Ironically, I Forgot to Title This Post

A few days ago I finally got around to watching the film Julie & Julia. I’d read the book – and the blog – years and years ago but I never got around to watching the movie. It reminded me how much I had identified with the writer.

While I am not a cook, I don’t live in New York, and I don’t anticipate inspiring a major motion picture starring Meryl Streep, I feel like Julie Powell and I were at very similar points in our lives before we began to blog. We were both married (practically), childless, dealing with unfortunate living arrangements, and working in office jobs we despised. We both felt like our lives had derailed somewhere along the line. We both wondered if this was how it was always going to be.

Within the BlogPaws Community website there is currently a fun discussion centred on blog titles. In my comment, I said that my blog’s title doesn’t have a big story behind it. But this isn’t entirely true. Essentially, I spent a week mentally sorting through different words in an attempt to find two that would go well together. I wanted to allude to Shiva’s shelter-reject status as well as her questionable mental state. “Rescued Insanity” met both of these requirements perfectly. However, these words can have a double-meaning.

Before Shiva, I was floundering. I don’t know if I’d use the word “insane” to describe my former self, but I was definitely struggling with some things. As a teenager, I assumed if I went to school, worked hard, earned a degree, I would be able to find a good job that I’d love and make enough money to lead an exciting life. Reality did not fit this expectation. By my mid-twenties I was almost completely disenchanted with this thing called life. It felt like all my friends were starting fantastic careers, buying gigantic houses, and going on adventures around the world. Things got better when we finally moved out of my brother-in-law’s basement and took a chance in Nova Scotia but anyone who has made a big move knows it can be very stressful. My job still sucked, I still couldn’t afford to buy a house, and all my friends were on the other side of the country.

Adopting a dog didn’t change any of these things. At least, not right away. That first summer with Shiva was almost worse. I felt trapped with this crazy animal I was almost one hundred-percent responsible for and wondered if we’d made a huge mistake. My life now revolved around a dog I wasn’t even sure I liked. I know I resented her a little. Oddly enough, what I resented the most turned out to be what saved me.

Shiva forced me to get out of bed every morning. She forced me to come straight home from work instead of wandering aimlessly through the mall. She gave my life structure. I couldn’t sit around feeling sorry for myself; I had a dog to train. Instead of collapsing on the couch every evening I had to take her for a walk. Shiva is not the kind of dog content to lay in a corner. With a Shiva, you never forget you own a dog. If I even started to wallow, she would be there, pawing at my leg or destroying my favourite sweater. By being insane, she distracted me from my own crazies. Gradually, as I discovered a passion for working with her, they faded away.

Somehow, I stopped floundering.

Of course, writing the blog fits in with all of this as well. It helps me collect my thoughts and reflect on things with a new perspective. In many ways, Shiva and I are both rescues.

If that doesn’t win cheesiest line of the year, I don’t know what will.

But, I am curious. How did you come up with your blog title? Was it just a catchy line or does it have a deeper meaning? Am I just being way too introspective and sentimental for so early in the morning?

I blame the crappy Nova Scotia rain.

59 thoughts on “Ironically, I Forgot to Title This Post

  1. Love that movie!

    Yea, my blog name is uninspired. I just wanted to get started writing! What is inspiring are all the people I’ve met and grown to love through my blog. I never expected that at all.


    • I never expected that aspect either. For me, blogging was very much a solo venture. Until I was brave enough to type my first comment, I never thought it could be anything more. It’s so cool to connect with others across the world who “get it”.


  2. Well I am very unoriginal and just named my blog after myself. Like Sara, I just wanted to get writing!

    Back in September of 2009 my friend wanted to see the Wizard of Oz in the theater (it was a special thing) we made plans to go, but she didn’t order the tickets in advance and when we got to the theater, the movie was sold out. It was girl’s night, so they picked another movie (Julie and Julia) and I reluctantly went along. I am not one for girlie movies and it looked like a chick flick to me. Oh I may have watched it at some point (I just recently watched Sweet Home Alabama) but typically it was not the type of movie I paid to watch in theater.

