Here Comes the Rain Again

Now that fall has arrived in Nova Scotia, it’s time to get out the hardcore rain gear. In the summer I can usually get away with waterproof sandals and a light hooded jacket. In the cooler temperatures of October, a lot more preparation is required. I already miss the days of slipping on a pair of flip-flops and heading out the door. Shiva has been growing impatient with me as I take much longer to get ready. On drenching days like these, I almost long for the dry prairies of Alberta.

Shiva the Dog may not like the rain, but she dislikes missing a walk much more. She is the perfect all-weather dog. Come sleet or snow or hail, she wants to be out there sniffing for peanuts and barking at leaves. As the official dog-walker in the household, I have to suck it up and face the elements. This is much easier to do with the right protection.

Rain boots are a Nova Scotian essential. If I find a pair with a removable lining I can easily transfer them from fall to winter to spring. We’re lucky in that our winters are not overly cold, just very, very wet. As long as everything I wear is made of rubber, I barely even notice the downpour.

When your walking companion is a dog it’s also very important to have warm towels waiting for you at home. Shiva isn’t a puddle-lover. Aquaphobic to the end, she will do her best to avoid stepping in anything muddy or soggy. She often looks at me like I am crazy when I start splashing around in my thick boots. My dog has been known to take flying leaps to avoid even the teeniest pool of water. But sometimes she just can’t prevent herself from getting dirty. And when it rains in Nova Scotia, it pours. As soon as we’re back inside she does all she can to dry herself off – even if it means soaking all of our furniture. Having a towel handy at the front door helps avoid that particular disaster.

I am almost wondering if it is worth looking into getting Shiva her own rain coat. She probably wouldn’t tolerate anything on her head, but maybe she would like something designed to keep her just a little more dry. Perhaps with a jacket of her own she will head outside with a little more enthusiasm. I found these great ones at an online company called Chilly Dogs. They carry all sorts of cool canine outdoor gear made for Canadian weather. This rain slicker actually looks fairly impressive.

I am also kind of in love with this adorable argyle coat from Hands N Paws. After all, just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish.

But then, I can’t have my dog looking more fashionable than I do. If Shiva is going to get a fancy new coat, then at the very least I deserve some much cuter boots to match. Like these polka dot numbers, for instance.

It’s only fair.

26 thoughts on “Here Comes the Rain Again

  1. Fred is an all weather dog like shiva, no matter what is going on he wants to go.
    Haylie on the other hand would prefer to sleep on the couch lol.
    I wish it would rain here more in Texas.

    I have the most adorable rain boots and I do agree that we need to be cute too 🙂


  2. My mother sewed a rain coat for our old family dog Moose (he was very large and we couldn’t buy one to fit) when I lived home because he had combination fur (course, wiry long hair and thick down underneath) which held water and often gave him hot spots. It made a HUGE difference – less work for us, more comfort for him. Basically, reduced towel usage to one towel down from two each rainstorm, kept his belly from getting muddy from the kicked up mud, and we only had to dry his head and his legs. I say go for it!


  3. I’m sure Shiva is wondering why you don’t just go to bed with the boots on so it doesn’t take so long to get out the door.

    The rain gear is adorable, BTW. I wonder if Shiva would tolerate it. Does she mind wearing clothes? Of course, anything that delays her walk by one second more could be a problem. 🙂


  4. I wonder the same thing Pamela does, if she would tolerate it. Sampson would more than likely let me put it on him, then he would lay down. He wouldn’t want to be seen in public and I’m not joking. He would lay down and not move until it was OFF.

    Delilah would probably do it, hell if you give her a treat she’d stand on her head if she could. 🙂

    I however could really use some boots and a rain coat.


  5. Chilly Dogs is a great company, and they make awesome stuff! Voyagers K9 Apparel is another company that we swear by. Greyhounds are all about their gear, you know!

    Oh, and I think you absolutely need to get those cute Wellies! I still have to show off my Greyhound ones. I have two cute patterned pair of them now!


  6. Wow, when it’s raining here we just wait til it stops, cos it will eventually. We do live in a very dry climate though. I considered getting the dogs raincoats but they would probably only use them twice a year!


  7. I’ve been coveting some adorable rain boots myself! 🙂

    Bella’s aquaphobic too – she hates being wet. Maybe I need to get her a raincoat too!


  8. Wow, I don’t envy your rain. We have had tons this entire year, from spring through summer and now into fall. The pattern this week is “Downpour for a day, then be windy as heck the next to dry it up). I think a raincoat/slicker for her is a good idea. Luna enjoys her coat, and it would cut down on how much wet dog there is to even bring home. Luna tends to get cold if we are just walking which is part of the reason I got her a coat, having a single coat of fur does not help enough. Wyatt seems to care less, but both can be found in the rivers in the winter if I don’t get on their case to stay out. I like that first one, stylish yet efficient looking. I like the boots too.
    Good luck with your rain, we’re headed out into the wind now


  9. Luckily both Shayne and Rio don’t have an issue walking in rain. But it gets COLD here an little Rio with zero body fat gets cold very quickly… so i sewed them fleece coats last year with optional neck warmers LOL LOL LOL!!!

