Favourite Things

It’s hard to say what I love most about Shiva.

Is it her little white paws?

Is it her constantly wagging tail with the curled white tip?

It is her merle colouring that speckles even the backs of her ears?

Is it her deep brown eyes that convince me she deserves just one more treat?

Is it the pink tongue currently licking my hands as I type?

Is it her wiggly body?

Or, it is the asymmetrical white line that runs down her nose?

No, while all of those things are precious, what I love most about Shiva is her ears. Shiva’s ears are super soft. She loves to have them scratched as much as I love scratching them. Her ears are also the most expressive part of her body. One can discover how she is feeling just by watching her ears.

They can move in all directions. Shiva’s ears are as agile as the rest of her. They can hang low and they can prick almost as high as a German Shepherd’s.   When they are forward, something important has her attention. When they are back, she is either begging for affection or afraid. Most of the time, she holds them to the side, prepared for whatever life brings. Sometimes one ear will be forward and the other will be crooked. That’s when she’s working her wiles. She knows we humans are suckers for that sort of thing.

I love how they bounce as she walks. I love how they fly back as she runs. No matter how my day has gone, Shiva’s ears always make me smile.

What do you love the most about your dog?

29 thoughts on “Favourite Things

  1. We had to put my dog to sleep 6 years ago, but my favorite thing about her was how she always knew how to make me feel better, and picked up my moods. Whenever i cried, she was always there to lick away my tears….


  2. It’s so easy to love the things about our dogs that “talk” to us. It sounds like Shiva has really talkative ears.

    I really love Honey’s floofy tail. Ever since I read about an Italian research study that found dogs are more likely to wag to the right when they feel comfortable in a situation, I’ve used her tail as a barometer. (I wrote about it here: http://www.somethingwagging.com/2010/12/04/tail-tales-how-you-can-read-your-dogs-emotions-in-the-direction-they-wag/ . Feel free to strip out the link if you think it’s bad etiquette, Kristine.)

    I think we develop crushes on our dogs because of their color or the feeling of their coat. But we fall in love with the part that tells us how they’re feeling. 🙂

    Lovely post, Kristine.


  3. I love everything about Sampson, I cannot help myself. With Delilah I love her tail, it is always wagging, waiting and expecting the next good thing that happens to her.

    For rubbing it is always their ears, I just love when I scratch or rub and they let out that deep, contented sigh. Heart melt….


  4. Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one obsessed with dog body parts!

    I can’t argue about the ears–they are so deliciously smooth and pettable. Then there’s the nose, so cool and fresh. More than anything though I’d have to say it’s the paws–those warm little packages of scratchy ridiculousness.
    Thanks for the invitation to think about paws–you just made my day!


  5. I can see why you would love her ears so much!

    Of course I love every part of the Newfs, but my most favorite is their paws. I love a big, furry, soft paw!


  6. Picking just one thing is hard! I love how Sadie puts her chin on my leg and looks up at me with those soulful eyes when she wants some lovin’. I love how Maggie is ALWAYS ready for a game of ball but sometimes pretends she doesn’t know what I mean when I tell her to drop it closer (I think ’cause she just wants the ball in her mouth a little longer). And I love Hurley’s funny face – it already is and will continue to grow in its expressiveness.

    I think Shiva’s ears are pretty fantastic too! She seems to express so much with them.


  7. My favourite thing about Shiva is how she wags her tail in a circle. My second-favourite is watching her get the zoomies. But then I’ve never felt the ears. 🙂

    Our Best Friend has super-soft ears too. I always encourage shy/scared kids to scratch his ears because I know he’ll sit for it, and they are SO SOFT it actually relaxes the kids!


  8. I would have to vote ears also. Each of our fostered pitties has had unique ears — all expressive, and all hilarious and adorable and soft and pettable and infinitely entertaining. But of course,we love our floppy Chick ears best.


  9. I just read about the dog with the world’s longest ears. What I love about owners is that you can love your dog’s ears no matter what they look like.


  10. I love how she puts her paws on my arm then rolls over for a belly scratch – or when Kita lays beside me and puts her little paw on my leg to let me know she is there – like I woudn’t notice –


  11. My favorite part of Darby is looking into his super soft morning eyes, when comes over and rests his chin on my knees. His soft brown orbs just melt my heart 🙂


  12. Shiva’s ears sound like my fur niece’s ears. I have yet to meet her but I see lots of pictures and they are always doing something different!

