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I am definitely a heavy shopper. Unless I really need something I try to avoid going anywhere there will be things for sale. It doesn’t even matter what things. Groceries, clothes, furniture, office supplies, and of course pet supplies, I love shopping for them all. It’s healthier for my bank account if I try to stay away.

A couple days ago Shiva broke her leash. Her nice, fancy, soft leather leash. Her Doggie Stylish leash. I still don’t know how it broke but the clip is permanently separated. I could duct tape it back on, as classy as that would look (but hey, if it’s good enough for the Sea Kings, it’s good enough for my dog) but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do a little online browsing.

That’s how I found this amazing site.ย See that logo up there? It says necessities. So there. Totally justified. Besides, now that I know such products are out there, it would be cruel to keep them away from Shiva. She needs her own couch. It’s a must for any dog. Right?


I thought so. Who cares if we’d have to get rid of our own sofa? It’s all about my dog’s comfort. It looks like there’d be enough room for both of us on there anyway.

This was all before I saw this bunk bed. That’s right, a bunk bed for dogs and cats. Wouldn’t it be the cutest thing ifย my two animals slept together in their own space? Too bad it looks too small for Shiva. Otherwise I might have put in the order already.

After that, I lost all control and started oohingย and awwing over bone-shaped doormats, damask crate covers, and eco-friendly doggie bungalows. I knew there were some gorgeous pet products out there but I don’t think I knew the level of luxury.

Did you know there is a whole line of dog wigs?


Does it get any more ridiculous? And yet somehow… Tempting?

After all that, I still hadn’t found a replacement leash. I admit I had forgotten what I was originally looking for. Since Doggie Stylish has such a great line, I think I’ll prevent myself from returning down the road of no return.

Unless, of course, you have any great suggestions… What is one of the coolest and yet strangest dog product you have seen? Would you put a wig on your puppy?

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  1. You’re killing me. I love this kind of stuff as well. Love the doggie bunk beds! The dog bed you have a picture of is also amazing. It looks very comfy. I have a feeling it would soon be a fav of all the dogs who come here.
    I would go back to oggie Stylish too though. Karen is an awesome person and her stuff is of good quality.
    Now stop killing me with all the cute doggie stuff I could be buying! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • It does look really comfortable. I have a feeling she would be fighting my husband and I for it!

      Karen is a great person; it’s why I was so disappointed when the leash broke. I won that leash. It was special. She has the matching collar too. How can I walk my dog around with a collar that doesn’t match the leash? It’s obscene. I just know the doggie fashion police are going to pull us over!


  2. I don’t have the shopping gene. Thanks to thrift stores, the hubby and I spend less than $200 a year (sometimes far less) together on clothes. The only thing that can get me into a mall is pet friendly day. And I hate online shopping.

    I am fruuuuuuuuugal! Some call it cheap.

    But I have trouble resisting doggie stuff. It’s usually very practical– sturdy food dispensing toys, a strong leather leash, nylabones. But I did succumb to a doggie camping bed–I think it was by Ruff Wear. And it cost $60 dollars! I still can’t believe I did it.

    In my defense, the nylon on one side of the bed is great for the outdoors. And it squinches up into a teeny little bag so it takes up little room. And it’s washable. And it gives pup a place of her own no matter how strange the surroundings.

    So I’m practical to the end… But I have been eying some pretty collars from Doggie Stylish so maybe there’s hope for me yet.


    • Very, very smart. When I lived in Calgary and felt the pressure to be stylish I spent a lot of time in thrift stores as well. Now that I live here and people care a lot less about how I look somehow I am spending more on clothes. Instead of thrifting I just hit up Old Navy. It doesn’t make any sense, really.

      I call it smart. It’s an admirable trait to be sure.

      A doggie camping bed sounds terrific! We normally have to drag her crate along and she usually ends up sleeping on top of us when we camp. She gets sleep and we do not. Let the googling begin!


  3. Oooh, hubby is gone this weekend, can’t wait to check out the website.

    I want to ask you something, does your PH feel the same way about Shiva that you do? I think mine thinks I’m nuts because I would rather spend the time with the dogs than just about anyone else.


    • That’s a tough question. Yes and no. He loves spending time with her as much as I do, I believe, and never complains when I drag him to dog classes or other dog-related events. He seems to enjoy them as well. He’s even gone to agility class by himself when I was stuck working. But we’re both introverts and would rather hang out at home than socialise every night.
      But does he think about her in the same way, ie. constantly or feel guilt for not being with her 24/7 like I do? Definitely not!


