Tuesday Time-out

This Sunday my PH and I decided to take a drive to admire the fall colours. For the very first time in ages we left Shiva behind with a stuffed and frozen Kong. I know she doesn’t much get the point of oohing and aahing over pretty leaves and I have no doubt she was happier in the house with her yummy snack.

Yeah, it's red. So what?

Leaving the poor dog behind also enabled us to check out the Provincial Wildlife Park in Shubenacadie. Given our love of animals I can’t believe it took us over three years to get there. Upon entering the park, this lovely gal greeted us with a coy smile and a glance toward the deer treat machine.

That’s right, I said deer treat machine. For the cost of a quarter we actually got to feed this sweetheart – with our bare hands! She was even kind enough to let us stroke her rough, but warm, neck.

Most of the animals at the park came from other zoological facilities in North America where they were born in captivity. Hence why the deer was so friendly. Many seemed to feel very comfortable around people and came to the front of their enclosures to say hello. A few were also received from members of the public who kept wildlife as pets. As they could never be released to the wild, they are sent to the park for rehabilitation and care.

While I understand the temptation as many of the animals were incredibly cute, I don’t get why anyone would attempt to raise a wild animal as a domestic companion. Even if one is able to bond with the animal, what happens if that animal’s caregiver dies? What if the animal got out and hurt neighbourhood pets? It’s just to much of a risk. Not to mention, illegal.

That being said, I could have tucked this guy into my pocket very easily.

Or given this handsome fellow one giant hug. Wouldn’t he make a wonderful pillow?

My PH was disappointed, however, when we weren’t able to find the moose in the deep grass of the enclosure. Silly boy, he actually thinks they exist. Clearly I have yet to convince him moose are part of Canada’s largest zoological conspiracy. (Although, I hear some Americans have gotten in on the act.) In all my years on the planet, I have yet to see one of these mythological creatures. But I have seen a lot of signs.

I guess that’s what they are supposed to look like. You know, if they were real.

The biggest hit of the day was the Arctic Fox. I didn’t know these adorable fuzzballs sometimes find themselves in Nova Scotia after drifting down on an errant ice flow. It would be so cool to see one in the wild!

They were just so playful! Like little puppies with very sharp teeth. They distracted me so much, I almost forgot about the silly dog I had waiting for me at home. The foxes (is that the correct pluralization?) definitely made up for the “no dogs allowed” rule. I loved them so much, I couldn’t resist taking a video to share with you all. Get ready to melt into a puddle!

36 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out

  1. Looks like a good time!

    Um, on aside note…Do you know that (at least when I) come to comment the previous commenter’s information is saved in the comment form? So, “Teagans” Name, email, and website are all filled in when I come to comment on your page. I don’t mind so much since I’m using a public email now. Anyone else have this?


    • Ugh. I thought that was fixed when I disabled certain plug-ins. But I appreciate you letting me know! I am going to have to figure out what’s going on. I apologize for any annoyance.


      • Well, not to confuse you more. It only does it the first time I’m at your new posts. Now that I’ve commented on this post, it has my info.

        Ah technology!


  2. They are playing just like puppies!!

    I was wondering how Shiva did while you were gone?

    @The Lady, no my information was in the comment box when I got here.


    • Shiva was fine, I am happy to report. 🙂 We were only gone about three hours. She probably spent the whole time sleeping so she could be nice and wild for our return. Her separation anxiety gets better every month, thank the gods!


  3. I can promise you – moose do exist! We went to Yellowstone when I was a child and my dad got dangerously close to one for the “perfect photo” and nearly got himself killed. I haven’t seen one since though – maybe it was a deer wearing moose horns as a costume?!


    • I’d like to believe you, but you might be part of the conspiracy… You can never tell who is one of “them”. Or maybe you were just an innocent victim, bamboozled by the park workers? Regardless, I am very glad that deer wearing moose antlers did not harm your father!


  4. I wrote a post about a man from China who bought an Arctic fox after being told it was a Maltese puppy. It kept biting him and it smelled really bad. Did you get close enough to smell one?

    Eventually he took it to a wildlife sanctuary where they straightened him out on his purchase.


    • What a story! I can’t say I noticed any foul odours. But then, their cage was next to the Turkey vulture, so any smell may have been overpowered.

      Curious. Don’t all animals smell?


  5. re: the comment above…when I came to comment my information was filled in, not anyone elses. Weird!

    Those foxes are CUTE! I wonder how old they are? They seem rather playful.

