The Betting is Now Open

It should come as a surprise to you that Shiva’s Thanksgiving antler is still alive and well. Sure and it’s larger than her head but she has defeated much stronger foes in less time. The longevity of this gigantic chew is completely unprecedented. In fact, when I purchased it I even told the seller how much I doubted it would last out the week.

It hurts being wrong.




You’ll notice that while Shiva has done an excellent job of grinding down the one end, the antler is still going strong. Compared with all of the other bones and chews we have given her, at two weeks, this one has lasted the longest. It should be at least half this size at this point. When I purchased it, I even told the seller that I bet my dog would demolish the thing within a week. Shiva has made a liar out of me.

Do you think this means her days of massive destruction are over? Can the world’s supply of stuffie toys now breathe a final sigh of relief? I am giving you the chance to decide. Inspired by Wild Dingo’s Dansko shoe betting pool, I have decided to set up something similar to motivate Shiva’s chewing instincts.

On this 24th day of October 2011, I am announcing Rescued Insanity’s Ultimate Antler Contest!

Here is how it will work:

The house (meaning myself) bets that Shiva’s antler will still be kicking around by December 31st. If it doesn’t make it until then, the individual with the number closest to the day I am forced to toss the antler will be the winner! The official prize has yet to be determined, but I assure you it will be awesome. It won’t just be an autographed photo of the Shivster this time, I promise.

The official rules:

1. You can only bet once and, once made, this bet can’t be changed.

2. To play, enter your guess in the comments below. The comments will be open until October 31st, so you will have exactly one week to decide on your number.

3. You cannot guess for a date after December 31st. If the antler does magically last that long, the house wins and Shiva’s reign as Ultimate Destructo Dog will end.

4. The antler is currently about 7 and a half inches long. I normally decide an antler is officially destroyed when it is small enough for Shiva to choke on. So, about two inches long. When I think the antler is done, I will measure it and post the photo here as proof. Here is what it looks like this morning:

Does this sound fair? Shiva’s antler is available to her almost twenty-four hours a day and I promise not to play with the odds by restricting this access. She will have every opportunity to chew to her heart’s content. It could be all over within a few days or it could last months. It’s hard to say at this point. But remember, Shiva’s last antler was split in half by Day Two.

Good luck and thanks for playing!

44 thoughts on “The Betting is Now Open

  1. I have found that there is just a huge difference from antler to antler! Some are way easier than others. I’m glad you found one with some staying power!

    Our guess is Nov 17th!


  2. We have TONS of antlers here and they are a big favorite in this house. But I have noticed some interesting thing regarding my dogs and antlers. SO, i’m going to go with you and say it’s gonna last for a while. i’m guessing Dec 27 (it’s my mum’s birthday so maybe it’ll bring extra luck)…but i’d probably go with the house on this one 🙂


  3. I’ll go with Delilah’s birthday which is December 14th.

    I think you answered my (unasked) antler question, but want to save it for a post of mine, so I’ll get back to you.

    My thought is thankfully she chews her antler and not anything else. Imagine if you couldn’t leave your house without making sure EVERYTHING was put away, because yes my dog can reach the sink….LOL


    • we have had to do this from day one when we brought desmond home. in the last month or so, we’ve been able to bring a few things back into the rooms where desmond while we’re out. it’s been a blessing to not have to move a million things every morning. now we’re down to half a million things. 🙂


      • Hahahaha! I hear you. We have finally started to trust Shiva upstairs at night while we sleep downstairs without putting her in her crate. But I still have to make sure all doors are closed and the garbage can is hidden away. And that’s when we are actually in the house. We have yet to leave her alone entirely, even for five minutes. The stress isn’t worth it!


    • Well, since we don’t leave her alone in the house (ever) without putting her in her crate, we don’t have to worry about that. If we did, there would be chaos, trust me. I have lost quite few belongings to the jaws of that canine in the past few years. Separation anxiety is a brutal thing to live with. 😛


  4. Antler fun facts: they classify antlers by A-C, A being the longest-lasting. But no one tells you whether their antlers are A, B or C. Plus antlers from elk & moose are much more durable than deer antlers. Sounds like you found a brand of antler of the A variety!

    But I still have faith in the Shiv-ster. I’m going with December 24th. A girl’s got to clean out her bone, toy & chew closet for all those Holiday gifts, right?


  5. I’m terrible at this stuff. I predict that Shiva will destroy said antler by November 23, a completely random date picked out of my head.

    And for your information, I can’t imagine a BETTER prize than an autographed picture of Shiva.


  6. This is one strong antler. I’d use DNA to track down the donor and see if he’s still producing antlers.

    I’d normally bet with the house but since there’s no cash required to place a bet, I guess I’ll join in the fun.

    So let’s see. Dogs chew to relieve stress and boredom. Heavy rain should be coming your way soon. So how long will it take before the last fall rains make you both insane? How about November 30?


  7. Since someone has already picked my birthday, I am going to go with the completely random December 13. C’mon Shiva, don’t let me down!


  8. Haha — Elli just got her HUGE antler down to 2 inches today. Most of the marrow is completely gone — nearly hollow, haha. She knows where the good stuff is.

    It lasted at least a month… so I’m gonna guess December 21 because Shiv’s isn’t unchewed. 🙂


  9. Well, I’m going to take my chances and suggest October 30th. I’m sure she just needs to give it a good drop and it’ll shatter… Come’n Shiva!


  10. December 19, but I’m hoping for your sake that the rule of destrocto-dog is at an end 🙂 there are so many cute soft-toys for dogs, and you’re missing out on the ‘aww, look at her not-destroy that tiny fluffy squeaky rhinoceros’ factor


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  12. I’m sure she just needs to give it a good drop and it’ll shatter… Come’n Shiva! Keeping in mind it will get easier to chew as it gets smaller…I say….December 4th. She knows where the good stuff is.


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