    There is a point to this comment….I liked the movie and Julie’s success at writing her blog was what inspired me to begin mine. She became a published writer by blogging and I loved how she said, “I am a writer.”

    So without putting much thought into it, I (evenutually) got the courage to start blogging. I currently have four blogs going right now, but really use no imagination in naming them.

    I am grateful to have “met” the people I have through blogging and love how it connects me to other pet lovers.

    As for Rescued Insanity, well it can have so many meanings, I just love it. I have said from the beginning that Sampson rescued me. (Even though he was not a rescue) He literally saved me from falling into a deep depression and he gave purpose to my life.

    Delilah….well now that’s where the insanity comes in, but she has made life exciting again. 🙂

    Sorry to blather on so. Great post Kristine.


    • That’s so cool that Julie Powell also helped inspire you! I can’t say her success is what convinced me to start my own blog as I read her book and her website several years before I began my own, but they probably pushed me in that direction. Like Julie, my PH is who convinced me it would be a good idea. I think he was looking for a way to shut me up! 😉

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on this. I am so glad Sampson appeared in your life at a time you needed him the most. They say sometimes you don’t get the dog you want, but the dog you need… Nothing could apply to my relationship with Shiva more.


  3. Really interesting how you came up with your blog name…. it seems to fit very nicely.

    My blog is also my business name… it took me a quite a while to come up with it but I followed a similar process. I picked words I wanted to describe my training and clicker training and successful were two words that ended up on my list and I put them together in a little on the idea that things “just click” as in they just make sense or they just work etc.

    So nothing super spiritual or inspiring…


    • I think it’s very inspiring! For a dog training business it is the perfect name and I have no doubt it is part of your own success. I have a post planned on how to find a dog trainer and personally, I believe the name – and the website – says a lot about a trainer and a business.


  4. My blog name wasn’t all that planned out… some of the ideas I had were already taken, but I generally wanted it to be something indicating how much I walk, now that I have the dog.
    However, I do know what you mean about a dog helping your sanity. Instead of going from cubicle-sitting to zombie-in-front-of-tv-sitting and then to bed (rince, repeat), I gained the job of keeping Gwynn entertained, training him, and making sure he was getting enough exercise. And in doing so, meet a lot of new people, and explored a lot more of my neighbourhood and the near-ish area in general. Nothing like being required to wake up at 6am to make me stop being a lazy potato person 🙂


    • I love your blog’s title and am super jealous I didn’t think of it first! I admit, it was what immediately attracted me to your website, so I think you made the right choice.

      Before Shiva, I barely knew anyone in my city. But now I have a circle of friends – albeit small – as a result of agility classes and fellow dog obsession. While an introvert at heart, I do enjoy the attention my dog attracts.

      By the way, you also have very good taste in dog names. Gwynn is so unique!


  5. I love hearing more about why you started blogging. I think it happens often that things don’t go the way we expect them to. I’ve always believed that action is what leads to change (even if that action is walking a dog every day).


    • Nothing can ever stay the same forever. I believe that now. But you are right. If you are unhappy about a situation then it is up to you to make a change. Even the smallest of actions can make a huge difference. You never know where the tiniest of opportunities will lead. If we hadn’t of found our dog trainer we never would have gotten into agility. I can’t even fathom that at this point!


  6. I wanted my blog name to be:
    Hound from Hell………… it was already taken at that time. Fred was/is still a hound from hell… a spawn of satan I swear. Dont get me wrong I love this dog more than anything but I swear he is bad karma hahaha.

    I chose Hound Girl as my back up because thats what everyone would refer to me that didnt know me because all they ever saw was a girl walking a hound all the time. See Fred was NAUGHTY and MEAN when he was younger and so I would get mad or frustrated with him and take his ass on a walk… and we would walk…walk and walk some more so people around the neighborhood nicknamed me the “hound girl” – I found this out at a block party I attended years later hahaha.