    Our local “zoo” (I use the term loosely, because it’s essentially a roadside attraction) let’s people feed GIRAFFES! It’s really, really, really cool. You’re not supposed to touch them, though. Just hold up the giraffe friendly ice cream cone so that they can reach down and eat it.


    • Weird, and annoying! But I am very glad it’s not happening to everyone!

      I don’t know their ages but they did seem young. There wasn’t anyone around to ask since it was the off-season. I can’t get over their playfulness either. The one kept running through the tunnel. Future agility fox?

      That sounds a lot like African Lion Safari! I went there many, many times as a kid and I loved it. The best part was watching the monkeys rip pieces off the cars in front of us.


  6. Kristine – Moose do exist – a have a couple who have been making my backyard a regular fall stop on there tour of the mountains. I think this is year 4. My willow tree gives them a good snack as well as a place to rest under. I will send pictures. Also – a group of foxes is call a skulk or a troop.
    Come visit some time in the fall and you can gaze to your hearts content on moose – or deer – or a really cute little white dog that thinks she is the boss


    • Hmmm… I am not so sure I believe you. You say there are moose but I know if I was to go they would all disappear. I went to the Pass frequently growing up and I never saw a single one. Maybe I am a walking moose-repellant?

      With a cute little dog around, I doubt I would even notice anything else. 😉


  7. That looks like an amazing place and even worth a few hours away from Shiva. I used to doubt that whole moose thing too, until I spent a summer in Alaska. there, I got close enough to them on a few occasions to freak out my roommates when I told them about it–apparently, moose are even more dangerous than bears (I saw those too).

    Never did see anything like those Arctic foxes though–so precious!


    • Aren’t they just awesome? It was hard to drag myself away!

      Moose, if they existed, would probably be like Bison. Slow to start, but once pissed off they don’t stop. Bears I do believe in as I have seen a great many. Much too many for my own comfort while camping in the mountains. I prefer them far away or behind a fence.


    • Apparently. So the conspirators tell me. I have yet to see one.

      Furthermore, I spent a great amount of time in Algonquin Park as a child and young teen. I never saw a moose then either, despite all the guarantees the park rangers made.

      Thus, the only conclusion I can come to is that you are making them up. Sounds reasonable, yes? 😉


  8. Nice photos!

    Haven’t seen a moose? Really? I admit, it’s not common, but I’ve seen maybe half a dozen. One was actually an albino one on the side of the road in Kananaskis! And another was on a dog walk here in Calgary, in one of the dense parks in the suburbs.

    And, of course, how can you forget this urban and adventurous moose, who made headlines last spring: http://calgary.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20100513/CGY_Moose_Downtown_100512/20100513/?hub=CalgaryHome


    • Albino? Really? Please, if you are going to tell me stories, at least make them believable! 😉

      That photo is clearly photoshopped. Shame on CTV. They are obviously in on the scheme too. The whole world is conspiring against me, I just know it!


    • Thanks! Shiva did just fine. She was happy to see us get home and made sure to let us know by jumping off the ceiling. Same old, same old. 🙂


    • We didn’t have colour changes in Alberta either, just brown, brown, and more brown. That’s why I love going on autumn drives now that we’re in Nova Scotia. Some trees are so red they are pink!


  9. Moose are real! Swearzies!!!!!!!! I should have a chat with the local Anchorage moose population and tell them to migrate over your way. Or at least send a word to the zoo moose to get out of the grass and say hi!

    Also, arctic foxes, how can I get one? CUTEST THINGS EVER. Like little puppies. But with meaner teeth.


  10. Those arctic foxes sure are cute, and funny playing with the hollowed out log. I could sit and watch them for hours. Glad Shiva was happy at home:)

    There used to be Moose in New Zealand. People are still hunting for proof that they haven’t died out or been killed off but nobody has actually seen one for many years.


  11. What a lovely day Kristine. I would have taken the red fox for sure. He was adorable.
    My uncle once had a animal refuge and he had Arctic Foxes too. They were always a source of fascination for me too. Although, if you get close enough you will find they have a stinky smell similar to a skunk. I guess it’s their musk.

    I wish I could have joined you on your adventure. To be that close to animals like that is amazing.

    BTW – If you really want to see moose, go to Banff. I saw plenty there. My sister and I also watched one for nearly an hour near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. (Whisper. I see moose everywhere!)


  12. The Great Moose Conspiracy, eh? I hear they hang out with unicorns!

    I used to dream of growing up and having a pet wolf! Ah, the innocence of youth! After a man not too far from us was killed by his illegal pet tigers, that dream pretty much died. Those foxes are just SO darned cute, though!


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