Tugging, Chewing, and Zooming

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions and comments on yesterday’s post about Shiva’s vehicular anxiety. You have given me a lot of ideas for things to try. She has always been very excitable in the car. But then, she’s always been excitable everywhere. She loves going for rides but as soon as we slow down or turn into a parking spot, she starts whining. I had assumed it was just excitement about going to new places. Perhaps there is a lot more to it than that. Where there is excitement, there is probably also stress. Oddly enough, practicing calm behaviour in the car is not something we have spent a lot of time working on. It’s about time we started. Thank you for helping me look at the problem in a logical way.

But I digress.

I have a fun video to share with you today! More evidence that my dog is a little over the top. Please do not try this at home:

And, in other news, those of you who bet Shiva’s new antler would last a month will be grateful they didn’t put any money on it. Shiva’s addiction knows no bounds. We are going to have to find a new supplier before her habit bankrupts us all. Here is a photo of the antler before she got her mouth on it:

And here is the photo I took about three days after:

We’re going to be lucky if it lasts the weekend! Can anyone out there put me in touch with a new dealer? I’m willing to travel!

Speaking of the weekend, this Sunday is our first agility fun match. I wasn’t going to mention it because I didn’t want the pressure but I am going to need all the good vibes I can get. Even though it’s not a real trial it will be the first time Shiva and I ever attempt a full course together. In a new environment. With new dogs. I will try to get my PH to film video of the disaster that will inevitably ensue. I promise to share it with you. Maybe. Unless I throw a tantrum in the middle of the course.

Happy Friday!

41 thoughts on “Tugging, Chewing, and Zooming

  1. Good luck with the car work. Luna starts fussing (excitement/impatience) when she hears the blinkers go in the car as she thinks/knows it leads somewhere good usually… annoying though.

    She has quite the tugging abilities, bet it comes in handy at agility.

    And wow she has some jaws, you should really see if it’s cost effective to get some antlers from the yellowstone shop I have mentioned.. You could try out an xtra large one and see how long it lasts. Pricey butt here is only one way to find out if it’s worth it.


    The other chew company I love is http://www.whitedogbone.com Not sure about international sales… but they cut you wholesale prices where they can so check them out. I know they started to carry antlers not long ago, though not as many sizes as with the other link.

    Good luck at your trial! We are still a LONG ways from one of them.


    • It is annoying! But it’s also kind of cute in an irritating way. She knows the parking lot in front of our agility class really well now and always goes berserk. I hope that’s out of joy and not fear. 😛

      You would think, woudln’t you? But Shiva still won’t tug in agility class or in any class-like setting. I’ve given up trying. We used a treat pouch instead and she’ll tug on that. It’s as far as I can get her to go. She’s shaped me to offer food instead of play. At this point I don’t know if there is any going back. Is Luna a big tugger?

      Thanks for passing on the antler links! I am definitely going to check them out. Have a great weekend!


    • Awww, thanks. I am planning focussing on having a good time. If Shiva makes me laugh, the day will be a success! Pretty much a guarantee, I think. 😉


  2. I should have watched the video before I posted. 😉 She looks so happy playing with your PH, you would never know that she has anxiety by the way he is spinning her OFF the ground! LOL


    • I know, right? It just doesn’t make sense. One second she’s the bravest dog in the whole world, then next she is a quivering mess. Does. Not. Compute.


  3. Have fun at the match! Can’t wait to see the video.

    Shiva is a goof ball. How can you not love her? She’s awesome.


    • Thanks for the link. I am definitely going to check them out. If it’s cheaper than the $30 we paid for the antler above, I am sold!


    • LOL. No. But I have considered finding out if anyone we know hunts. Maybe once the season starts we’ll have more luck.

      Thanks for you encouragement!


  4. I have a smallish antler which two dogs have worked on with nary a dent. Shiva, you are an antler terminator. Great video – nope, she does not give up. Prayers and well wishs for a FUN time at the agility match. Remember FUN :).
    @Jan – love the idea of hunting one’s own 12 point buck for one’s dog. “Nope, sorry, that one’s rack is too small for my dog…” LOL


    • Fun, right, exactly. I will try to imprint that onto my skull. 😛 Thanks for all your kind comments. I will try to do you proud!


  5. That makes my neck sore just watching it! Shiva, I think you’re one tenacious little gal!

    Very best of luck to you on the agility trial! I bet it will go much better than you expect, and heck, if it doesn’t, it’ll probably make for a better blog story. Not that I’ve laughed about Shiva knocking over agility equipment before or anything…


  6. My mom ordered about 10 (I think?) elk antlers from the yellowstone place mentioned twice above and was not only really pleased with the price ($16 plus shipping!) but they’ve lasted Elli a long time. I don’t know if your antler was elk or deer, but elks’ tend to be tougher.

    I ordered a mixed bag, both centercut and whole ones, but I had to give the center-cut ones away because elli’s tummy was sensitive to the richness. I like the whole ones — and she enjoys a good chew every now and again (when I’m around — she won’t do it if i’m not, weird, I know).

    shiva’s tugging ability is AMAZING!! i’ve seen pit bulls do it (wallace and his frisbee!) and elli can do it for a SHORT while; but nothing like Shiva!


  7. I loved the video!! I used to be able to do that with Silver when she was younger, now for some reason she won’t do it anymore. bol!

    Good luck at your trial.


    See, no pressure here…:)


  8. Shiva is a great tugger! I could probably do this with Frankie but he’s a bit heavier than her and I have trouble getting him off the ground:)

    About 12 years ago I had access to all the deer antlers I could ever want for free, but never thought to give them to the dogs I had then. Now I’m sure Frankie, at least, would love them and I don’t know any hunters any more:( Shiva sure is a power chewer as well as a power tugger!

    I do hope the agility match goes much better than you expect but if it doesn’t we will sympathise … and enjoy the video;) Deep breathes, relax and have fun! Good luck to you both.


  9. Can sooooo relate to the car excitement Kristine. Jasper barks as soon as we hit the dirt road to the dog park and it doesn’t stop until we are out of the car. He doesn’t whine, but he is excited. Maybe I need to work on calm car behavior too. Hmmmm….

    Loved the video of Shiva! She actually reminds me of a Boston Terrier that used to live behind my friend’s house. The owner would let the dog out of the back yard and the first thing he would do is run and grab the knotted rope hanging from their tree. Then, he would swing his body back and forth while holding onto the rope and sometimes he would tug and jerk around on it kind of like Shiva’s did when she was tugging it. I was always fascinated to watch him do this for at least an hour. He loved it.

    Re: the antler – HOLY CRAP! When you said she was obsessed with them I had no idea! I bought our last two around March of this year and they are still the same size as when I first got them. Shiva is amazing! Which is why she and her amazing owner will do well in agility on Sunday. I am rooting for you too and sending prayers your way. I hope you do well!


  10. Loved the video. Would Shiva ever hang from a tugger on a tree? Or does your PH have to be on the other end?

    I know some dogs will tug a toy tied to something but Honey has no interest unless someone is tugging back.

    Hope your agility event is filled with giggles, amazement and just a good old time. Can’t wait to read all about it.


  11. I’ve been off-line for a few days – sorry to hear about Shiva’s setback 😦 Sometimes it would just be nice if they could tell us what is bothering them, wouldn’t it?

    She is too cute playing tug . .looks like she is saying “spin me again, dad!”.


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