Shiva’s First Live Audience

On Saturday, our agility (club? class? school? training association? group? let’s go with group) group put on a demonstration at the 1st Annual Rescue Dog Show put on by Atlantic Small Dog Rescue. If you are a total dog geek like me, you can find links to photos of the event here.

Being who I am, I waffled back and forth about going. Initially, I was stunned one of our trainers even asked us, knowing how wild our dog is in new environments. I was flattered she thought we would help put on a good show. My PH was even more reluctant that I was. If I remember correctly, his response to my text message was something like, “Are they insane??”

For whatever reason – maybe because I am a little bit crazy – the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to go. Even though participating in an agility demonstration wasn’t an item on my life list it probably should have been. The very first time I encountered the sport was as a kid watching a demonstration with my father at a local event. Since I’ve always been just a wee bit dog obsessed, I was amazed at what the dogs could do. It looked like so much fun. From that time on, I’d always wanted to try agility one day myself. Twenty years later, I finally have the chance to be the one in the ring, showing off my dog’s skills. I couldn’t turn away from such an opportunity.

How did it go? Of course I got my PH to take video, so you can see for yourself. All I will say is, it could have been a lot worse.  I won’t even bring up how she jumped on top of the registration table and terrified the poor volunteer. We’ve never performed in front of a live audience of strangers before. The room was crowed and the noise level was intense. I could yell all I wanted and she couldn’t hear me. Since I rely on my voice almost entirely to get her attention, it was a challenge.

What is most important is that we had a fantastic time. And I hope we get to do it again.


23 thoughts on “Shiva’s First Live Audience

  1. Kristine, I think you all did awesome considering the amount of people there and the close proximity to the ring. You should be so proud of yourself and of course the Shivster. 🙂 BIG GRIN on my face after watching.


  2. Kristine,
    I’ve been following your blog for sometime and enjoy every installment! Shiva is the happiest girl I think I have ever seen. Her zest for life simply pulls you into her world! And I always seem to get a get belly laugh out of something she does. Plus I think she might be the fastest dog in the world……..LOL. I’ve got a pit mix that is about the same size of Shiva and I always thought she was fast. She can’t hold a candle to Shiva.
    I thought she did a wonderful job, I promise you those watching her had a good time too. I thought I was going to die laughing when she lapped that little border collie!!! Keep up the good work girls, I’m in your cheering section.


  3. Totally the other dog’s fault! When (s)he didn’t enter the tunnel, it just threw Shiva off!

    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

    I’m glad you had so much fun! Perfect is intimidating; if Shiva gave a perfect performance, people considering adoption might say, “Oh, I can’t do stuff like that, I guess I won’t get a dog.” But when they see it’s just goofy fun, they’ll want to join in. 🙂


  4. I see you had to do a little agility yourself…climbing under the rope and such 🙂

    What a fantastic display you put on for the crowd. Shiva did so well in such a crowded, noisy enviroment. the fact that she could focus at all is quite amazing.


  5. I love how Shiva caught up to the other dog on the second take. She’s lightning fast! Looks like it was a blast. Just told the Hubster I want an agility set for the backyard for Christmas. 🙂


  6. AWESOME!!! she had a blast!! she’s such a good girl! Shayne would not have been capable of having hat level of arousal so close to another dog off-leash running like a maniac.

    We love doing demos because ANYTHING we do is appreciated by the crowd… we could mess up bunches but the crowd still tends to “wow!” and appreciate the effort. Plus we just get to go out there and have a bast and try new tricks

    well done!


  7. Awesome! And yes, you totally won!

    I am so impressed. And even with the amazing challenges (noise, small ring, multiple dogs) I think you and Shiva look like you’re communicating in the ring better than ever.

    Thanks so much for sharing. It was terrific.

    BTW, was the PH won over by her amazing abilities?


  8. I love your new layout! Poor Shiva, must be hard to concentrate with another dog on the course at the same time! I think both my dogs would have similar issues, particularly Barbie. Once I get focus from Bender he is rock solid … but I’ve never tested him out in such an intense environment. Barbie can get distracted even half way through a ‘spin’ when she is facing away from me – it’s like she forgets what she is doing and goes to wander off in the other direction!


  9. That looks like so much fun! I love the fact that Shiva is so happy and looks at you like, “can I go again???” Great video (plus, it looks like you get just as much of a workout as she does!)


  10. To say that I was amazed at Shiva’s performance in those conditions is a slight understatement! Boy, has she ever come a long way. You should be very proud of Shiva and yourself. That was a real test and hey, so what if she took off at the finish, she burnt the BC off on the course and had to go tell someone:) Good luck for future demos/comps!


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