    I love how you came up with your blog name. I feel that blog names are just as fun to learn about as well with question of why did you name your dog that type of stories.


    • Fred, naught and mean?? I just can’t picture it. He is just so lovely and smart. He couldn’t have a mean bone in his body. 😉
      Your hard work with him shows as even if Fred can still be a little difficult at times, I think you have turned him into a pretty interesting dude. Your karma must be skyrocketing!

      Love the neighbourhood hound girl moniker!


  7. I chose Swamp Dog because we live at the edge of the Minesing Swamp, the largest wetland in Southern Ontario, and one of the most diverse and undisturbed wetlands in Canada.


    • Hopefully I will be lucky enough to visit one day! It sounds like a fascinating spot, and definitely a terrific inspiration.


  8. I really, really liked this post. It’s so funny how all through school I thought all I had to do was study, then I would get a job and be able to keep that job. Little did I know about layoffs and restructuring and working for little recognition. And I love how you discuss your relationship with Shiva so candidly. It is funny how we do resent our dogs for things, but if we really think about it, this is what does make us better people. Great post!


    • Thank you so much. I try to be honest. Dog ownership is not always easy. It’s definitely not simple! Those first few months were HARD. I remember often just staring at her, wondering what the heck I was doing, wondering if I would ever feel a connection. Perhaps it is closer to parenthood than even I thought.

      Being in your twenties is no easier than being in teenager. I am hoping 30 will be a lot more fun!


  9. I could not agree with your post more; I am going through a tough time right now & even though I really really do not want to deal with the pups crazy antics, I probably would not make it out of bed without them.

    As for the blog name, we just took whichever foster dog that we would be talking about & put foster baby after it; when we decided Pauley would be staying with us, I just threw in former 🙂


    • I am so sorry things aren’t going well for you right now. It seems that just when you start to adjust and relax, everything changes and you have to start all over again. I hope things improve for you soon!

      What would we do without our dogs? Collapse into an ice cream induced coma?


  10. how did we come up with ours. i don’t even remember. it just needed to be catchy and echo of caring for dogs. obviously it takes more than love and a six-foot leash to care for a dog, but it doesn’t take much. the love part certainly goes a long way, and the other things flow naturally.

    i have been having a lot of conversations with ben about how fostering and blogging has been a transformative experience for me. we’re about to move from DC to Austin, TX, and i’m doing a lot of soul searching about my future — it will certainly involve fostering and blogging, but will it involve an office job that i’m lukewarm about, or can i jump in to something else, something more authentic? i guess time will tell.

    thanks for a great post.


    • I’ve always loved you blog’s name as it is so fitting. The love may not come right away – at least it didn’t for me – but the leash can represent a starting point. It represents dedication and time, which, really, if you are willing to give both of those things, a dog can’t help but prosper. The love will come close behind.

      I didn’t know you were moving! How exciting! A move like that is definitely huge but I know whatever you decide you will succeed at. I try to follow advice I was given a long time ago: “you have to do what’s good for you, or you are not good for anybody.”

      Good luck! I can’t wait to read all about it!


  11. Fab post Kristine. I know without Song I’d laze around all day. She gives me unconditional love and enriches my life.

    I chose Graceful Greyhounds because they are usually just that. Mind you when Song is flat on her back in her bed, with those gangley legs up in the air, I do think maybe I should change the name:)


    • Song is incredibly graceful. I am sure even in her most gangly moments she moves with ease. Even her name denotes a gentleness of movement. It’s the perfect name for your blog. 🙂

      At this point, I barely remember life sans dog. It must have been terribly dull.