  4. We love wigs on dogs!!! Poor Pauley has a pretty big selection. Since he made the switch from a foster to a permanent member of the family, we have not tortured him with the wigs, but oh my we do enjoy laughing at the pics. I am a super cheapskate except when it comes to the animals I waste all kinds of money on crazy goofy stuff ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Pauley has wigs? That’s so awesome! Have you shown photos of them on your blog and I missed them? I’m going to have to look now.

      I feel guilty when I buy things for myself but when it’s for my pets it’s always easily justifiable. It’d probably be the same if it was for my kids.


      • Yes, instead of wordless wednesday he had wigged out wednesday! We wanted everyone to see what a goofball he was. The first few months that he was here, he never smiled in pictures & looked kind of grumpy. I thought maybe the wigs would “soften” him up. I guess it worked, just not the way I had planned.


  5. I don’t shop too much either.. because I don’t often buy too many extras I do get into spending phases though.. Where since I have held off on so many little things, I get to a point where I really am in the mood to shop and spend some money. Good thing neither my Mr. or I are huge spenders because we suck at creating a budget… it’s a goal for this year, maybe I’ll actually do it.. along with finish my quilt.

    Anywho, sad about your leather lead. Somehow I managed to find the website we used to order our leads from at my other job.

    It actually is a great place for all kinds of training stuff.
    I currently walk Luna on one of these simple leather leads

    Usually I use a 3/8 inch for her since she is pretty small, sometimes 1/2 inch will work fine too. The nice thing i like about these leads are their snaps are size appropriate. The problem with most leather leashes in the stores are they are simply cheap and too big. Most people don’t need an inch wide strip of leather with an equally bulky snap. The largest I went was the 5/8 inch and that was even to train Great danes and wolfhounds.. if you buy quality leather and snaps you just don’t need to bulk up for bigger dogs. It’s hard to find leather leads in the stores with small snaps, so I love these and have had them for several years now. I oil them on occasion and they take a breaking in phase but they end up really nice and soft. And they also have all kinds of fancier braided ones etc.

    I always thought one day I would splurge and buy Luna a fancy show lead.. nice thin leather one with special colored beads on it.. but now that her championship is hopefully done, I probably will save my pennies for something else. I don’t think i have any weird dog items.. maybe a couple collars for her.. Oh and the Bowser bed I HAD to buy for her because it was half off and I had a $20 dollar gift card… these beds are normally upwards of 100 bucks and I was able to get it for 30. It currently resides behind the dresser as we have plenty of other beds and I’m saving it for our real house? Or for when the others wear out.
    Anyway check that site out, may find some scent tools/toys for her or agility.


    • Thanks for the awesome link! I am going to be having some fun over the next few days. You may see another shopping post. It may have been deadly of me to write about my addictions.

      The snap was the problem with our leash. It just broke and I don’t really know why. It makes me sad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      I have not heard of a Bowser bed before… Hmmm…


    • That’s because you have kids. If I had a child I would probably not be able to eat.

      Maybe one day…


  6. From someone who dresses their 70 lb pitbulls in costume…I love to laugh at these things too, but I agree, semi-tempting. Though it kind of makes me wonder if there really is a market for these types of things.


    • Apparently there is. This woman, Ruth Regina, makes her living creating doggie wigs. People must be buying them!
      I am definitely kind of tempted myself. If I had an umlimited budget…

      I love your dogs’ costumes, by the way. They always look so great and you defy so many stereotypes about crazy dog people. They also seem to love it as much as you do!


    • It’s so hard, isn’t it? I even get excited about shopping for cleaning supplies. Books and dog stuff are the ultimate, of course.


    • Most of Shiva’s things are practical as well. We only have three leashes, well, two now, and two collars. The one collar was given to us by the SPCA. The second we won from Doggie Stylish’s contest.

      When it comes to toys, however, I am somewhat less practical…


  7. Haha. I’ve been browsing for DAYS for a new leash for Elli. I’m not kidding, either, DAYYYYS.

    It had to be a specific kind of leash… a slip lead without leather. Very difficult to find, I must say. She seems to handle the slip lead much better than a snap-leash… I don’t know why. She’s always at my side, without any correction, and easily leashes up when I need her to — unlike with the snap leash that she avoids like the plague lol.

    Anyway. Finally found one. But I wasn’t going to recommend it because it’s not what you need — so excuse that uh detour there… heh.

