Tuesday Time-out

Yesterday was a holiday here in Nova Scotia. Officially called Natal Day, every year a festival is held in commemoration of the province’s birthday. However, since this festival is called “Alexander Keith’s Natal Day Festival”, I like to call it Beer Day. Though Mr. Keith may have been a three-time mayor of the city of Halifax, his brewery remains his claim to fame.

Yesterday we decided to head to the harbour front to check out the party.

The HMCS Montreal and HMCS Sackville were both docked in Halifax. They were offering free tours for those interested in climbing aboard. As no dogs were allowed, we satisfied ourselves by watching from afar.

With such beautiful weather, the waterfront was packed with people, children, and dogs. A great opportunity to practice some of those life skills. Shiva handled herself remarkably well. I think she was most excited by the myriad of take-out boxes littering the ground. We made sure to give her numerous breaks in the shade.

For a dog with very little kid experience, she was even kind enough to stop for a few pats. I’ve learned how to read her body language well enough to know when her excitement level starts to climb. As soon as I see those hind legs tense, like she is going for a jump, it’s time to walk away. Knocking over four-year-olds is not a good way for Shiva to pass the time. No matter how much she would enjoy herself.

Shiva was rewarded for all that hard work in self-control when she got to chomp on her brand new antler for the rest of the day. Bets on how long this one will last?

22 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out

  1. I am not surprised that she carried herself so well. And hooray to you for knowing her well enough to anticipate when issues might occur!
    Also: that is the biggest antler I have ever seen!!


  2. Why am I not surprised that you’re celebrating “Beer Day”? lol I’m glad Shiva handled herself well! It’s so nice to take a well-behaved dog out in public with you. I’m sure that Shiva deserved that antler, even if it is long gone by now!


  3. I love that last photo too. That face is to die for.

    Very cool on reading body language! Launching onto four-year-olds sounds like so much fun, but probably best that she didn’t 🙂


  4. It looks like you had a great day with Shiva. These kinds of outings are so much more fun when we take the “kids” with us. Buster’s been working on letting kids pet him too – keeping a careful eye on his body language is key and it’s a great opportunity to teach youngsters the proper way to approach a dog.


  5. Holy Jumpin’s Batman…if I had known you were on the waterfront I would have come over to visit with you…looks like the temp was hot…wtg Shiva…chewer up!


  6. We have a small antler (though any other antler would be small compared to Shiva’s!) which is carefully shared between dogs; the chewing dog is in a crate for safety!
    Wonderful photos and congrats on a very well behaved dog with an observant mom (and PH).


  7. Ahh, life skills practice — such a great way to spend a holiday!

    Elli’s coming camping for the first time ever this upcoming week, amongst 100+ kidlets, so we’ll be doing LOTS of life skills stuff. 🙂


  8. Why the HECK doesn’t BC Day have an official beef sponsor? My province totally got the shaft on that one.

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! That antler is awesome too. That must have cost a pretty penny. My guess is…3 weeks?


  9. My province totally got the shaft on that one. I’m sure that Shiva deserved that antler, even if it is long gone by now! Shiva was good and deserved that antler. We brought home a six-pack of Mill Street Brewery from the-province-next-door.


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