    One of my favorite things about Sophie is how when she says hi its accompanied by a full body wiggle.


  13. I think the easier question would be what DON’T I love about my dog(s)?
    My favorite thing about Chai is how she can sense exactly how I am feeling at any time and if I’m feeling sad, she will squish right up next to me and lick my face/hand/foot, anything she can access. I’m sure it’s her trying to get me to feed her or something, but I’ll interpret it as her trying to kiss away my sadness.

    My favorite thing about Mak is his eyebrows. He has these SUPER expressive eyebrows that just make his face so entertaining.

    Oh, I love my dogs.


  14. After a long think about this, I can’t pin down one thing that I love about Song. She makes my life richer and like Shiva her ears are silky soft.


  15. I agree, Shiva’s ears are quite adorable! Actually, Tucker’s ears are one of my favorite things about him, too – they have quite an impressive range of motion. Though truthfully there’s not much I don’t love about him. (Or Phoebe for that matter.)


  16. I have a hard time deciding what my favorite thing is about Cali . . .but those big brown eyes and the way she tilts her head when I talk like she totally understands always makes me smile 🙂 She used to have hairs on her ears that stood straight up and we called them her devil horns 😉 I’ll have to dig up a picture! I love when doggies have thick, soft ears!!


  17. She does have adorable ears! If I had to pick a favorite physical trait, it would be Bunny’s nose. She can turn it at ninety degree angles from her face and it’s actually grey instead of black like most Greyhounds. For Morgan, it would have to be her bat ears. With Blueberry, it would be her crazy curly tail. Lilac has one floppy ear that we suspect might have been injured when she was a puppy mama, since there’s a tiny tear on one side that sort of looks like puppy mischief. I could go on and on about the cuteness of each of them, though!


  18. My chi, Pixie has an attitude as big as Texas. She expresses herself unabashedly. As someone who has had to learn to do that in life I admire how naturally it comes for her. She just naturally trusts that we will love her no matter what she does- and she’s right- but I love that she seems to know that and it seems to make her fearless.

    My dachsie, Chloe is the most affectionate dog ever. I love that part about her. She will sit and be petted for ages, she lets me hold her like a baby. Truth be told, I rocked her as a puppy. Especially when she woke in the middle of the night for a feeding and a poo, we’d rock a little before going back to sleep.

    Evie, my toy Manchester, is sharp. She is on the ball and totally aware of how to behave herself and takes no nonsense. I love that she seems to know exactly what to do at any given moment sometimes before I do. I consider her the oldest and wisest of the household.

    All in all I love that my dogs are who they are. I love that they have their own separate personalities and don’t feel like they always have to go with the group. I also love that they love me no matter how well I do or don’t do. I need that in my life, they make me a better person.


  19. Awesome post! Makes me just want to go curl up in a ball and bury my face in some fur. 🙂

    I don’t think I can pick a favorite part; I love all their parts, down to the pads of their feet!


  20. I would agree. I especially love Brut’s ears. He is the first dog I’ve ever had stand up ears and I can tell everything he is thinking and feeling by just watching them.
    If I had a choice for all the dogs, it would be their eyes. I could stare into them for hours…


  21. I would have to say that I love Jersey’s eyebrows. Always going up and down or side to side. AS for Dexter, I think that my fave, right now, is his tail. It’s always wagging. He’s such a happy pup.


  22. I love Frankie’s eyes, definitely. When I first got him they were hard for me to read as they’re golden, not brown, and I’ve had to learn to look at his mouth and ears in conjunction with his eyes to really read how he’s feeling. But I can drown in his eyes.

    Beryl would be ears, but I also love her nubbin tail. It doesn’t wag much now that it’s docked, but the hair has grown back into a little point, but only on the bottom side, not the top side. And I just love the weirdness in that, lol!

    I think if Shiva was mine I’d most love her smile. She always seems to be smiling and wagging that gorgeous tail!


  23. So funny. I had already said ears before I saw that you also loved her ears. I can so relate. I love both Daisy and Jasper’s ears. Daisy’s prick up when she’s excited about a rabbit that Jasper is chasing. She has no idea what to do, but it’s always fun to see her excited and for those ears to go up. Jasper’s ears always go forward when he’s intent on something. Always makes me laugh.

    P.S. I also love to rub Daisy’s ears. They are sooooo soft!


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