On This Day of Thanks

I wish I had a sweet photo of Shiva and The Cat hanging out together on the couch, like the one I posted last year. Alas, such an event has not recurred. I fear it was a one-off. But that’s okay. I have plenty to be grateful for this year.

  • I am grateful my dog doesn’t eat poop.
  • I am grateful that same dog also doesn’t roll in mud or dead fish.
  • I am grateful for the brilliant recall we know have. It’s something I never thought would happen. Our two years of hard work are finally paying off.
  • I am grateful for my practically husband who is supportive enough to take us to crazy fun matches at nine in the morning on a Sunday
  • I am grateful for The Cat, who may not totally despise me after all.
  • I am grateful for Shiva, who lives and loves with her whole heart every single day. And who is slowly teaching me how to do the same.

If I had to guess, I’d say Shiva is grateful for antlers bigger than her head.

Happy Thanksgiving!

29 thoughts on “On This Day of Thanks

  1. Great list to be thankful for.

    I too am grateful for your blog and would be ever more so grateful if you could share your secrets for the great recall and your sit/down stays. 😉


  2. Happy Thanksgiving (I’ve got a month and a bit to go, here). I think Elka would be super happy for that antler as well, holy smokes!

    That’s a great set of thankfuls. Thank you for it! 😉


  3. Barbie loves cat poop as well. She is deprived of it mostly, as the kittens have their own room which is gated off so the doggies can’t get into their litter tray or their food.


  4. It’s wonderful to take the time to think about the great things our dogs do and what we are truly thankful for. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything they do wrong. I love that Ace is such a mellow, laid-back boy in the house. I love that he is friendly with everyone. I love that he sleeps in, and I have to wake him up in the mornings!


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