This shows a much higher level of intelligence. When a cat is willing to perform, you are witnessing something very special. Cats are even great at running agility courses. This video makes me wonder if I chose the wrong animal to train with:

A cat will keep your dog in line. Without my cat around to maintain order, my dog would probably have the run of the house. He makes sure she stays out of the bedroom while we’re sleeping. It’s his job to wake us up, after all.

And the last, and most important reason, to adopt a cat is…

Cats are just so cute! Who can resist those whiskers and those soft little paws? I can’t imagine life without this level of adorableness every single day.

 If it’s just not possible to add a cat to your home right now, my deepest sympathies. But there are still things you can do to help cats in your community. Petfinder has a great list of ideas. Cat overpopulation is a problem that affects everyone. Therefore, it will require a solution that involves us all.

Make sure to check out the other blogs participating in today’s hop.

20 thoughts on “June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

  1. Yeah, no cats for us.. the Mr. is allergic. I had one as my first official pet, and loved him. He was a beast, and not a typical cat in that he didn’t want to be held, he was happy to be pet on the couch. I could tell him to leave food alone and he would. And he was a beast, getting in fights with cats, dogs, foxes who knows what else. I would patch him up after a scuffle then send him on his way. He ended up contracting feline aids at some point and I had to put him down at age 13. I think he would be one of the few cats that may have actually put up with and liked Luna. The others at my parents do not stand their ground and are runners, so Luna is forever tracking them down. Annoying to say the least. Sounds like you found a good cat fit for your family. I wouldn’t mind having another one day, but it would be hard to find another like my old cat. He was one of a kind.


  2. I would love a cat. I grew up with cats before we ever had a dog. Unfortunately Melanie would never get along well with a cat so we can’t have one right now, but I do think about how nice it would be to have a cat too. Not like we don’t have enough pets already though, haha.


  3. I like the point on the cat helping you to get rid of the ugly vase.. hahahaha

    We don’t have a cat IN the house (my dad do not allow) but we have cats in the garden.. they come for a meal in the evening and go on their way.

    Somehow… cats love their freedom. They are free souls. They love to come and go. At least thats what i feel about the cats here.

    Great article today Kristine.


  4. I couldn’t imagine my life without cats… right now we have three and they are all wonderful examples of feline nature to an extreme…. one CRAZY hunter who is a little neurotic, one rambunctious, break EVERYTHING not nailed down, teenager… and one just let me sit on your lap for hours and drink your milk even though i’m HIGHLY lactose intolerant old-lady cat.

    All the monsters were adopted OR a foster failure!

    Kitties really are great fun! Wish I knew about the blog hop, i would have loved to write a kitty-post since i have such crazy inspiration LOL!


  5. I occasionally find myself missing having a cat. After our last two passed away, hubby swore them off, and Lilac isn’t cat safe, so we’ve left them alone. You have such a great and convincing post, though! This time of year is so rough on shelters with the influx of kittens!


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  7. You have such a way with words Kristine and I love the way you describe life with cats. I don’t know if my two will ever measure up to your words, but for some reason I feel a bit guilty after reading your post for always calling them obnoxious! MOL!! But you’re right cats are great animals and wonderful companions and if I could I’d adopt a whole bunch more. 🙂


  8. Oh, what a super great postie! I just LUVS my kittehs, you know. I can’t even imagine our house without ’em. And everything you say is so true. Except for the not-judging thing. Cap’n Ripley judges ALL of us ALL the time. He says it’s his duty to keep us all in line.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  9. Ha ha, you got the cat persona down! They are special and I always feel like I’m special because a cat loves me. Thanks for joining in the Blog Hop!


  10. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today, it’s very nice to meet you! We are dedicated to rescue as well. I usually do a Blog the Change post every Thursday, but since this Thursday is International Box Day I will be doing my post tomorrow. It is a bit of a repeat, but it is vitally important to two precious lives. Please check it out tomorrow and perhaps you can help me spread the word.


  11. This post needs to be published. For pay, I mean. Send it to the Halifax local papers!

    I love cats, the Oldest loves cats, and the Spouse is highly allergic. Allergic enough to land in the ER. So no cats for us, sadly enough.

    I notice there is no mention of fleas in the list… 😉


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