On Hiatus

As of five o’clock this afternoon, I will officially be on my first holiday in over two years. It’s been a very, very, very long wait. As I am sure you can imagine. If you remember from this post, the last day of work before a vacation is my absolute favourite day. So I am pretty excited this morning. Even the flakes of snow in the air can’t bring me down!

There is more. Not only am I taking a week off from my job, I am also taking my very first vacation from blogging. Every week day since November 1st 2010, I have sat myself on this couch with my open laptop and attempted to write something mildly entertaining. Some days ideas come to me faster than others. But even when I am tossing and turning all night, straining my brain to come up with a smidgen of a topic, I’ve never not had a good time. Blogging has been a blast and has opened up new worlds for me in so many ways. Nonetheless, I am still really looking forward to a break. A whole week without stressing over what to write! It sounds incredibly good right now.

Don’t worry, kind readers. This doesn’t mean I am abandoning you. Blogging is a job I take very seriously. I knew I couldn’t very well go on holiday without having someone to cover me. The guilt alone would disturb all the afternoon naps I plan on taking. Evil little computers would be dancing through my head. To prevent such nightmares, I have asked some of my fellow bloggers to guest post in my absence. I have no doubt they will be an excellent substitution. Having read some of the posts already, I can’t wait to share them with you all. In fact, I am a little worried the other writers will do such a fantastic job, you will be disappointed when I return.

But then, who could forget the Shivster?

Of course, I will have one more official post before I start my vacation as I still have to show off Shiva’s first Halloween costume! This will be her third October with us but the only time I have ever dressed her up. Last year on October 31st, I thought of a terrific idea but it was much too late to pull off. I promised myself I would do it this year. Being who I am, despite having a year to plan, I still left it to the last minute. Thus, it is a little haphazard. Hopefully it will at least be recognizable. Hopefully, I will be able to get Shiva to wear it long enough to get a photo!

Any guesses?

29 thoughts on “On Hiatus

  1. Oh Kristine! Enjoy your holiday!
    It’s going to be nice to not have to worry about your blog every day isn’t it? Kind of like a period of rejuvenation. To be honest, I am jealous. My biggest stretch of days off won’t be until Thanksgiving and then Christmas.
    I look forward to reading everyone’s posts. Have a great time hon. You deserve it.

    My guess? Snowboarder or skier.


  2. Have a fantastic holiday. It is such a nice feeling when you can dump EVERYTHING and just be for a little while (though I normally get bored, but it seems like a nice idea in theory).

    Looking forward to your return. 🙂


  3. Glad you’re getting a break. Make the most of it.

    Can’t wait to see the guest blog posts you have planned. I know they’ll be great.

    See ya when you get back!


  4. Hope you have a great time on your week off – if you don’t have any set plans – my visa card hasn’t had airline tickets charged to it for awhile – the offer is always available if you want to come home.


    • Ugh, yeah… That’s the stupid problem I keep trying to fix but doesn’t want to go away! Grrr. Maybe I will spend some of my free time next week working on it. I’m sorry for the mixup. 😛


  5. Have a great holiday! Don’t worry, we’ll all be here when you get back!

    I am super curious about Shiva’s costume.
    Michael Jackson?! (She already has a white paw…). No, no, the hat doesn’t work.
    Actually, the toque is totally throwing me off – I have no guesses. Can’t wait to find out!


  6. Hope you have a great time on your week off – if you don’t have any set plans – my visa card hasn’t had airline tickets charged to it for awhile – the offer is always available if you want to come home. Have a great vacation, it is very well-deserved. Enjoy your break!


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