  12. I always love the story of you and Shiva, especially that part when you didn’t even know if you liked her or not. That was Brut and I for some time. And I know what you mean about feeling like things had gotten worse having her around. Yes, life never works out the way we plan, sometimes that is for better and for worse. If only it were that simple of a school and a job and happily ever after. Growing up is one of the hardest things to do. 🙂 And we’re still working on that around here.

    I love the title of your blog, I think it fits many things about you and Shiva and your relationship together.

    Our blog title is pretty self explanatory, I don’t remember how many list I made trying to combine the words and meaning and suddenly it just hit me. 🙂

    Thanks for your comments on our post about my “walk” with Chance. We still have along way to go, and it is nice not to be alone.


    • We’re still working at that around here, too , don’t you worry. Sometimes I think I was born to be in my late twenties. All my teenage-hood I felt older than my years. But now that I am 20 I finally feel like my maturity level has caught up with my age. It will be interesting to see if I grow up any more over the next couple of years.

      I hope not. It would be nice to feel young for a change!

      Chance is still very much a green dog in many ways. He is smart and doing his best but sometimes he forgets his self. I bet in a year’s time he will be a completely different dog than he is today. Just think about where you were at six months ago… Pretty impressive, yes?


  13. Wow, you put into words exactly how I felt before we got our dog’s. Just kind of…lost. I love the thought that went into your blog title – and even more the thought that has gone into your relationship with Shiva. You obviously needed each other.

    Our blog title is probably going to get me into trouble someday – and I didn’t even realize it when I came up with it. I was given one of those custom notepad’s that say ___________’s Notes on it. I was writing a list of stuff for Kol and put his name at the top. A few days later, when I started our blog, I couldn’t come up with anything good – so I used it. Kol’s Notes. It wasn’t until many months later that someone asked if I meant Kol’s Notes like Cole’s Notes, those readers that walk you through the classics? I had never even SEEN them before. I was an A/P lit student, we read the real deal! I still can’t decide if I should do something about how similar they are…on one hand, it’s *probably* a copyright violation, on the other, I don’t wanna.


    • LOL. I wouldn’t worry too much. The spelling is completely different, right? Until you hear from a lawyer, I wouldn’t change a thing. I love that you have given him such a fun nickname and that it has stuck as much as his full name!

      I was an AP lit student as well but I admit to checking Cole’s Notes for a paper I wrote on Orwell’s 1984. Don’t get me wrong, I read the book, but there is some good analysis done by those Cole’s people. Seriously!


      • LOL, fun nickname? Do you know how I got it? Puggle puppies are little psychopaths. In moments of great distress, I always seemed to yell KOL! as a reflex. Kolchak always seemed too…permissive. Kol was short and it snapped him immediately out of whatever demonic behavior he was performing. Even though the bad puppy behavior is (mostly) gone, it stuck.


  14. Such an interesting story about how you started your blog and came up with the name. I really enjoyed reading it.

    I started blogging because people were always asking about the dogs. Now they are probably sick about hearing about them…lol. The name came about because people would look at them with an odd look on their face, (like they kind of look like chocolate labs, but they have curly hair, and really light colored eyes). Then they would ask, “what kind of dogs are those?”. We sometimes answered “brown”. So they were the 2 brown dogs (but that name was taken, so I went with a misspelling). 🙂

    So yeah, nothing deep there……


    • Love it! You make me laugh. 🙂 Next time someone asks me what breed Shiva is, I am going to say “merle” and leave it at that. 😉


  15. I can relate to so many parts of your story, especially about not finding financial security when everyone around you has it. 😦 It’s stressful and anxiety-provoking.

    As for my blog title… I think The Dog Park just says it all…


    • It is stressful. I still don’t feel like I am where I should be in comparison with friends. But I try to tell myself that it’s not important. Not that it always works. You are only competing against yourself, right? I am sure their lives are difficult as well in their own ways.


      • That’s what everyone tells me too– don’t look at anyone else, just yourself. But it’s hard when everyone else has what you want, including a nice house and great vacations. 😦

        But I will share this– I never had, nor did I ever want, an engagement ring. My husband and I bought a computer instead, and every two years or so we upgrade my engagement ring. And unlike diamonds and gold, the price keeps going down!


