K9 Kamp is Over and I am (Almost) Sad


I realized I never did an official wrap-up of my experiences at K9 Kamp. The time went by so fast it’s hard to remember everything that happened. To be honest, I was looking forward to the first weekend I wouldn’t be obliged to head out with the dog to perform some crazy feat of strength. Now that the time has arrived and Kamp is over, I find myself kind of missing it. How are we going to entertain ourselves now?

Despite all my whining, I did really enjoy myself. K9 Kamp opened my brain to all the various things Shiva and I can do together without having to leave the neighbourhood or sign up for more expensive classes. Back at the start of summer I complained about feeling lethargic and doughy. The only methods of exercise I knew were very traditional. Since I despise the gym with a passion I normally reserve for unsolicited advice, I figured it was hopeless. Furthermore, I spend enough time away from Shiva as it is. The idea of taking a class at night made me feel incredibly guilty. I told myself I was going to have to learn to accept my lazy body. K9 Kamp proved otherwise. It was the perfect answer to my problem! Not only do I not have to sign up for another membership I won’t use, but I can also get more exercise while hanging out with my dog at the same time! It was a win-win for us all.

Back in the spring, the city actually set up some outdoor exercise equipment in the park a few blocks from our house. I have yet to use it due to fears of being humiliated in public. It’s a really cool idea, though, and I applaud the city’s efforts to make equipment like that more accessible for people like me who can’t afford to plunk down hundreds of dollars at a fancy facility. Now that I am feeling all pumped up from my success at Kamp, I think I might give it a try.

In the early morning, of course. When no one can take video.

One of the other important things I learned from Kamp is how to be more present with Shiva during our walks. Now that she isn’t growling at garden gnomes or lunging at plastic bags, I don’t have to be nearly as vigilant. Therefore, I often find myself drifting off into deep thought and only paying attention to her if she pulls or if there is a dog up ahead. The rest of the time we are walking together but kind of doing our own thing. My own thing tends to be worrying about what I need to do when we get home. The K9 Kamp Challenges forced me to directly interact with Shiva again. I tried to take advantage of the time we had together to incorporate some of the work we had to do for the online event. I think we both had more fun during our twice-daily outings as a result.

I hope to continue this even though Kamp is over. It will be tempting to go back to our old style of meandering through the neighbourhood but I plan on trying to think of more creative ways to spend the time. If I see a log, instead of walking by, I will encourage Shiva to jump over it with me. I will try to run more, play more. Maybe I’ll even bring that toy along and see if I can’t get her tugging outside.

Hopefully I can continue the positive attitude I tried to maintain during K9 Kamp. Exercise has never been something I’ve enjoyed to any large degree. But it’s one of I those things I always feel better for doing. I never used to enjoy getting up at 5:30 am either and now I am doing it every single day. Shiva seems to bring out the masochist in me.

Baby steps.

Maybe one day, this will be us?

11 thoughts on “K9 Kamp is Over and I am (Almost) Sad

  1. Despite all the whining that I did, Sherman and I are really going to miss Kamp too.
    It was something I looked forward to each week because it gave us some much needed bonding time together and Sherman’s expressions always made me laugh.

    I totally think that one day that will be you and Shiva. LOL!!!!


  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! I think anything that gives us those special moments with our pups just feels so great and is definitely missed when it’s gone (I am TOTALLY missing agility right now, not because of the training but the one on one time I got to spend with the pups!


  3. Oh God! That video is killing me! Now that’s a workout partner!

    I think you make some great points about being present when you’re out with your pup, and I need to get better about getting out with our girls during the week, too, not just big things over the weekend!


  4. We had wanted to participate in Kamp, but my crazy work schedule precluded it. However, maybe we’ll be rebels and start whenever everyone else is stopping. Is there such a thing as fall/winter camp?


  5. this makes me sorta miss joing the k9camp but we totally will next time!

    Our dog park put in agility equipment but the only thing Fred does is pee on it 🙂 hahah


  6. The Spouse is always yelling at me to exercise, and I never do. One day I hope to start going to yoga classes again. I did that when I was pregnant with the last, and it was awesome, but I never went back after she was born.

    Our lives are crazy– work, family, and life crowd out stuff like exercise and healthy eating. Let us know if you keep it up, so we can be inspired!


  7. i completely feel you about A) being too cheap to pay for a gym and B) not wanting to have to go out at night to the gym, taking away more time with your dog. this is the reason my husband and i haven’t gone food shopping together in months. one of us has to stay home with desmond. running errands after work used to be easy and convenient. now it’s complicated and stressful. boo to that. if i weren’t so cheap (going back to A, of course), i’d hire a dog walker to come and give desmond some exercise mid-day, and then we could go buy milk together if we really wanted to.

    before desmond, i actually was getting up at 5AM to workout at home. once he came around, i had to get up at 5 to fit in his walk instead. technically, i am still getting some exercise, but as you know half of a walk can involve standing and waiting instead of actually walking. i really need to commit to moving my butt more on weekends with desmond.


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