– Last night Shiva and I passed three dogs in a row on the same sidewalk. Two of them were little dogs on long leashes. Shortly after we passed two more dogs. One that turned the corner in front of us and took us both by surprise. There was no lunging, no pulling, no whining. The Drunken Master wins again! Canine Good Neighbour, here we come!

– Did you know there was such a thing as a Peanut Sniffing Dog? I happened upon this website by accident. Apparently there is a training facility in Florida to teach dogs to assist people with life threatening allergies. I need to send them an email because I have a born peanut sniffer right here beside me on the couch. I don’t know how Shiva does it but on every single walk she is somehow able to find at least one peanut. We’re talking a whole peanut, shell and all. She finds them everywhere: the city, the beach, the forest, our backyard, pet stores. I have no idea where they come from. As far as I know peanuts do not grow in Nova Scotia. There must be some sort of peanut fairy that randomly leaves them for her to find. It’s pretty cool she might be able to put this random ability to good use.

– This was the second time in a row that Shiva has woken me up at 3 am to go outside. It’s completely out of character and I am a little concerned. She’s never had a problem sleeping through the night without a potty break. If it continues I might have to call the vet. I don’t want to freak out unnecessarily but it’s just really weird behaviour for her.

– There is a doggie bar opening in Aurora, Ontario. The owner describes it as the Starbucks for pet lovers and I hope it becomes the next big trend. It would be fantastic to have something like that here! If you live and the HRM and have the cash, please take the hint. I think a similar business would do very well. Though, I can’t imagine taking Shiva. She doesn’t exactly understand proper table etiquette. We would have to teach her it’s rude to drool over another dog’s plate. Not to mention her embarrassing table jumping habits.

– Shiva received a surprise in the mail yesterday! The very generous Karen of Doggie Stylish sent her another lovely new collar. I was so stunned, I didn’t even notice how special the collar was until I read the note.

I don’t know if you can tell but the pattern is a series of agility obstacles! Is that not the coolest thing ever? There is even a little dog performing each obstacle – with great form too, I should add. All of Shiva’s agility human and canine friends are going to be incredibly jealous. I can’t wait to show it off! Thanks Karen! And thanks as well for adding the extra ring. You know Shiva all too well.

18 thoughts on “Smatterings

  1. Im not able to walk fred on the sidewalk by other dogs … he freaks and goes ape sh*t, now whats weird if we are out in public at a store or event he is fine… its just when he is in the neighborhood on a leash…sigh. so frustrating – we have to avoid people with dogs in the neighborhood and go the other way – yup im that girl 🙂

    I love the new collar, I keep meaning to buy a new collar from there -I love the patters and that one is perfect for Shiva!


  2. That is a very cool collar and it looks awesome on Shiva.

    Do you think she could have a urinary tract or bladder infection? Sometimes when their ‘tinkling’ habits change that could be the reason.

    Good work on passing dogs with no reactivity~ I bow before the Drunken Master. LOL


  3. Wow, you have all sorts of things going on there! Glad to know that Drunken Dog Walking is still so effective … maybe it will catch on? Having a doggie bar opening nearby will undoubtedly help! 🙂

    Beautiful new collar, BTW!


  4. I’m with Jodi – it might be something as simple as a UTI. (Though I hope it’s nothing!) That’s when Bella’s habits change too… we’ve been down that road a few times.

    Also, that is the coolest collar ever!


  5. Very cool about Aurora! In Niagara Falls, dogs aren’t even allowed on the patio outside. Found this out when I was there with a group of people WITH DOGS. Guh.


  6. I second the possible UTI, could be a very mild case… Luna will wake me up at night still if she needs to go poo really bad, and usually it’s the runny stuff. I love her for this, as Wyatt usually won’t indicate at all.

    As far as the drunken walking, I have a theory on that. you are RELAXED so your dog is relaxed. This is a perfect example of how important it can be. It makes perfect sense, glad it all went well. I want to test for CGC (good neighbor) too! I need to look up a place I think Luna would pass pretty easily… dog area might be tricky. I like your smatterings posts, I should do some of those they would suit life these days.


  7. That peanut thing is hilarious! I think you need to sign her up right away. And that doggie bar sounds fantastic. I have heard that pets are the one thing that can make it through a recession, and people are always looking to do things for their pets. Maybe you should start one?


  8. Fab collar.

    Song has been waking me an hour earlier than usual, but if Shiva carries on I would just pop to the vet.

    Well done Shiva on ignoring the other dogs.


  9. I’m giggling over the Drunken Master all over again!

    A peanut sniffing dog? I wonder if I could somehow scheme up a way to have a classroom dog that could detect peanuts… That would be the best classroom pet ever!

    Oh, please, somebody make that dog bar a franchise! We NEED something like that here! I would definitely support the business.

    That collar is adorable, and pure Shiva!


  10. Have you considered the possibility that Shiva has a hidden pocket and she is carrying these peanuts with her? LOL, either that or she is playing a game of “cat and mouse” with a squirrel who is leaving the nuts to taunt her.


  11. Beryl often goes 10 – 12 hours before needing to go outside if it’s a cold morning and she wants to stay warm on my bed. But some nights she just has to go out, usually between 2 am and 3 am. Last night was one of those nights and as I had to get up at 4am for work I wasn’t impressed! You will work out what to do with Shiva, whether she needs to go to the vet or not. I hope it’s just a passing thing. I guess with Beryl I can be grateful she doesn’t ask to go out every night! Last night (well, this morning actually) she had to bark in my ear twice to wake me up. Usually the noise of her toenails on the wooden floor in my hallway is enough.

    Love Shiva’s new collar, it’s very ‘her’:) Frankie and Beryl love their Doggie Stylish collars too:)


  12. I live about 45 minutes away from Aurora. When Dexter gets a little older, I’ll take the dogs there for a snack.

    Glad that you got the collar!! I’m like a squirrel, I store things away and forget that I have them. I won this collar in a charity raffle a year ago. When I found it last week, I thought of you and Shiva 😀 Thanks to everyone for the lovely compliments, but I DID NOT make this collar. If anyone wants to buy one, Google Funny Farm Collars, they make a lot of agility stuff.


  13. I seriously considered getting Our Best Friend trained as a bedbug sniffer, but I think he’s too old now. Do you know that there are a slew of studies out showing that dogs can sniff out cancer cells? Letting a dog sniff a stool sample is a heck of a lot less intrusive than a colonoscopy!

    Collar is awesome, hope it inspires Shiva! 🙂 And yes, UTI– I had a foster dog with crystals in her urine, antibiotics cleared it right up.


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