  16. I started my blog, because I didn’t know what to do with my cRaZy puppy. My first post was a call for help!! 🙂
    So I named it Just A Pup, because everyone kept saying, “Tibby is doing this wrong and is that crazy.” And I would say, “But she’s just a puppy…..”


    • Hahaha! That’s perfect. And I agree, she is just a puppy, no matter how old she is. Dogs are a product of their nature and of their training. It is never their fault.

      Besides, Tibby is just so cute! How can anyone stay angry with her? Impossible!


  17. I love that movie too, it’s one of the few movies I can watch several times. It inspires me (shocker). My name was pretty simple… Initials and I want to inspire and have a way to share my art/inspirations. Whether through 4 legger form or later on some more creative art/products. Doing artsy/creative things is a part of me that I must fulfill or I will go insane/crazy etc. And it so happens that photography and cooking are two easy ways to get my creative fix and make my world a little happier. Not very creative of a title huh? Some part of it might have been sparked by the fact that Luna’s registered name is “Dynata’s Bound to Inspire”, so it kinda all just “worked” like when I came up with Her name.


    • I am so glad you liked it as well. I don’t know why it took me so long to watch it. Books turned into movies always make me nervoues. I never expect them to match expectation. This was one of the very few times I actually enjoyed both as separate entities.

      I don’t think your title is simple at all! It says a lot about you as an artist and as a writer. I’d love to be as passionate and creative. My cooking skills are fairly nil; I am lucky in that my PH loves to work in the kitchen! Otherwise we’d eat nothing but cereal. I used to bake a lot – before the dog, pastry was my biggest hobby. Unfortunately I don’t make a lot of time for that anymore. Maybe I should start it up again.


  18. I think we all get overwhelmed and yet held together by our dogs, mostly at the same time. It’s not unlike having a child in many ways….which brings me to my blog title, Married with Dawgs. We have no plans to have children – our dogs are our kids and I wanted my blog title to reflect that my dogs are my family.


    • Totally at the same time, I agree! While I don’t want to know what I’d be doing now if it weren’t for Shiva, sometimes I definitely feel in need of a break. 😛

      I’ve always suspected that was the reason behind your title. I am much the same. I may not be officially married, but I know exactly what you mean. My PH, my dog, and my cat, they are all the family I need.


  19. Nice tie in to that movie (which I’ve seen, too). 🙂 And I’ll admit to daydreaming about what it would be like to be “discovered” and turned into a major motion picture. (Please hold your laughing ’til the end of my comment.)

    My animals have also saved me from myself a number of times. Cats included. I can’t imagine living without the furry little beasts (even though they are exhausting at times).

    When I first discovered your blog, I marveled at the clever title (while wishing I had come up with something so clever for mine). I can’t really remember my entire thought process for Chronicles of Cardigan. I think it had something to do with the dogs looking a bit like a cross between a hobbit and a talking animal from Narnia. 🙂 And it was too hard to think of a parody on the Lord of The Rings titles.


  20. I like your blogs title, it feels like it has meaning
    I did have to laugh at your title of this post!

    I have been thinking a lot about the title of my blog lately. I remember the day I gave it it’s name, I had no idea what I was doing and obviously I had no creativity at all! All I could think of was MyBrownNewfies I named my blog and then did my first post 6 months later, I had no idea this blog would become such a big part of my life.
    I have thought about changing the name since it is lacking any type of creativity, but I know I never will!


  21. Oh wow! I wanted the blog to reflect that it was about our dogs without giving it an exclusively Greyhound themed title, and I also wanted to show that it was sort of funny stories about our every day life. I didn’t really ever dream that anybody would read it, so I didn’t put as much thought into it as I wished I had. At the end of last year, I thought about changing it to Hound Tales or Bunny Tales when I got my own domain, but everybody said they liked the current title and D.K. Wall of The Thundering Herd wisely pointed out that when he Googled Tales and Tails, my blog was at the top of the search engine, so I stayed with it!

