Tuesday Time-out

One of the reasons I love camping so much is because I know Shiva really enjoys it. It’s also a great way to explore our province without worrying about finding a hotel that welcomes larger dogs.

Due to weather and Shiva’s busy agility schedule, this was the first time we were able to get away. Ovens Natural Park was a great choice for our first adventure of the summer. The amazing sea caves hidden among the coastal cliffs were even better than expected.

Often trails like these are no dog-friendly so I wasn’t sure we’d get to hike around the caves. So when we pulled in and I saw a pug happily bouncing down the trail, I was relieved. I’d hate to have missed out on such unique geography.

Naturally, Shiva was more interested in chomping grass than gazing at the beautiful scenery.

No matter where we go, Shiva’s favourite activity is stealing my PH’s chair. It’s lovely to know that as long as she is with us, she feels right at home.

37 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out

    • She did like her tent. I was pleasantly surprised as it was the first time we’ve used it. So much better than hauling her crate!

      It was close, let me tell you!


  1. Lovely photos. I’d love to see those caves myself some day.

    And yes, Two Grad Students is right. You promised to tell us the story of Shiva getting her own tent. You can’t hold back on us now.

    We often camp in cold and windy places (the banks of the St. Lawrence River with 30 mph gusts, for example) and dogs in the tent are a necessity. It’s just too cold without the extra body heat.

    I saw the fog in those pix indicating it wasn’t hot and sunny so I know there’s a reason for banishing the Shivster to her own place–what is it?


    • Anytime you feel like making the trip, we would be happy to show you around!

      Alas, summer is generally always foggy here on the North Atlantic coast. Shiva wasn’t banished. Not really. We never intended on having her sleep in there. But I’ve said too much already. 😉


  2. It’s lovely vacationing with your pets, if they don’t come with me I miss them terribly!

    Yes, I’m with Two Grad, why the separate tent?


    • LOL. Not the outdoorsy type? I didn’t used to be either, honestly. And then we got a dog and something changed. Now I love getting away and exploring nature. My former self wouldn’t recognize me!


  3. Wonderful scenery! You guys are having a lot of fun camping it shows, and there is nothing better than a happy dog. And a happy dog on holiday must be heaven.


  4. I second the question about why Shiva gets her own tent. Our Chick loves sitting in our camp chairs too. We think it’s because he’s too much of a diva to sit directly in the dirt. What if a bug crawls on him or he gets his beautiful white furs soiled? Eeew!


  5. This looks like a very neat location! Glad you all got away and had some fun. Luna is a HUGE spot stealer, WYatt has picked up on this too. Silly dogs

    How do you keep her contained in the tent? Is she still attached to a line just incase? Mine are very good about just staying where I put them, whether a hard crate or a soft collapsible one… so I have no worries about a tent for them. I was just curious knowing your dog is very smart and likes to play tricks.


  6. Camping is the best, especially with dogs!

    Stumpy believes all dogs shold have their own chairs and if PH TRULY loved Shiva he would go get a marker or some paint and put Shiva’s name on that chair!

    Happy, Waggin’ Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me


  7. Beautiful caves!

    I love camping with dogs too. They force you to get outside more, and I know they love everything about camping which makes me want to go more often.

    Of course, not worrying about a dog in a hotel is always a welcome bonus!


  8. I’m a soon-to-be dog tenter too. Our reason is that with 2 big dogs and 1 soon-to-be-an-even-bigger-dog puppy, there is no longer room in our tent for all of us. We’ll be breaking out the dog tent we got as a wedding gift on the first camping trip we’re able to take as a family!

    I’m guessing the Shiv-ster might just get a little dirty and stinky from all that fun on camping trips and needs her own space to stink-out? Whatever the reason, do tell!


  9. What a lovely place to go camping! I camped at Bay of Fundy and Cabot Beach in PEI, both lovely places.

    I think that Shiva needs her own princess chair, Jersey has one 😀 I am constantly mocked by my friends for getting my dog her own chair, but the Petite Flower is too much of a diva to let her butt touch dirt.


  10. What beautiful pictures!
    I have been thinking of taking one of the Newfs camping this summer. I think it would be a great adventure!


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