    The ChillyDog coat is ADORABLE!! (and so are the boots!)


  10. it’s rainy here too… and I’m looking for a good-but-cute pair of rubber boots. unfortunately, they’re all super expensive! and the ones I have are just too-small-enough that they cause the top of my foot to get bruisey if i wear them more than half an hour or so. not effective for long walks!
    I am super jealous that Shiva doesn’t enjoy frolicing, splashing in, and lying down in every puddle she comes across 🙂 Gwynn could use lessons


  11. If you go for a rain jacket, go for one with a wide chest band that covers most of her chest and belly. Thats where most of the muddy nasty water gets thrown while walking, and without the chest/belly protection, the rain jacket is kind of pointless. Speaking from experience, as an Oregon native. We’re famous for our rain.


  12. Those are some very snazzy boots! I agree – it’s not right to have the dog looking more stylish than the human. I fear that this is often the case at my house. Do you think they’re embarrassed to be seen at the dog park with me?


  13. Thank you for that site! I need to get Oly a much better winter coat than the pathetic fake fleece I have for her so she can survive her first winter in Alaska. I think the rain jacket would be a great idea for an-anti water dog, and if you ever have any tips on how to train a dog to wear booties (Oly will need them for the snow) please share. I’m not looking forward to that this winter. I should probably start training, huh. Shoot.


  14. of course…desmond is the same way!

    he doesn’t want to be standing in water or even on wet grass or mud–he actually will pick up one paw at a time, just to keep it off the ground–but he doesn’t seem to mind being out in the rain, regardless of whether he’s wearing something or not (although he shivers when he’s cold. i guess that’s the greyhound in him.).

    he definitely doesn’t mind clothes, and we totally do have a yellow raincoat for him, but i’m in too much of a rush to try and put it on him before we go out in the morning. it would take forever. i’d give up halfway through!


  15. Oh, I HATE the rain. Like…really a whole lot hate it. We don’t get rain on very many days, but when we do…it makes me all kinds of sad. Maybe I’ll have to get mom to buy me a coat like one of those. I think I’d feel so much happier about going out in the rain if I didn’t have to worry abouts my Most Beautiful Brindle Furs melting off.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Oh, and mom says those boots are just TOO cute!


  16. I didn’t think Kol & Fe would like their rain jackets, but they LOVE THEM. both are water-phobic and with the rainy season lasting 9 months a year in BC we had to do something. My advice? Pick something in a gortex, rubber coated or other “true raincoat” materials. Lots of these dog coats are just made with that thin polyester shell and it gets soaked and clings to the fur fast. You might save yourself a few bucks, but it’s more hassle than it’s worth.


  17. Recommended for you: Acr’teryx. I have a Theta SL, and while it’s is NOT cheap, it is my BFF in unpleasant weather (both the rain and snow kind). Packs up great for camping, too.

    I’ve known a couple of dogs to own rain jackets, so you never know – Shiva just might take to it. Moses is a water dog, so not only does he not mind rain, his coat is such that he doesn’t even get wet close to his skin.

    But what I really want to say is rain schmain! Moses and I went on our walk this evening and we got snowed on. SNOW. …Why do I live here?


  18. I’d love to have a pair of snazzy gummies like those with the polka dots, and they look like they have got real good tread for those times when Frankie comes barreling into me from behind trying to get me on my bum! Which he succeeded in doing a couple of weeks ago when I wasn’t wearing my gumboots. He just kept on running and poor Beryl came to my aid, very worried about me!

    They have both got raincoats and while Frankie isn’t keen on wearing coats he soon forgets he’s got one on when he’s on a walk. I’m sure Shiva would too:) He doesn’t mind getting wet though and even if he did he’d think it was worth it to be towelled dry when he got home:) He loves being rubbed dry with a towel.


  19. There are no cute outfits in the world that would lure us out in the rain. My dogs are quite willing to hold it for several days if necessary which is all right with me. A quick dash off the patio is the most we can muster until the sun comes out.


  20. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to get Elli one of these coats ( — using Google Chrome to translate is how I view it!).

    They’re super expensive, but are perfectly measured and they shed rain/snow/sleet and keep the muscles warm AND cover most of her body — chest/belly included, which, like Crystal said, is where Elli gets the muddiest.

    I’ve been waiting for Elli to fill out before I even consider ordering one b/c I want the measurements to be exact, but Shiva should definitely try one out just for me and Elli to see! 😀


  21. I hate walking the dog in the rain. The dog hates walking in the rain. When it rains for days on end we both get depressed.

    I finally bought rain boots last spring, just to wear to the park when it’s muddy out. I just got a waterproof fall jacket at Costco, lots of compliments on it. And I’ve been contemplating a rain jacket for Our Best Friend, whether he’s wear it or not, because nothing is more disgusting than the smell of wet dog.


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