    I love your story about how you, Shiva and your blog have evolved! 🙂


  22. Our dogs keep our feet on the ground, don’t they:) You think you’ve got a problem sussed and they’ll throw you another one. Well, I’m talking about Frankie here. If it was for the kids I’d probably sit at the computer all my waking hours instead of at least making time to feed and walk them. Then there’s writing about them too!

    I basically started my blog because my friends and workmates seemed to be getting sick of hearing about them non-stop and I thought I’d probably stop talking about them (so much) if I wrote about them. I don’t think that happened, lol. Unlike Houndstooth I did want a name for my blog with ‘Greyhound’ in it as I hoped maybe a few people who own Greyhounds might read it:) I’d finally taught Beryl to sit and there was my blog title! I was surprised it hadn’t been taken already.

    Your blog title is very unique and has lovely history behind it. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I just might now:)


  23. I started my blog to drive more traffic to the website. Originally I was focusing on DIY projects since I didn’t think that I had anything to say. I’ve strayed away from the DIY aspect, but since Dexter has arrived, I’ll be doing some puppy projects.

    Any my blog name? Totally lame. The Doggie Stylish Blog? I was the best that I could come up with at the time.


  24. Hi, Kristine,

    I haven’t been your most fateful reader lately (mainly because we’re enjoying summer too much – sorry), but I’m hoping to rectify that within the next few weeks. Just bear with me a little longer…
    I’ve always admired the creativity of your blog title, and I often wished I’d been equally creative with mine. I know George isn’t technically a little dog, but he’s my little baby boy and is often referred to as ‘baby dog’ by everyone in our family. Since I didn’t want the word ‘whippet’ in the title (don’t ask me why, I just didn’t), I went for a generic, boring title. I do like it, though, so I’ll stick with it.

    I loved reading the story of your blog, your story and the story of how Shiva came into your life and changed things. It’s a very heart-felt post and I read it with emotion. You definitely win the award for that line, although I wouldn’t say it is cheesy. It could be, but the fact that you mean it rescues it and makes it brilliant 😉


  25. Love this post and love reading about the story behind everyone’s blog name. Mine was based on my stock answer when people asked if I was having kids… I would respond “I just want more puppies.” So when my friends started writing baby blogs, I thought blogging sounded fun… but mine wasn’t going to be about a baby… thus, I Still Want More Puppies was born!


  26. I loved the title for your blog the first time I saw it 🙂 I called mine The Daily Dog Blog – thinking that I would have something to write about every day (whoa, I was just a little over enthusiastic!) I wish I would have done it while I had my dog walking business – I would have had so much more to write about 🙂

    I don’t think we are really living to our fullest potential unless we feel like we are floundering a bit. I think dogs help us to see that there is so much more to life 😉 It’s all of the little things that make life wonderful! (even if they drive us a little crazy!)


  27. Hi Kristine,

    Although I identified rather closely (too closely) with Julie and her life that seemed to go nowhere anytime soon, I did not like the movie (Julie and Julia) because I’ve got an obsessive aversion to anything that is even remotely related to cooking.

    I think that the only think that drove me to blogging is my passion for writing and my “gift for gab” as my friends often claim. Sadly, I was unable to extract a good title so I settled on DogProducts which is really misleading because displaying of products is just a small aspect of my dog related blog.

    At first I distressed over it but then I remembered what good old Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” So, a blog by any other name would be just as enticing.

    By the way Kristine, I love your blog and I visit it frequently. I have also incorporated your link within my site as a valuable resource for my visitors. Would you be willing to return the favor by placing my link right here on your blog?



