Shiva’s Perfect Day

Shiva the Dog had a very exciting day yesterday. Her idea of what Heaven looks like, I am sure.

First, she got to run around for an hour in Point Pleasant Park, a fantastic off-leash park in Halifax located right on the ocean. We don’t get over there very often but it’s such a great place to hang out for a few hours exploring the trails. Shiva wishes we would build a house there.

Second, we had a practice session for the agility demonstration we are participating in this weekend. Atlantic Small Dog Rescue is putting on the First Annual Rescue Dog Show on Saturday and my agility group has been asked to entertain the crowd. Shiva may or may not be ready for a live audience with so many fans but I couldn’t resist the opportunity. Even if she ends up going on a tear around the exhibition grounds, I think we’ll have a great time. Last night’s practice was a blast, like a combination of agility and flyball. All about the speed! Shiva was a dog born to drag race.

After all that excitement, Shiva came home to find a brand new antler! The incredibly generous Karen of Doggie Stylish was kind enough to send it our way when her dogs turned up their noses at it. Shiva was shocked to hear there are dogs who aren’t obsessed with chewing but was very grateful for the surprise. Thanks to Karen, Jersey, and Dexter, Shiva had the perfect end to her perfect day.

To show you how much she enjoyed it, I made sure to capture some video.*

I wish I could say she will be enjoying the gift for a long time but alas, the antler did not last long under Shiva’s powerful jaws. She was just too excited to let it escape. Here is all that remains:

Nonetheless, even if the antler is gone, the memories will last forever.

* I owe the lovely Jersey an apology. In the video I say the word “boys” but Jersey is very obviously a female. I blame the late August heat. I am sorry Jersey, you are nothing if not a very beautiful girl and I did not mean to lump you in with Dexter. The plight of an older sibling! It’s one I relate to well. I hope you will forgive me.

21 thoughts on “Shiva’s Perfect Day

  1. Wow! Shiva DID have a great day! That was really nice of Karen to send the antler her way. I am still amazed she can chew one up. I have a Lab and she hasn’t chewed one up yet!
    I am also excited to hear how the agility presentation goes this coming weekend. Wishing you and Shiva an awesome time!


  2. If the purpose of the agility demonstration is to “entertain the crowd,” Shiva will be a big hit. I watched the antler video twice. I couldn’t resist her sweet face.

    It’s great hearing you sounding excited about doing agility with Shiva in public. You even seem calm about the prospect that Shiva could do a “zoomies” demonstration. Is that the wine or are you really starting to chill out?

    Either way, it’s nice to hear (read) you talking about it. I’m really excited for you both. Can’t wait to see the pix.


  3. Sounds like the perfect doggie day. I am curious about the antlers as treats. Are they sharp when they break apart? I would be worried our dogs would break them into large pieces, swallow them and end up at the vet.

    Have fun at the agility demonstration. I bet Shiva will be fab!


    • Antlers seem to actually be safer than many bones as they tend to powder more than make sharp splinters. though shiva’s remains look a little more sharp but it probably also depends on what shape you buy. It is amazing how hard they are though, truly are a good chew for those buzz saw jaws out there. Mine won’t touch them, though they have never had one like this, they have always just had the 4 point deer rack so that might be why.


  4. One of these days I’ll have to get an antler for Our Best Friend. He’s not a big chewer, but he does love chewy dog treats.

    If it doesn’t pour rain, we’ll take him to the park this afternoon to get HIS zoomies out. He hasn’t been in two weeks, but he stopped coughing completely over the weekend and I think he’s fine now, other than not getting enough exercise for the last two weeks!


  5. Shiva is one lucky girl! I cannot find antlers around here and I have the same concerns as 2BrownDawgs about the sharpness and Delilah chewing it into pieces and ending up at the vet.

    Can’t wait to hear about the agility weekend, just go in determined to have fun and whatever happens will be.


  6. I had never heard of antlers as treats until I saw it on your site, but boy am I glad I did! Makelele LOVES his antler treats! Chai isn’t as much of a fan, but Mak isn’t complaining. I didn’t realize quite how pricey they were, but it’s totally worth it!


  7. That does sound like a pretty great day! If you try the antlers again, do some reading about them, as some types last longer than others (elk versus deer or moose, etc). I get 8-10 inch elk antlers for my guys, and they last a pretty long time normally.


  8. OH. EM. GEE. I disappear for a few days and you do THIS with the place? I love it. LOVE IT! AJ @ PupLove/Serenity, right? I think I recognize the colour scheme from a teaser post. Looks AWESOME!

    I love Shiva’s perfect day. Nothing like a good antler at the end of the day to relax with.


  9. I’m so pleased that Miss Shiva enjoyed the antler chew that my dogs turned their noses up at. Jersey is pretty picky about her treats but I thought that Dexter would gnaw on that thing for sure!

    Good luck with the agility this weekend. Jersey doesn’t mind being called a boy since she really is an “it” now that she has been spayed 😀

    BTW – new design looks good!


  10. Love the new design. Especially the Shiva character at the top! Hope the change runs smoothly for you. And good luck at the trial, we are shooting for maybe attempting some agility at the Vizsla nationals in may. Hopefully we can find time to pull it together before then, but we will have fun either way.


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