Rescued Insanity: New and Improved!

You may or may not have noticed the few changes made on this here website. I assure you, they did not happen overnight. But I wanted to keep it a surprise. Today, September 2, I am very proud to present Rescued Insanity’s official new look! 

After I completed the original overhaul back in early May – the one that included taking the frightening leap to the world of self-hosting – I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with the appearance of my blog until I had it looking completely unique. Why eat only half the pie when you can have it all? Unfortunately, I have absolutely no knowledge of web design. The only way I’d get it done this century was to pay someone else to do it for me. I went about gathering a few quotes from some pretty talented people but the prices were well beyond my budget. By June, I’d lost all hope.

That’s when I started talking to AJ of Pup Love and Syrenity. It turns out, not only is she a great dog blogger, she’s also a skilled designer. After mulling over a few ideas, she offered to help me out. I couldn’t be more grateful. Everything you see before you is a result of her labour. I want to thank AJ for all of her kindness and patience putting this together. I know it was not easy but somehow she was able to pull it off. I think the results are brilliant!

I am so excited I finally get to show off the full design! September is going to be a crazy month full of new challenges and moments of badassery. The new website could not have been finished at a better time. To quote Sara, it’s time to get this party started!

What do you think? If you spot any bugs or anything that needs tweaking, please let me know. Make sure to check out the footer; it’s my favourite part!

Thanks again to AJ and to everyone else who has encouraged me over the last year. It’s because of you I am still waking up so bloody early every day. I hope we will continue to have fun together in the future.

35 thoughts on “Rescued Insanity: New and Improved!

  1. You should have a lot of luck with this new format, and it should drive a lot of business your way!

    To be honest, I find the light blue of the blogroll hard on the eyes, but then I’m old. You didn’t have a blogroll before, did you? I’m sure there will be many more changes until you settle on what makes you perfectly happy, and what reflects Shiva’s unique personality!


    • I agree on the blogroll text – needs a bit more contrast (and I’m still -fairly- young)… This is a great looking blog though, and I love the illustration in the header 🙂 We’re in the process of redesigning pet365 at the moment as it’s a bit boring and, as a friend of mine said, ‘clip arty’ 😛


  2. The new design looks boffo! And the first words out of my mouth when it came up on the screen? “Hey, that’s Shiva!”

    I’ve seen a few blogs that AJ has helped out with graphic design. I think your header is the best one she’s helped with.

    I have so wanted to redesign my blog(s). Maybe your efforts and the 31 Day challenge will get me off my duff!

    BTW, hope you continue to include lots of real life photos of Shiva. 🙂


  3. Very nice!! I think it looks great! Good web-designers do not come cheap that’s for sure! There is no way I could have afforded the logo design and the impending web design without having designers for friends who offered deep discounts and some bartering.

    You should be very proud of the product! It looks great.


  4. Best of luck with the new format, I admit it took me a minute to figure it out, I thought my blogroll had gone funny!

    It is a beautiful design and should help you get lots hits.


  5. I like it and really like the format! I have been wanting to overhaul my blog for quite some time now and I pretty much know what I want in my head but do not have the extra funds(hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars) to give to someone to do it and I have no design skills myself!
    Best of luck and I can’t wait to see what you in store for September!


  6. I like the new design. Have to agree with an above comment, though, that the super light blue text in the sidebars is hard on my eyes. I’ll even admit to not reading some blogs that I otherwise would simply because the text was too hard to read (normally white text/black background hurts my eyes the most).


  7. Very nice, Kristine! I am a huge fan of the new design!
    It looks great – is unique and nice and colourful – but still retains the sleek, easy to read look you’ve always had.


  8. Wow- nice work! The header and footer are very cute 🙂 I am a web designer/graphic designer too, so I can appreciate what goes in to creating a new site 🙂 I finally finished my business website (well, almost – I haven’t added the templates that I’m going to offer . . it’s next on my list!)

    My hope is to eventually focus on pet businesses 🙂

    I hope to still see lots of pictures of Miss Shiva too!! Have a great weekend!



  9. AJ did a fantastic job! I love the new look, and it does seem a lot more you than anything grey and somber! I don’t know how you managed to keep it a secret. I can’t wait to see what sort of badassery you have up your sleeve this month, either!


  10. What a cheerful place! 🙂 Love the artwork (and that you included kitty boy in the footer).

    I am inspired and thinking of ways I can bribe my designer friend…. 🙂


  11. Looks awesome! Very cute and unique and clean and crisp looking. Love it! Your designer did a wonderful job. If I had to suggest anything, I would say maybe change the font of your page titles. The cursive is slightly hard to read. I like to keep everything as simple and user friendly as possible.

    The footer is very cute! 🙂 And the drawing of Shiva!


  12. Kudos to AJ! I am in awe of your new web design Kristine. I love the cartoon pic of Shiva on your header.

    I have been terrified to go to my own hosted site because I was afraid of losing all my old posts. But, obviously you did it, so maybe it’s not that hard? I also would like a new web design, but money would be an issue. I am so very glad that AJ was able to help you. She’s clearly one very talented woman. I look forward to reading your blog in a whole new way!
    BTW – I’m with Pamela. Hope you continue to feature pics and videos of Shiva. (P.S. Love the subtitle!)


  13. I love the color! and the footer is awesome. Oh, and cartoon Shiva is adorable too! but I thought I went to the wrong blog first, I was about to leave!


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