Lessons in Cowardice

Why I am Not Going to BlogPaws

1. I am lazy (That’s just a given)

2. I am broke

3. I don’t have a passport (see #1)

4. I would probably spend the whole time in the bathroom – Or, better yet, the hotel bar – hoping no one notices me

5. I would have to leave Shiva behind and I haven’t spent one day without her in over two years

6. I have nothing to wear. No really, I swear!

Why I Wish I Was Going to BlogPaws

1. It will be a fantastic event with some impressive speakers and I would learn a ton

2. I really dislike missing out on things


I don't like missing out either. Wait for meeeeee!!!

You would think those two reasons would be enough to push me to get over my fears. Both of them are much stronger than my feeble reasons for staying home. I could come up with more excuses, like the fact I haven’t cut my hair since March, or that I just started a new job (in February) and can’t get the time off work, but they are all equally sad. Really it comes down to the idea that I am a coward.

When all of the information about the August conference started rolling out I didn’t even consider the idea of attending. I decided I couldn’t afford it and left it at that. But the truth is, while I don’t have a lot of money, if I’d wanted to go badly enough, I could have drank a little less beer and made it happen. Now that it’s too late is when I’ve realized I might actually want to go.

Story. Of. My. Life.

I’m tempted to wallow in self-pity over it but that is not what a badass does. No, I am going to learn from this lesson! Yes indeed.

Last week there was an agility fun match that we did not attend because we decided to go camping instead. Of course, we could have gone to the match if I’d really wanted to but… You know the drill. My friends who did attend now all have these great stories and videos of their awesome day and I feel totally left out. My own fault of course, but it still sucks.

A couple of our trainers are holding more fun matches throughout the month of August. I am not giving myself the chance to wimp out this time. I have already signed up to participate. We may make total idiots of ourselves and Shiva may just practice her course designing/destroying skills, but we are going to be included in the stories this time, dang it! We are going to take videos and we are going to have a wicked time.

So help me, God.

I may not be going to BlogPaws but I am still a badass.

28 thoughts on “Lessons in Cowardice

  1. Well, I am going to BlogPaws. I am an extrovert. And I’m still scared.

    Many of the people I “hang with” in blog world aren’t going. I haven’t met nearly enough of my goals for Honey’s behavior in public. And every blogger out there is writing better stuff, creating beautiful designs, and working better with social media than I am and ever hope to.

    As you so eloquently put it in your post, sometimes you just have to commit. So I hope you have a great time at your agility fun event and I can’t wait to read all about it.

    I’m going to try to blog from BlogPaws about what’s going on. If I can make it sound interesting enough, perhaps you’ll go next year? Maybe the Canadian bloggers need to get together and push for a new venue–Montreal would be lovely.


      • After reading in travel sites for years that if you’re ever abducted in a foreign country you should destroy your passport and tell your captors you’re Canadian, I’ve decided it’s something to aspire to.

        You gotta like a country that’s so beautiful they spend more time at home than invading other countries. 🙂


    • While I definitely disagree with you that every other blogger is creating and writing and training better than you, I can relate to the feeling so I won’t chastise. But for what it’s worth, in my opinion, that is simply not true. You – and Honey – have just as much to offer the community as anyone else out there.

      But I will leave it at that.

      I hope many of the people who go take the time to write about their experiences so I can pretend I was there. I’d really enjoy your take on it as well, given it is your first time and claim you are almost as nervous as I would be. I know you will have such a great time and Honey will impress everyone she meets.


  2. I can’t afford it either, Kristine, and it’s not an excuse. Let’s both set our sets on next year. I’m a fearless extrovert (well, if I think someone’s on my level… there are some bloggers out there I’d be too intimidated to approach!) and I’ll hold your hand the whole time! We can bunk together to share some dough. How’s that?


    • That sounds like a plan to me! Maybe together it won’t be so scary. Maybe we’ll be the intimidating ones. (Hahahaha!) Thanks for the offer. 🙂


  3. Kristine,
    I really wanted to go to BlogPlaws but I couldn’t afford it either. I am setting a goal for myself to make sure I go next year. I am with one person’s view, we should make a pact, that come hell or high water we will go next year. I am a semi-extrovert and would be nervous as hell, but I will do it.

    Oh and dogs can go to, so you wouldn’t need to be apart from the Shivester.


