Blogging Conference Schmlogging Schonference

I may not be going to BlogPaws this weekend with everyone else, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own cool activities going on to keep us busy. In fact, I am glad I am not there learning awesome things and meeting amazing people. Just think, if I was at the conference I wouldn’t get to watch Shiva run around during our weekly agility class!

Stuck inside a hotel, I might miss the excitement of the approaching Hurricane Irene.

If we're lucky, we might lose power!

If I was going to BlogPaws I wouldn’t be able to go on this Saturday’s ghost walk at the Halifax Citadel.

These tunnels must be explored.

Furthermore, I don’t know how I could stand it if I didn’t get to see this face meowing at me every single morning.

He looks cute, but don't let those ridiculously long whiskers fool you.

Even worse, if I had to fly to Washington, I wouldn’t have been able to bring Shiva. That would have been three whole days without her fur all over my clothes.

Surely that is a fate worse than death.

So all those lucky bloggers can have their big important conference. Clearly I have many better things going on. I just can’t fit it into my schedule.

What are you up to this weekend?

24 thoughts on “Blogging Conference Schmlogging Schonference

  1. I hear you! Who in there right mind wants to go to a conference where there are dogs and bloggers…I mean I would much rather be sitting home!
    I hope all of our blog friends are having a great time at BlogPaws, we hope to be able to attend next year! oh..and I am not at all jealous of the people who are there getting swag and having fun:)


  2. We’re sad that we aren’t going to BlogPaws, but I’m glad Sampson and I are not in the hotel while a hurricane bears down on us! I already have enough saved for my ticket for next year and I will be there! I hope you are too, Kristine (with Shiva of course) if it’s manageable.

    In the meantime, we can live vicariously through our friends, who braved all to go. Have fun this weekend.


  3. I also am not attending BlogPaws…I didn’t even know what it was until you mentioned it. Does that make me a bad dog blogger?? 😦 We are taking Ginger to another adoption event and are thinking about visiting the nearby town of Parkville…we are wild and crazy kids here in KC!


  4. Your weekend sounds like great fun and I’m sure Shiva agrees, but really we all need to make it to BlogPaws next time damn it! They have one in Salt Lake in June?


  5. I love that last picture!!! I am not going either because like Emily, I had no clue what it was until I clicked on the link.

    Sophie has agility on Saturday and flyball practice on Sunday 🙂


  6. Yeah, who wants to put a face to a name, stay in a bed with clean sheets, and hang out in DC? I mean, if I was there, I wouldn’t have the insane fun of watching them rip up my street for the next five days!

    Our Best Friend would have been left behind regardless, but now with the kennel cough he ain’t even walking down the block. And I wouldn’t fly– it’s a 10-hour drive from here, I would have made a two-day trip out of it. Watch, next year it’ll be in Tucson and I won’t be able to go again.


  7. That last photo is PRICELESS. 🙂 This weekend I’ll hopefully be repainting a little metal storage unit, napping, and then going to the shelter followed by the dog beach on Sunday afternoon. Can’t wait!


  8. We were SUPPOSED TO BE going to Blog Paws. But it became clear mid-week that I will be working all weekend. So not only won’t we be at Blog Paws, we won’t be doing anything fun either. Ah, well.


  9. Going to Blog Paws is on my ‘Bucket List’, but like you, I’ve got far better things to do this weekend:) Yesterday I worked and again this morning. Right now I’ve got a load of washing on, and I’m going to take the kids for a walk soon. Then hang out washing, do grocery shopping. While I’m doing all this I’ll also by trying to pluck a blog post out of thin air because nothing has happened to blog about. Tomorrow Beryl and I have got a Greyhound walk in the afternoon and I’ll also have to take Frankie for a separate walk. Plus I’ve got to check on an elderly friend and his not-so-well little dog.

    Yes, I’m far too busy to go to Blog Paws this weekend. Maybe next year? I wonder if they’ve thought of having it in New Zealand?


  10. I am not feeling one bit sorry or jealous of all those people having fun at Blogpaws! No sirree, Bob! Tomorrow, I have the dogs to myself while hubby is out at SAR training and Sunday we’re going to Chicago with Bunny and Morgan to take the Chicago Architecture Tour with some other dog blogging friends. At least I’ll be too busy to think about it too much, until Monday hits and everybody talks about how much fun they had.


  11. My extremely exciting weekend includes(ed);
    Cutting my Mom’s grass
    Buying a birthday present for my Dad
    Reading YOUR blog 😀
    Making dog leashes for a wholesale customer
    Keeping Dexter out of stuff
    Washing a blanket that Dexter peed on
    Keeping the dogs apart when Dexter gets the zoomies
    Cleaning up after Dexter’s “accidents”
    Birthday lunch with Daddy 😀

    You know you want my social life! I can see that you are so super jellus! Let us know if you see any ghosts!


  12. We also had a weekend choc full of way better things to do – like catch up on laundry, vacuum the floors an grro the dogs. Luckily, we also got to se]pend some time at the lake! What am i saying?! I’m all sorts of jealous of the bloggers who got to go.

    I’m absolutely making time in my schedule (and wallet) to go to either Barkworld, Blogpaws (or both, you never know, I could win the lottery this year, right?!


  13. Maybe next year we will all have to suffer through it – but I would have missed my kids too much too (and I’m a big baby when it comes to being away from home when there is a dangerous storm approaching!!)


  14. I feel your pain… I know it’s ages ago, but as I get more involved with BlogPaws it seems more and more stupid that I didn’t jump on the plane to fly out there. Having said that, it was one of my best friend’s weddings that weekend so I had a fairly good excuse. Can’t wait for next year!


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