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Blogging can be a lot of hard work. It can also be a lot of fun. As a hobby, nothing suits me more.

I’ve always enjoyed writing but have never had the discipline to keep a journal. I love to read and blogging not only incorporates this, it also gives one the opportunity to actually interact with writers. How many novels or magazines allow that? Blogging can be done inside the home, at any time of day, and in any state of dress or un-dress. I don’t have to shower or brush my hair before turning on my computer. Heck, I don’t even have to get out of bed.

The Tripbase Blog recently started a trend to unite bloggers from a wide variety of niches across the Internet. Called My 7 Links, the rules are fairly simple: bloggers are asked to come up with seven posts they have written that fit into seven specific categories. It’s not supposed to be difficult but when I first found out about it, the idea seemed daunting. How could I possibly choose which goofy dog video was better than another?

A short time later the impressive Kim Clune from This One Wild Life was kind enough to nominate me. Apparently, I could not avoid this task. When two more nominations came from No Dog About It and Hands On Home Buyer, I figured I’d better step up my game. The pressure is on.

As I said yesterday just before Shiva and I embarked on our very first full agility course, here goes nothing!

1. My Most Beautiful Post – Shiva the Super Model

This one at least was a no-brainer. Last year we had professional family photos taken by a local pet photographer. Part of our package included digital copies and I couldn’t resist showing them off online. After all, the beauty of my dog is a big part of what this blog is about. If she wasn’t so cute, I don’t know if any of us would be here right now.

2. My Most Popular Post – Blogiversaries, Link Love, and a Special Giveaway

In celebration of my one year of blogging, I attempted to write a story using as many pet blog titles as I could possibly fit in. I can’t say it was a huge success plot or grammar-wise but it was a lot of fun. Even if I was up until three am the night before. Next year I am going to have to plan something even bigger.

3. My Most Controversial Post – Disgusting Human Failure

I don’t normally delve into serious topics. It’s not because I don’t care, rather it’s because I don’t feel I can properly articulate my opinions on heavier subjects. There are many other people saying things much better than I ever could. I don’t feel it’s my job to add to the conversation. Around these parts, we prefer the lighter side of life. However, when the slaughter of 100 sled dogs hit the news last winter, I couldn’t be silent. My post stirred up a lot of mixed feelings in the comment section. I was worried for a moment I had taken things too far. Fortunately, I had underestimated the courtesy of my fellow bloggers and the debate ended respectfully.

 4. My Most Helpful Post – Be the Change

This one was very difficult. I like to think all of my posts are filled with serious life lessons and suggestions for how to live a better life. I feel I am the Oprah of the pet blogging world. After all, Shiva and I teach everyone what not to do. Just one look in her manic eyes makes every other dog owner grateful they don’t have to live with a Shiva. Perspective is a powerful thing and we dish it out in spades.

But I had to choose my very first Blog the Change post. Not because it was well-written or full of inspiration, but because it helped a senior dog find his forever home. It taught me that even shy women sitting at home in their underwear can make a huge difference.

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me – In Defense of the Crate

This was a post I had been meaning to write for a long time. But I was a little scared I would get a lot of finger-wagging. While I have gotten over a lot of the personal guilt I feel about using the crate as often as we do, I know other animal lovers do not always agree. It shocked me to learn how many people understood and respected our decisions. Before I hit publish, I was truly worried this would be the one to finally kick me out of the blogosphere.

6. A Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved – Modern Day Dragons

I wrote this way back in October when I had only just entered the blogging world. Yes, I my first post was in March, but I didn’t actually let anyone know about this space until September. Which is probably why this post didn’t reach as many people as I wish it had. Nova Scotia’s bounty on coyotes is an ongoing issue and one that bothers me greatly. It’s unfortunate people have stopped talking about it. I am not even sure it hit international news.

7. A Post That I am Most Proud of – Wishbone!

I couldn’t put together a list of links without including a dorky dog training video.This is still my most favourite trick in Shiva’s ever-expanding portfolio. I love showing it off at every opportunity because it is just so freaking cute. I am also proud to say she gets much more height now than she did last year.