  28. Hi! I found you via “I Still Want More Puppies” and loved reading both your story and your commenters, too. My cat blog, Curlz and Swirlz, is named because of a Cornish Rexes wavy marcelled fur. The cats of Curlz and Swirlz are both Curly and Swirly! Furrydance Cattery (I used to breed and show Cornish Rex) was named after a spring fertility festival that has been held in Cornwall since the 1400’s. Dancing fur is a good way to describe a Cornish Rex’s wavy fur, as well. And while the cats don’t dance, they certainly are the ballerinas and sprinters of the cat world!


  29. My blog’s title is cheesy, that’s for sure. But it started as a blog about pit bulls, and the one wish they would have: to be loved and accepted. So it my was Charlie’s wish (her wish came true!).

    My other blog is ScratchMyBelly and it features the dogs at the shelter where I volunteer. It kind of speaks for itself.


  30. I’ve always been attracted to your blog partially because of the title. My blog started off as The Writer’s Dog, which I think is a much more interesting blog title than it has now. But over the course of time, I struggled with what exactly what the title meant, and what my blog was really about and how it fit with the title. So it became Peggy’s Pet Place which is not exactly inspired, but at least is alliterative.


  31. I don’t think there is a whole lot of mystery in the title of my blog: My Life With Flyball Dogs. I own two dogs who I enjoy doing flyball with. The blog is about the dogs, flyball, and a lot of other adventures we have together, everything from just trips to the park to our adventures lure coursing and competing in disc dog.


  32. My blog title was definitely not as inspired as yours was. I just wanted something simple, that would identify me, (since I’d like to be published one day), and also what the blog was about. (dogs.) Voila! Plus I wanted something simple to remember.

    I have to say though, your description of how you felt when you first got Shiva really hit home. We had recently lost a very special dog, and I was wallowing in self pity. I had adopted Leah and I thought a friend would help her, so I adopted Toby without really researching the breed. Let me tell you, there was a reason someone dumped that 11 month old dog off at the shelter. He was a living nightmare.

    But like you, I had taken on this responsibility, and I wanted to train him. And so I began working with him every day, and now, he is my “heart-dog” and I can’t imagine not having him. He helped me have focus and get over my grief, and he also did help with Leah’s fear issues too. He’s such a great dog. Thanks for writing this post and reminding me of how things were, and how far we’ve come!


  33. I thought that was a great movie.

    And I love the title of your blog.

    I came up with the name for my blog – That Mutt – because that’s how we’d often refer to my mutt Ace. My boyfriend would say things like “Have you walked that mutt yet today?” Or I’d say “have you fed that mutt?” It just seemed like a catchy name for a blog/brand.


  34. I was so stupid that I went over and commented on the BlogPaws page not realizing I should have commented here! Dunce!

    Anyways, I really loved this post. I never even suspected that your blog name had anything to do with more than just getting an insane dog and the trials and tribulations that come with training and making them a good canine citizen. I actually love that you shared your story. I think so many of us can relate.

    My story is somewhat uninspiring and boring. I already had Daisy’s blog going, but felt that it didn’t really allow me to focus on my pet sitting business and share good into with my clients. I was trying to think up a good name and all I kept coming to was No Dog About It (like no doubt about it). I never intended it to become anything other than a client blog, but as you know, sometimes the writing just takes over and before you know it you’re exploring things you hadn’t thought you would share with anyone before. I actually like that it has become more than that to me. I love writing and it allows me to explore the fun, the strange, the cute and the controversial. I like that.
    I still love your name better though!


  35. That was a good read, finding out how other blogs got their names – interesting! Under the Blanket was named as it belongs to ‘blanket’ and also Poppet is always under a blanket of some sort. We have to put sticky notes on it whenever we see a lump in a blanket just in case!


  36. Clearly there is nothing remotely clever about my blog’s title. Does what it says on the tin.

    Loved reading your thoughtful blog post, as ever. A wonderful story of how you and Shiva rescued each other.

    Love and licks, Winnie


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