    My recommendation is made locally to me, out of airplane wire — BAM. So lightweight its insane, and unbreakable. Called the “Vir-chew-ly Unbreakable Leash”. It’s made for dogs who chew their leashes, but seeing as I’ve walked several dogs with reattached leather leashes after they’ve broken, I definitely recommend it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Unfortunately, I love retail therapy, though currently in remission as a convert to minimalism. However, Hickory Dock, former stray TWC now couch potato, would LOVE his own couch. Personally, I am removing all my pee stained and smelling stuffed couches (4!) out and moving lawn furniture in, on sale. It is metal (no chewing), I can cover the pads in plastic (pee-proof) under the regular covers and then put a dog bed or pad under the benches. So far, I have two. I did enjoy visiting the sites, the wigs are crazy weird but am on a mission for these not-so house trained rescue dogs :). Shiva would look LOVELY on a couch :).


    • Good for you! I am in quasi remission as I am trying to save money for things that may be much more important in the future. Like a house. ๐Ÿ˜›

      Lawn furniture is a genius idea! Especially with all the dogs you have sharing your space.

      Shiva does look lovely on our couch. Maybe it’s time she had one of her own!


  9. Oh no – there’s a V on that Sofa. Better not let my Meadow see your post, or she’ll be thinking she’s entitled to one too!

    I think I’d definitely draw the line at the wig.


    • Hahaha! Are you one of those smart owners that adheres to the no dogs on the furniture rule? We started out that way. It lasted about a year. Oh well.

      LOL. C’mon, you know you want one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Meadow would look so cute with a blue rockstar ‘do.


      • Well, we kept up with that rule for years, until Toby hurt his leg over this past winter. He looked so sad….

        Now he and our senior girl, Leah, get to alternate nights of sitting on the middle cushion of our one sofa while we watch tv – but only upon invitation.

        Unfortunately for little Miss Meadow, she has an, ahem, occasional leaking issue…so she is not invited up. Instead, she curls up on her own mat at my feet, and she seems content with the arrangement.

        So maybe a little sofa of her own might be a good thing. LOL!


  10. My very favorite leash is The Ultimate Leash at Around the Hounds. It’s another site that I’ll just warn you right now will make you want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on your dog! That leash is the one I use for hiking and walking around town with, and I absolutely love it!

    Confession time, in a moment of weakness, I did purchase a pink dog wig at Halloween, but it was on sale and just calling to me, telling me what a great Wordless Wednesday picture it was going to provide me with one day. That day still has not come, but for three or four dollars, I don’t mind it waiting in a drawer! ๐Ÿ˜› I am not sure I ever will even use it, although I might do something with it when we visit the nursing homes at Halloween this year.


    • Thanks for the warning. I am proud to say I didn’t listen. What an awesome online shopping extravaganza! Pamela doesn’t know what she’s missing!

      The leash looks perfect! And I love the matching doggie bag. We actually are in need of a new treat pouch as someone shredder her sixth one to pieces. Who could that be, I wonder?

      I love that you have a wig! I am going to bug you now until you show the photos of Bunny sporting a pink hairstyle. You just have to! How can you have the wig and now show it off? The nursing home residents will go wild! Do it, do it, do it! I bet Bunny will love it!


  11. Well, I wouldn’t ordinarily put wigs on dogs, but both of my kids have red hair, and when I saw a long, red dog wig one Halloween (yes, they do make such a thing), I just couldn’t resist….

    I love window shopping, but the bank account prohibits excessive real shopping!


  12. I love buying things for Beryl, mainly collars:) Frankie gets her hand-me-downs! I can actually see Beryl in a black wig, I think she’d look a bit like Morticia from the Addams Family? On-line shopping is dangerous, it’s so easy to go wild. And we are so bereft of anything slightly exotic in New Zealand. I could go so wild over toys and books and mind game stuff if I had the money.

    I’m a thrift shop person for myself. There’s a big $2 a supermarket bag full clothingsale at the local Red Cross thrift shop tomorrow, I’m all excited about going, lol.


  13. I am guilty of buying Cali toys – I can’t resist a cute stuffed toy (even tho she has two giant overflowing baskets of toys!). I shop Goodwill for stuffed toys too and my husband thinks I’m nuts . . .”she has plenty of toys” but it’s so cute how happy she gets when she sees a new one ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sometimes I throw them all in the wash and then put some in the closet. When I take them out a month later she thinks they are brand new ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cali wears a Lupine collar and I use an extendible leash with her (we’ve had it since she was a puppy!). I also have a very cool leather leash that I got at a TTouch training – I love it! Have fun shopping!!!


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