    • Well, depending on where the conference is held, I’d have to fly down. I can’t really justify flying with Shiva in cargo for my own selfish whims. She’d need to stay home with the man or in a kennel. It’s not very easy to drive to the States from my province, unfortunately.

      I like this goal-setting idea! Maybe I need to add it to my life list to make it a real commitment!


    • It is too bad but I guess the thing with the blogosphere is that we know everyone will share their experiences online. We can pretend we were there, or at least be there in spirit. 🙂


  4. Wait– it’s in my own town and I didn’t even know about it? This is such a bummer — I’m going to be out of town, and now I wish I could cancel and go to this instead!


    • You didn’t know about it? I wish I’d posted about it a lot sooner now! That really sucks. I just assumed you knew and would be there. Boooooo.


  5. This is super close to me too and I hadn’t heard about it either. I’m not sure that I really count as a pet blogger though anyway… I blog about my pets a lot, but not as often as you “real” pet bloggers do, lol. It does sound like it would be fun to meet up with a bunch of other people, but I’d be scared/nervous like you. There’s always next year!


  6. I’m not going to BlogPaws this year either, but I did go to the first two and can tell you that there’s a very friendly vibe. Everyone is so happy to be able to finally meet in person and I’ve made some great friends. Perhaps we’ll all meet there next year!


  7. One step at a time. 🙂 Looking forward to the results of the August events! #2 is basically why I don’t attend any conferences either, even though I’d LOVE to do Alt Summit or a couple of photography ones. Maybe next year…


  8. You are not alone!

    Even if I could budget and schedule for it (with Moses in current state, both absolutely out of the question), I doubt I would seriously consider going.

    While I’m sure it is a great event and there is definitely the ‘missing out’ factor – I am both an introvert and a hermit. And the thought of a conference of other bloggers sounds like a lot of awkward social situations! Not to mention I feel underqualified and intimidated just thinking about it.

    And the last time I decided to face my fear and stepped out of my bubble, I went to a social event with work friends I found myself being pitched a pyramid scheme. Seriously. That’ll teach me.

    So you’re preaching to the choir on the social fears, even though I think you’re totally qualified 🙂

    Next year! And then I can live vicariously through your posts about it.


  9. Don’t feel bad, I am an extrovert and situations like that scare me, and bring me back to my shy, introverted days….Last year I thought of going to Blog Her’s convention, since it was about 30 minutes away from where I live. But, the thought lasted only for a few seconds, because the thought of going, and meeting “real bloggers” scared me to my core. I do sometimes wish I went, but I know, if I had my chance to do it again, I probably still wouldn’t have… I don’t know what happened. I stopped getting email updates of your posts…


  10. Oh my gosh. I am so, so with you. Before I went to BlogPaws last year, I had a panic attack. I am introverted, shy, self-conscious, and so on. I’m the girl who stands by the food pretending to be SO BUSY examining the shrimp cocktail with the hope that no one realizes I have no one to talk to. And I suck at small talk. I grin and turn red. Sigh. The good thing about BlogPaws, though, is the one thing I do love to talk about is dogs, and everyone wants to talk dogs! So that was super helpful. I hope you come to the next one! Also, if you change your mind, I have some coupon codes I could send your way to help with the cost.


  11. I’m too broke for BlogPaws, which is a shame because I would love to go to see the speakers and hide in the bathrooms while pretending I’m at the party. But it’s like a $1000 trip from Vancouver, more if I want to eat 😉 I’m saving up for next year though. You should too. Us Canadian’s can show BlogPaws who is badass.


  12. I’m not going to Blog Paws for the same reasons, money. If I really, really, really wanted to go, Sean would pay for it. (cause he’s awesome like that) But I feel that the money can be diverted to other things.

    Next year, if you go, I’ll go AND I’ll keep you out of the bathroom. Just remember – You’re good enough, smart enough and gosh darn it! People like you!


  13. I would like to go too, but I’m not. Poor planning on my part. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Maybe we can create an online video chat during the same time for people who couldn’t go??


  14. I’d love to go too, but I live in New Zealand so it ain’t going to happen. But I think there will be plenty of blog posts written for those of us who can’t get there to experience it vicariously:) Maybe next year you’ll be writing one for us, hopefully!


  15. I’m not going either. I think I’ll plan on attending next year, though. I’d really like to go but the summers just get so busy. And it is expensive when you consider the flight and hotel. And I’m also unorganized.

    I hope I can meet you at next year’s event!


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