Halloween Costume Roundup

Even though I’ve never dressed an animal up for Halloween, every year I love to check out the latest in pet costumes. It’s totally cheesy, I know, but there is something about a dog dressed as an elephant that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Or better yet, a dragon.

If the above photo doesn’t make you melt into a puddle, how about a dog dressed as a banana? I dare you to resist.

Of course, there are some costumes I just don’t get at all. Namely, I don’t understand the impetus behind the Big Daddy Pimp outfit. Really?


For some reason, there don’t seem to be as many cool costumes for cats as there are for dogs. Which is strange given that cats are practically Halloween’s main sponsor. You can have cats without Halloween but you can’t have Halloween without cats. The best I could find was this vampire cape.

It’s pretty cute, eh? I would consider buying it for my cat if I didn’t suspect he would shred every piece of clothing in my closet.

Ah, maybe that’s why less people dress up their cats.

No, if I was going to actually force my pets to participate in Halloween, I’d probably focus most of my energy on Shiva. She’s much more tolerant. In fact, she may even enjoy the attention. I think she would make a lovely butterfly, don’t you? Any retaliation would be worth the adorable photos.

Speaking of photos, I may or may not have mentioned that I am one of nine judges for this year’s Halloween Dogs Photo Contest. Running from September 10th to October 22nd, entrants are asked to submit their favourite – or cutest – photos of their dogs dressed for Halloween. Every ten days throughout the contest period there will be a random draw for a handmade collar. (Which means there are still two more chances to win!)

The grand prize is pretty unique: enrollment in Susan Garrett’s Puppy Peaks, a year-long, online course full of incredibly valuable training advice. If not for the online recall course I took from Ms. Garrett last year, Shiva would probably still be running in circles around the agility field. Find more information about this fun contest on the Halloween Dogs website. There is still plenty of time to enter!

Have you ever dressed up your pets for Halloween?

29 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Roundup

  1. I tried to comment the last two days and it wouldnt let me 😦 booo but hopefully this will work out today! Ive dressed Fred up a few times but he is so large that even the xxxl at petco and petsmart dont fit him 😦 so I have to order one off the internet and they all cost $50 for his size, im thinking this year about making my own! I love seeing the dogs dressed up. They all look miserable!


  2. Our dogs are always dressed up for Halloween! The whole family dresses up to hand out candy. We actually have the “Pimp Daddy” costume. Costumes for large dogs are very hard to come by & our Ginger looked hilarious in it. We did refer to it as her “cool cat” outfit instead of “Pimp Daddy”. I may have to dig out some pictures 🙂


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  4. Daisy had a Jack-o_Lantern tshirt last year.

    This year, she has lady bug wings. Bella had bumble bee wings but its just for pictures-she won’t be going anywhere.


  5. We don’t really do Halloween in Australia, but I am considering making Barbie a few outfits for various Greyhound promotion events. 🙂 I think Froufrou might tolerate that cape, for a little while. Mittens would shred it, and then hide under the bed.


  6. We’ve put Our Best Friend in sunglasses and booties to keep the mud off his feet. It’s really funny– he prances like a dressage horse in those booties.

    I think you should dress Shiva as the Tasmanian devil. It’s barely a costume– it’s her alter ego. 🙂


  7. OMG yes! Once a year I reward myself by dressing them up in silly clothes (though they do have football jerseys they wear every sunday). Shayne has been a pumpkin, a purple monkey, and a butterfly … last year Rio was a squirrel and bandit was a pumpkin.

    We actually took the dogs trick-or-treating to some of the dog friendly neighbors last year… it was very cute.

    no plans for major costumes this year… i was thinking of making some but haven’t been terribly inspired (though I saw one online of a dog as a martini using the cone of shame LOL that i LOVED!). I am making two halloween collars though that the pups will wear for this month.


  8. I dressed Chai up last year as a saucy witch-dog. But like 20 minutes into our Pupaween festivities, her hat fell off so she just kinda looked like a goth chick I went to high school with.
    The husband abhors animals in costumes and won’t let me dress our male lab up or else he’d totally be going as a shark this year.


  9. We love any chance we can get to dress up our pooches. Miss M loves the princess, ballerina, fairy costumes (you should have seen what she did when we tried to dress her as a devil). Mr B just wears whatever we put on them. We have developed quite the collection, though we’re not sure what they’ll be this year. Chicago is actually INSANE on Halloween; like one of those TV shows where everyone is dressed up. It really does happen, so we don’t feel too bad about dressing up our pooches.


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  11. I’ve totally dressed up Dante, because he’s so easygoing about it! 🙂 And it’s way easier to find costumes for little dogs (especially in the cheap bin at Target). Last year my mom made all the dogs superhero capes with their initials on the back, and the year before that I found this great shark costume (only made him wear the hat/mouth part for the photos). We’ve also done batwings before, because they blend with his fur. 🙂 I’ll probably repeat one of those this year because I’m on such a tight budget!


  12. I’m not much for costumes, kerchiefs are about as far as I will go. But I must say that Corgie is pretty cute in the Banana costume!


  13. Little dogs get to have all of the fun!! There are never any costumes for dogs Cali’s age 😦 I bought her a ladybug costume one year but ended up putting it on one of our cats . . .oh the “you will die” looks I got from him . .still makes me shiver 😉

    I think Shiva would make a great butterfly!


  14. I’m not big on the whole dogs in clothing look. My dogs always show up at Halloween as nudists. 🙂

    Although I was very taken with the picture I posted on my blog onetime of a guy dressed as a hot dog holding a dachshund dressed as mustard.

    That said, Shiva probably would look adorable in fairy wings. Or maybe a superdog cape.


  15. Hmm, I’m thinking Big Daddy Pimp would look pretty good on Dewi. Okay, not really; I’m just cracking up thinking about it. 🙂

    No “costumes” here, but a well-placed accessory here and there is not out of the question. 🙂

    I’d love to see Shiva in some fairy/butterfly wings!


  16. T&P have never dressed up but I’m considering it this year, for blog fodder if nothing else. And, yes, for my own amusement. Cheap thrills and all that. I do think Shiva would make a lovely butterfly! 🙂


  17. We don’t really do Halloween in New Zealand either. I’m not really into dressing up dogs or cats, more from lack of imagination than anything else I guess:) And laziness. I’d rather look at what other people do with their animals:) Nothing would last long on Frankie anyway. Beryl would be OK because she’s used to wearing coats.

    Yep, I can totally see Shiva as a butterfly or angel:)


  18. I’m a big fan of Halloween and my poor dogs suffer for it. Two years ago, they were little devils. Last year, they were pumpkins. Still working on this year.


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