If Shiva Was a Hollywood Star…

While browsing the Internet and avoiding housework – as one does – I came across a hilarious blog hop. Kahuna’s K9s invites dog bloggers to guess their favourite dog’s “Hollywoof” persona.

Immediately I was stumped. I don’t know if it is because I don’t watch that many movies any more or if Shiva is just that bizarre but I wasn’t able to come up with an actress that perfectly suited her character.

Shiva isn’t overly dramatic. If she were human, I don’t think acting would be one of her hobbies. Because of her earnest and silly nature, I tossed around Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Garner. I also thought perhaps Uma Thurman. If anyone could kick Bill’s ass, it’s my dog.

Still, she isn’t sultry enough, not quite sweet enough to fill any of these shoes.

That’s when I decided to reject Hollywood completely and head in a different direction. Shiva may not be a famous actress, but surely there would be a sports star that would fit!

My brain hit on Michelle Wie. Kind of funky, definitely driven to succeed while entertaining a crowd. Sounds like my girl!

Perhaps she might even find her alter-ego in the tennis-court-dominating Billy Jean King. Just look at that intense expression. Like Billy Jean, Shiva doesn’t give up until she gets what she wants.

That’s when it hit me. Shiva isn’t an Oscar-winning actress or an athletic role model.

Shiva is a rock star!

How did I not see this sooner? Shiva and Joan Jett are practically twins! Strong, fearless, but with a soft heart, the glam rock style fits Shiva a little too perfectly. It’s kind of creepy.

What celebrity persona fits your dog?

There is still time to enter the hop. Why not join in the fun?

23 thoughts on “If Shiva Was a Hollywood Star…

  1. Yep, I think you’ve got Shiva sussed, Joan Jett is perfect:) I’m hoping this hop hangs around long enough for me to join in but right now I have to take the kids for a walk before it rains!


  2. Shiva definitely rocks!

    Think Song would be a Prima Ballerina. The only one I can think of is Darcy Bussel (not sure on the spelling).


  3. I love Rock n’ roll! Awesome pick. Joan Jett rules. Such a strong, independent, and COOL woman. She didn’t give up on what she wanted either.

    I think CHewy would be Bozo the clown this morning, or perhaps Charlie Sheen. OMG, he’s insane.


  4. Great post. And yes, rock star is definitely the way to go.

    I was thinking Sarah Silverman (for looks) and Kathy Griffin for personality but I couldn’t account for the athleticism. Joan Jett–a performer and someone who can really cover a stage.

    Of course, Shiva would think we were ridiculous for even thinking of such a thing.


  5. I would say Haylie would be like Pink. She is headstrong, dances to the beat of her own drum, can kick ass, hyper at times and can be sweet.

    Fred…. now he is more of a politician cause he never shuts up and is always going 90 miles a min!!!

    This was cool, really makes me think.


    • I almost chose Pink for Shiva as well. Maybe because I am just a big fan, but I think it suits her. Perhaps she and Haylie would be great friends!

      For some reason, I can never comment on your blog. Google never recognizes my account. I am so sorry if it looks like I haven’t been reading! I am glad to hear about Fred’s stitches coming out and I hope you find the right thyroid balance soon! He is too sweet to be sick.


  6. Joan Jett is am awesome choice!!

    Who would Jersey be? I want to say Paris Hilton. She is a princess, but she’s also pretty mean. SO I think that I will have to settle on Reese Whiterspoon as Elle in Legally Blonde.


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