Whew! That was not easy. I don’t envy the ones who have yet to complete this challenge. But the rules say I have to pass it on so I apologize in advance to the following victims, er, bloggers:

I apologise if any of you have already been nominated. I did check the list to make sure but it is definitely possible I could have done so anyway. I hope you enjoyed reading and will have fun coming up with your own!

ETA: There is something funky going on with my WordPress theme. This is not a new page design, it’s just the best I could manage on very short notice. I will try to figure it out over the next few days but things may look a little weird around these parts while I do.

25 thoughts on “My Seven Links

  1. Congratulations on your award!

    I like being able to check out some of your older posts and it is a great way to ‘meet’ other bloggers.


    • It is a great outlet! I really don’t know how I lived without it before. Even if nobody reads anything I put out ever again, I am pretty sure I would keep going. It’s such a great record, much better than a journal that I’d put in a drawer and forget about.


  2. Wow – I’d missed that blogiversary post. That was impressive! Perhaps there is a way Be the Change could make the coyotes in Nova Scotia a weekly cause and bring more attention to this topic. I agree – it’s really sad. So glad you participated!


  3. Congratulations Kristine, you did a great job and it’s nice to go back over stuff you’ve done and feel a little chuffed with yourself. I always think it’s great to read about other peoples awards and meet new bloggers – so thank you 🙂


    • Ha ha! I agree. When she wants to, ie. when there is food involved, she knows how to play it up for the camera. 😉


    • I know! I really don’t know what’s going on with the theme. Since I have a new design in the works anyway (shhhhh!) I may not bother to mess too much with it. It’s just so irritating!


  4. ACK.

    I don’t have seven links! You’re going to make me work!

    Anyone else I’d ignore, but since you face every challenge with badassery, how can I refuse?

    But I’m telling you now, it won’t happen until Wednesday or Thursday.


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  6. Thanks for the nomination, Kristine!
    I think this is a great exercise, both as the blogger and the reader. I had a lot of fun answering to my nomination just now, and also had fun delving into the history of Rescued Insanity.


  7. Well, phooey! I didn’t realize there was a list somewhere of people who’d received the challenge! I issued it to you again on our blog tomorrow. I’m sorry!

    You’ve got a great list of your posts on there! There are several that I really loved reading!


  8. Well done on your list:) I have read most of them already but there are a couple I’m going to check out soon. Isn’t it a great idea, and I’m so pleased you put in the link of those who have already accepted the challenge, although if I don’t get my post done soon there won’t be anybody left to issue the challenge to:)

    I also began blogging more as a way of keeping a record of what we get up to. It’s certainly addictive. Even if I haven’t got anything to blog about I enjoy reading everyone else’s adventures:) Can’t wait to see how the agility went!


  9. Great list of posts! I loved reading (and revisiting) them. I knew the day that I read your Wishbone post that you were my kind of gal. You really do have a fantastic blog – funny, touching, thoughtful… you’re such an inspiration.


  10. As usual, I am a little late to this party, but I was saving it for the weekend because I wanted to read any posts that I missed the first time around. What amazed me was how many I actually had read. Not because I don’t like your blog, but because you write so many good ones so easily that I can’t keep up! 🙂

    i think you made some great selections. I remember the crate one well and the sled dog one. A lot of people were riled up about that story – you were not alone as you well know. I never saw your one on Wishbone, but loved it! I just never knew others had too!

    Congrats on so many nominations!


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  12. Well, I am WAY late to this party. So glad these things get catalogued! I had no idea that your Blog the Change post bettered the life of a special dog. Congratulations to all involved! And I just love that you said, “Even shy women sitting at home in their underwear can make a huge difference.” Isn’t that the truth! (I wore polka dot fleece pants when I wrote my post.)

    My time is limited in terms of reading blogs often enough, but I have always loved your posts. I am so glad you finally took the 7 Links Challenge. Wonderful, wonderful blog. When writers are good, it’s because they write well. Writers are great when they write well about what they aren’t afraid to feel. There is bravery in that … and you have it.


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